99ers HR 589 Unemployment Extension -All True Americans Returning to the Fold

Two hundred and thirty-six years ago today, George Washington was commissioned by Congress as the Commanding General of the Continental Army, which had already been engaged in hostilities since April 19th of that year.  I guess this is where Congress gets the idea that they are the ones with the authority to levy war.

They did so quite efficiently without a president, and what in reality is a president, but a glorified clerk necessitated by the fact that 320 million of us can’t fit in the same room to sign a document.  Thus he is our agent and acts only under our consent, because ultimately we are responsible for our decisions.

Two hundred and thirty-six years seems like a short time to bring down a country of kings and queens, princes and princesses.  I think this is another thing that we the people are failing to understand.  Too many of us watch with awe and admiration as the Crown Prince of Great Britain tours his future holdings around the world with his new bride.

I am truly sickened when I see my people groveling at the feet of the future monarch and when my representative, the President of these United States, bows to the Queen; as mentioned earlier, he does so for each and every one of us.  I don’t know about you but I do not bow or bend a knee to any person.  As I know who and what I am by hereditary right passed down to me by my forefathers, and that is the sovereign of the most powerful and richest nation on this planet.  Though my kingdom is pocked with foreigners and traitors, it is far from being captured.

I think of those soldiers in the field two hundred and thirty-six years ago and of the hopes, fears, anger, and dreams that motivated them.  It would be a misnomer to suggest that warfare was more brutal back then than it is today, but it surely was more up close and personal.

It has always amazed me that human beings will suffer under the yoke of tyranny to the extent of human rights violations and not attack the government that is inflicting their pain.  Then, that very same government can send them to another country, line them up against other people that they do not know and personally have nothing against, and because they are ordered to do so by their government, they will brutally kill.

As I said, I will never understand these things, but what I do understand is that people, any people, can only take so much.  I guess the reason I set the measure so high can be contributed solely to pride.  I grew up learning the Constitution and being proud of the fact that my forefathers had laid down the gauntlet and said, “You may kill me, but I am subservient to no man.  And of course if you try to kill me, I will be doing the American thing and trying to kill you back.”

99ers, poor, and middle class, look around you.  See how they are treating us.  I think our founding fathers would be disappointed in a lot of us who have become so indoctrinated to suffering the wills of those, who are not only not our betters, but not even our equals, that it would seem we have  lost not only our pride, but the realization of who and what we are.

It was Nathan Hale who said, “I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”  Nathan Hale was captured, tried, and sentenced to death by the British.  Before he was hanged he said, “I regret that I have but one life to give for my country.”

What a lot of people do not understand is that our founding fathers were considered to be criminals, the terrorists of their day.  And when they stood up and said that they would have liberty or death, they were immediately marked for extermination by the Crown.  Just think of the courage they possessed.  England had the most powerful army on the planet at the time, and our forefathers told them to bring it on.

I look at the situation today and wonder how that blood got diluted to the point that my fellow citizens actually fear coming on sites like this and speaking their minds.  Hell, some fear just coming to read.  But then again I know of the others.  They have trained and committed their lives to the assertion that we are the progeny of our forefathers and will meet our enemies in the mountains, the valleys, the plains, the deserts, and the streets of every city.  And they will know who we are and that our founding fathers, who sent the most powerful army in the world skidaddeling back to England, are still alive and well, in our bodies and we will defeat them again.

I tell Prince William, his brother Harry, his daddy Charles, and his grandma Elizabeth, I am the sovereign of these United States, which are no longer a British colony.  William, I know you brought your bride here to my country to show her your possession.  I tell you boy, it will never be.  Go back home and stay there; realizing that the founding fathers of the United States have procreated into the millions and when we see you prancing across our real estate with your woman, it pisses us off.

Those of you, who do not believe that Britain has always secretly held that the United States is still one of their colonies which they will put back under the rule of the Crown, look up Cecil Rhodes and see if that is not exactly what is going on.  We are going to have to take these lobster back sons of bitches to task once again.

I have no doubt we will whip them again, but this time when we do we are not going to let them just sail away back to England to begin plotting anew.  This time we take their crown and place them into a situation of servitude which they will have to breed their way out of, which will mean an end to their inbreeding and the idea of royal bloodlines.

We would have left them to their illusion but it is they who have called the tune and now we, the sons and daughters of liberty, must make them dance the dance.  And when we are finished we will bring the rest of the international elite to heal.  After which our number one priority will be making sure through absolute education that our progeny are never brought into a state like the miserable one we suffer today.

It is only reasonable that we hate and despise the traitors who have subverted our Constitution and brought our Republic to such a sorry state.  But the time has come for us to cut through the bullshit.  The time has come for us to remember who we are.  The time has come for us to love our country again enough to lay down our lives to see it purified.

The tree of liberty must be watered every now and again with the blood of tyrants and patriots alike.  It has fallen to our generation.  Let us not shirk our task, but rather charge boldly forth and let our enemies know that they didn’t come close to letting enough generations pass before they tried to enslave us again.  We will vanquish the enemy, offering no quarter.  We will reinstate our Republic under our Constitution and our progeny will prosper.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. Well, I’d like to get my two cents in so I say “Hear, Hear!
    It has been said before that you should never let a crisis go to waste. For all that we have lost, I submit that we have gained something as well, at least I have anyway. Through the inspiration of people such as Henry ( going as far back to his days at World News ), I now have what I believe is a clearer understanding of so many issues that I never had before. At the forefront of that is our Constitution that constitutes our supreme law. It has been an awakening of sorts for me. Back in the days when I was working away at my trade and prospering (or so I thought anyway) I didn’t know half as much as I now have come to learn. So even though this has been a disheartning and devasting experience for us all, perhaps it took this to happen to finally awaken us to the reality of what the true nature of things really are. That there is no right or left, just politicians. That money created out of thin air holds no inherent value, and only serves the purpose by manipulation and theft of those who create it. The list goes on. So perhaps with all that we now know, we can take that knowledge and put it into practice. Clearly, we would be well within our rights to do so.

    1. Dave,

      You make clear here the fact of how easily a population becomes passive and complacent until they wake up one day and the walls are falling. I guess it’s true what they say about the water and the well.

      Great comment!

  2. Thanks Henry for this website and the great articles. I love my Country and I will fight to get it back! Our forefathers would be mad as hell if they could see what is happening to Our Country today!! To lose our freedom is death.


  4. Why do we have to keep hearing the same rhetoric all the time? Obama/Congress/House Rep’s keeps repeating the same thing all the time, we are going to get to get jobs. Hello we the 99er’s that have lost everything that we worked for all our lives have taken the brunt of this government. They just don’t care, they are all a bunch of liars and trying to manipulate our country to think everything is hunky dorry. It’s not we are losing our homes our foreclosure in Lucas in Toledo is the highest in our state. We see so many boarded houses and they are making the owners that foreclosed still keep their properties up because the banks still have them by the throat and this is supposed to be legal. Everything is going to hell! Now Obama wants to pick on the SS/Medicare. My mother is 82 on medicare and she had canceer, thank god she is in remission, but she still has to pay for medications that are ridicously expensive, plus paying to live in her house, utilities, etc. Get off the high horse Obama leave them alone and also give the 99er’s what they deserve after we have worked 30 or more years and try to find a job when there are 100’s or more ahead of you. If they close the government down on Aug. 2, good then we shouldn’t have to pay our bills, either. It is disgraceful to live in a country of the great USA that is use be thriving. This government has so much money of their own that they will probaly take another vacation and let the government shutdown, it’s not coming out of their pockets. He came to Toledo and made a big deal of the Jeep Co. that was just a political campaign in Ohio. Then he ate his Rudy’s Hotdog too bad he didn’t chock on it and gloves for his Michelle. I am afraid to lose my home I just paid it off in March when I was on unemployment collecting and then my benefits exhausted in Nov. 2010. My husband and I have no income, our insurance has lapsed our cars/house so we can’t try even finding a job. Then we have the real estate tax man they want to foreclose our house after paying our house of 20 years, it makes me sick every morning to think of the consequences this government is putting us thru and the stress we have to live with everyday. Who cares of the f deficit make some money for us, you give it out to everybody else in other countries and bailout Wall Street, auto companies. They should concentrate on what the real delemma about all the 14.5 mil, or more who are need help to pay their bills, a roof over your head, children suffering from this and families being destroyed because of the selfish government we have now. We need help now why are we not a priority on your agenda?

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