Jesse Ventura Educates Eric Bolling on 9/11 Facts

Former Minnesotan Governor Jesse Ventura appeared on Follow the Money with Eric Bolling, to promote his new book, “63 Documents the Government Doesn’t Want You to Read.” In his latest work, Ventura covers sixty-three documents that the government has released to the public forum. These documents cover a range of topics from the J.F.K. Assassination to 911. In an attempt to paint the former Governor as a “conspiracy nut”, Bolling made the 911 topics covered in the book the main subject of the interview.

Time and time again Boling condescendingly uses mainstream rhetoric and buzz words, but offers no facts or real evidence to credit his argument. Ventura on the other hand is able to logically make the point that, in order for building 7 to fall at the rate that it did (at freefall speed), that it would have had to be brought down by demolition. Every time that Boling would try to call this a conspiracy the former Governor would quickly point out that, these are facts from the government’s own documents, and the laws of physics; not a theory.

Building 7 is the “Elephant in the room” for the 911 propagandists. The following is a video of Joe Lieberman and Donald Rumsfeld denying that building 7 ever fell at all. First Lieberman is talking at a news conference on how thorough a job the 911 commission did in their investigation of the September 11th attacks. When he is asked if he would support another investigation into 9/11, given the fact that Building 7 was never mentioned in the Commission’s final report, Lieberman audaciously states that there was no evidence that the building ever fell. This is followed by audio of a radio interview with Donald Rumsfeld, where he also denies that Building 7 fell. The video also contains footage of Building 7 falling to clear up any confusion of the facts.

In the past year the 9/11 truth movement has exploded in this country. Now we see a former Governor telling us on the mainstream news that the 911 attacks were an inside job and presenting real facts and evidence to logically prove his argument. With this evidence being presented to the people in a way that cannot be argued with, how could people still argue against physics and defend our government’s position on this topic without looking foolish?  I believe that September 11th is the key to waking up our country; because once a nation realizes that its government practices in trading the lives of citizens for profit; the people of that nation will undoubtedly work to remove that government, and in doing so free themselves.

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  1. As Mark Twain once said, ” A conspiracy is nothing but a secret agreement of a number of men for the pursuance of policies which they dare not admit in public”. It is that very word ” Conspiracy ” that derailed so many, namely those in the corporate media, from pressuring the leadership into a true fact finding quest of the events leading up to and including that tragic day since it was the leadership themselves in government that put the fear factor over the media from even raising the subject and presenting it to the public. This was not a hard sell for the obvious reasons, not the least of which is that to even raise the subject is to rock the very foundation of which we so proudly hail and all that that implies. It’s comical that Bolling calls his show ” Follow The Money “, for that’s all you have to do to reveal what is really the true driving force behind these events, historically to present. More accurately put, those that control the money supply and their cohorts. We have been conditioned to believe that wars are all about our ideological perceptions and the belief system in freedom for all mankind worldwide. That in part may be true, yet it’s not the driving force. It is just the cover for these operations. And when it doesn’t go they’re way, the banksters can lower themselves to darker depths. Just look at how the conspiracy theory of the Kennedy asassination, still to this day, is a subject of question. Oswald, the magic bullet, the Warren commision report….all of that to me was just cover. It is no question to me for the answer was money, again more accurately, those who control the supply. Yet you’ll never hear the media present a broad conversation to the public about Kennedys’ executive order 11110 and what that meant for the money creators. No, it was that crazy sob Oswald. A looney. Part of the lunatic fringe. Not. That one don’t pencil. It was, is, and always has been about the money masters, and the sooner that is realized, the sooner we can put the power back into the peoples hands where it belongs and we can once again be the masters of our own money supply.

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