99ers HR 589 Unemployment Extension – The Rich Elite are Flying around in our Planes

Well the filthy rich thieving corporations had their best week on Wall Street in two years as the U.S. economy continues to go down the tube.  And the mainstream propagandists are out there vehemently defending subsidies the corporations get for their private jets, saying that they need the ease of mobility and that the jets are a legitimate corporate write-off.

It just so happens that I have been reading a book written by one of the corporate elite about the corporate elite.  These jets are status symbols for the international rich who have allegiance to any country and call the world their own.   This “necessary” transportation comes complete with whirl pool baths and on duty chefs.

While we are being told that we can no longer use incandescent light bulbs, the rich elite are instructing their pilots to fly thousands of miles around weather fronts to avoid turbulence.  And every year these elite have a big get together where they show off their private jets to one another and talk about the newest line coming out.

The very idea that these people should get a tax cut for owning these private luxury air yachts is yet more spit in the fact of those still left working who are paying for it.  Remember, these corporations are making record profits every quarter and at the same time we the American people are losing record wealth.  This isn’t rocket science.  These bastards are stealing our wealth as sure as if they had shoved us into an alley and held a knife at our throats while pulling our wallets from our pockets.

This isn’t just the neo-cons.  The last time this tax cut came up for renewal the Democrats passed it and Obama signed it.  But what the neo-cons are doing is saying that we have to give these outlandish pigs even more.  And in spite of Obama’s rhetoric and the rhetoric saying he is anti-business; he has, since becoming president, been and is still giving them billions.

You see he will propose taking money from one corporate interest so he can claim he is for the people.  But then he turns around and gives another corporate interest, which happens to have financed his campaign, that money.

Everyone seems to have forgotten that just before the 2010 midterms Obama gave $30 billion to the local banksters in so called stimulus that was supposed to be lent out to small businesses.  Now people wanting to start a small business can’t get a loan as those banksters he gave the money to are playing the stock market with that cash.

To try to say Obama is anti-business is like saying bankers don’t like money.  It is a fact and no one can argue it, they are all bought and paid for.  Anyone who would want to dispute this contention need only examine the record and see how much General Electric gave to Obama’s campaign.  And then look at the billion dollar tax break they got in return.

It is not just Obama, it is every politician.  They take money from the rich elite to screw the people and give the rich a 120% return on their investment.  They don’t deny it.  This is bribery of a public official for monetary gain.  If you or I did this we would be sitting in a federal prison.  Once again, they are lawless.

And why are they lawless?  Because when corruption reaches this level, it is up to the people to enforce the law, as the entire government, including the law enforcement mechanism, has been compromised and corrupted.

We have been reduced to working just to live for so long that we have completely lost touch with reality in reference to the wealth of our country.  The United States is the richest country on the face of this planet.  It is our natural resources that represent this wealth.  Goddamn it, it belongs to us and we are living like paupers, while a mere handful are robbing us blind.

All in God’s name we have to do is reclaim that which is rightfully ours by the law.  There should not be one citizen of this country living in poverty.  Whether we realize it or not we are in truth a rich people.

It’s like the Lakota Indians.  They owned the Black Hills, which was full of gold, yet they starved to death on a reservation, while others who did not own the land or the resource took their gold and became filthy rich.  Part of the problem was that the Lakota did not know what the yellow metal was and the wealth it represented and that that wealth was theirs.  The other part was of course the lying and thieving of the corporations of their time being enforced by the US military which was being paid for by the US taxpayer.

I tell each and every one of you.  We are as rich as the Lakota Indians and our armed population represents the largest army to ever exist.  Period.  We do not have to do any more than flex our muscle and they will flee like the curs they are.  If they don’t, hey we can crush them in a day.

Hell, if we did it today, this time next year, we would all own our own homes free and clear, new cars and pickups, motor homes and boats, and be able to take a couple years off just to relax and recover from what they have done to us.  It is right there.  It is ours.  Goddamn it, let’s take it.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my disability get approved and starts soon. Guess this will be the only way anyone can get extended benefits past 99 weeks. I felt comfortable a few years back thinking that since the economy is bad and unemployment numbers were staying high, we would continue to get more tiers of benefits until the country was back on it’s feet. Especially since we now had a Democratic President. Little did we know, we were only going to get a limited amount of help, and then given the finger. Now we are being lied to and being told the economy is getting better when it’s NOT. Our government’s attitude is: “Just ignore it! It will go away.” Guess they are right. They know the 99ers have no money to go to Washington and raise hell.

  2. HENRY,

    I want to ask you your opinion of something, and I would like for you to pretend you are a
    federal judge when making your ruling. NON bias to me or the other side.

    The case: As we are all aware I am a bit on the BRASH side, take the envelope to the other side of the universe, over the top is an understatement. A ROGUE Rebel who doesn’t
    give a crap about this or that. I did some new videos the past week and NO ONE likes them
    ok even though the creativity is there in spades, because of their EXTREME OBSCENE nature Youtube which is owned by Google gave them an X rating. In order for anyone to view they have to sign up for an account and prove they are 18 years of age. Which is fair I don’t want children watching them anyway. Apparently it is against their bi laws to do these things in videos, (which is a load of crap) its nothing more than singled out censorship. Ok, so they restrict my channel, but another video which has received about 24M hits, where two minor children are sitting in the back seat, parents in the front, and on the radio, the song is playing, ” I want to fuck you in the ass ” Now I ask you your honor, if my videos are restricted for some BS law, should not this one be as well? Is it appropriate that minors are exposed to such words? what is so different from my videos? Same explicit nature, yes I will admit, mine or far more explicit, but how do we define explicit from discrimination? or violating ones 1st amendment rights and protecting anothers? Your honor is this country not about equality? equal rights? & your honor this video with 24M hits, lets not forget that google has ads attached to it, so the sponsor must be paying them a nice piece of change to run it. So Google not only violates my civil rights, they violate there own bi laws, as they are being paid to keep a blind eye.

    Your honor I charge Google with violating my 1st amendment rights, harassment, discrimination, and bringing about undo hardship as my channel can’t be viewed
    at random anymore.

    Damages sought: Your honor if Google goes to such lengths to protect its bi-laws against one video violation, should they not WANT to take such a stand against all? Especially, a video they KNOW 110% should have a restriction label, should this court not demand that if they will discriminate and restrict one channel, then they MUST restrict ANY channel with such violations of their bi laws? and by not doing so, have they not violated the law? Please take into account before you judge me or Google, that the US Supreme Court just ruled that minors may purchase video games that are graphic and explicit by their content, that it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL for the government to restrict such purchases. These videos are vulgar in voice and extremely graphic, depicting the killing of cops, raping of women, etc. So matched up against these videos, what is so different from my videos? and how can this court condone the restriction of my videos but not that of EVERY video that is on youtube that also VIOLATES this precious sacred regulation.

    I thank you for your time and await your JUST decision…

    terrence r. kiellman – Plaintiff

    1. trk387,
      Ruling for the defendant. The petitioner has some difficulty understanding the makeup of the court. This court does not operate under English Common Law (public law for private purposes). This court operates under Roman Civil Law (private policy being enforced as public law). Google is well within their policy as written and interpreted by Google. And in accordance with new federal regulations the plaintiff will pay all costs incurred by Google in defending against this action. The plaintiff will further pay $20,000 in court costs which can be directly deposited in my retirement account. All of the plaintiff’s property is hereby liened until this judgement is satisfied. Court adjourned.

      1. I do not agree with your decision, so I will APPEAL the decision to the appellate court. Thank you for your time.


        PS: How can it be ok to censor one entity but not the other? YOU justify this? I believe your decision is BIAS to me and to the actual case, and its PRINCIPLE. Its ok, you will hear about this case I am SUING Google.

        1. trk387,
          I didn’t say you weren’t in the right. I just said being in the right doesn’t matter anymore.

          1. As I have tried to teach my boys who are now men:

            The rattle snake bites and its venom will kill you….proceed accordingly. The choice is yours.

          2. I KNEW you were messing with me bro! what they are doing goes against EVERYTHING you stand for… good one… 🙂 you got me lol.

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