99ers Tier 5 Supporters – HR 6556 to be Reintroduced Wednesday

Upon hearing the good news Friday morning that the jobless recovery would continue, I called Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr.’s Washington D.C. office.  During a conversation with Jackson’s press secretary I was informed that only two thousand of our resumes had been presented to Congress to date, as it will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to print them and the cost could not be justified.  Via further inquiry I found out Mr. Jackson has addressed our Congress on the 99er issue twice in January for one minute on each occasion, making a grand total of two minutes of time allotted to 20 million long term unemployed. 

Jackson’s aid further indicated that Speaker of the House Boehner is responsible for the no-action being taken for the 99ers.  Apparently one man is running our Congress and neither Jesse Jackson Jr., nor any other Congress person can do any business without his permission.  If this is true I guess all the rest of the so called representatives might as well come home and stop collecting a pay check and let John Boehner run our Congress as an undisputed dictator.

I then called Congressman Bobby Scott’s Washington D.C. office.  His press secretary seemed a decent fellow but said that he could not give me any information on HB 6556, which Bobby Scott is a co-sponsor of.  Apparently our Congress has become so clandestine that one representative cannot speak to a citizen about another representative’s bill, even if he is co-sponsoring it. 

By the time I got to Congresswoman Barbara Lee’s office, her press secretary had left town until Monday. 

I found out this afternoon that Gregg Rosen, co-founder of the American 99ers Union, has been involved in talks with Booby Scott and Barbara Lee.  Personally Rosen does not represent me and I find his talking my business behind closed doors without me being privy to the fact that it is even going on outrageous. 

On the release on the American 99er’s Union website, the fact was not mentioned that our resumes were being shit canned, supposedly because there is no money to print them.  This is the 21st century; could not the resumes have been simply placed on a zip drive and presented to our Congress? 

When Rosen attends the press release next week, I will be interested to see if he repeats the same useless rhetoric he has spewed in the last two appearances in the press.  And also I will be interested to see if the 99ers he brings with him are representative of anyone on this site.

I did confirm via Barbara Lee’s receptionist that HR 6556 is supposed to be introduced next Wednesday. 

I tell you Gregg Rosen, this had better not be another stalling ploy to get our hopes up.  The fact is the best reports we had said we would see no action on our issue until March.  I believe that if Scott and Lee have gone into back room negotiations with Rosen, it is the radical end of the movement that has caused it to happen.   That being said we cannot let up for promises.  We cannot cease our head-on attack until we see results.  And I maintain I will never accept socialism as a condition of getting an unemployment check or a job.

God save the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we the free people shall prevail.





58 thoughts on “99ers Tier 5 Supporters – HR 6556 to be Reintroduced Wednesday

  1. Henry,

    You need to have a pow wow with Rosen and get things straightened out and fast. Sounds like he is marching to a one man band when in fact, he needs all the help he can get. This man needs to be on the same page with you, if not, we might as well all move to Tunisia.

    1. Mark,
      In the first interview I saw on FOX News with Rosen, the interviewer indicated that Rosen was affiliated with AFL-CIO. I have conversed with Rosen via emial. Most recently in reference to the Easter Project. He did not respond. Rosen is one of the group of individuals who had 99er sites that failed. When I started attacking the issue, organizing 99ers, suggesting strategies, and most importantly when I started having success Rosen and Co. started their 99ers Union and literally tried to hijack the cause. I found the whole idea of a national jobless labor union socialistic.
      In our correspondance Rosen has indicated that the 99ers Union is not socialistic in nature, however there is still the tie to the AFL-CIO. I as a 99er am not going to become a front line protester for the labor unions to take the beatings so that the big unions can reestablish power. In trying to find a solution to the 99er problem it is fine line we walk between the acquisition of justice and the acceptance of socialism.
      I am an American and in all matters the retension of our Republican form of government must come first.
      I would like to see all 99ers on all sides come together in support of our right to assistance to be paid for by our share of our natural resources, which are at present being sold to other countries at an alarming rate. No matter what anyone tries to tell me, the United States is still the richest country on the planet. We are just being robbed blind. My solution is to take back what has been stolen and not to further indebt my grandchildren.

      1. You have mentioned this union relationship before, the picture is starting to become a little clearer now. Unions being involved in any way, as far as I’m concerned, especially now, isn’t too smart of a strategy. Rosen is paddling against the tide when bringing any mention of unions, realizing he is comforting the very problem that contributed to this nightmare.

        I’m disappointed he has decided to embrace the AFL-CIO through all of this. To be frank, he is making a damn fool out of himself. AFL-CIO should not be involved in 99er negotiations at all. If he is even mentioning them with government officials in any negotiations, he should be putting all correspondence to that effect on any and all 99er web-sites for all to see.

        1. Mark, you have hit on the central problem I have with Gregg Rosen as he is a person that likes power. He is invited to these back door meetings, quite frankly because he will keep his mouth shut at to what is said in them.
          The very thought of Gregg Rosen making even the smallest concession in my name to those I call enemy is unacceptable.
          I would never be invited to any such meetings as those on the other side know I would come back to this site and reveal every word spoken.
          When I first conversed with Rosen, the first thing he wanted to talk about was power and the responsibilities of those who wield it. I made it perfectly clear that I had no desire for power over the 99ers, but rather I was questing to empower the 99ers through education.
          And yes, the AFL-CIO has come out a couple of times purporting to represent the interests of the unemployed. I suppose it could be argued that labor unions served a useful purpose at one time in this country but the existence of the Communist Worker’s Party of America and its ties to labor unions cannot be denied.
          The socialists and the communists in this country have been instrumental in creating the present situation as they believe now might be the time to push their cause to the top. The problem is their 30 years of brainwashing in the public schools and colleges can be broken by one patriot pointing out one lie that is deliberate and undeniable.

          1. AFL-CIO or any mention there of in any 99er negotiation is unacceptable. This will only add complications to all who aren’t affiliated, and is only going to cause unnecessary grief and delays. Jesus, what a lousy way to go about getting the 99er cause heard. Really disappointing.

  2. I am with you 100% Henry. They can’t afford to print our resumes, what a bunch of bull. I worked for a printing company and have printed as many as 10,000 in one 8 hr. shift, off of one printer. All we ever hear is excuses. I have said many times and still am convinced that John Boehner thinks he is a GOD. My prediction was that he would fight both right and left in order to let the people know how important he is. He does not need to be Speaker of the House. His only objective is making sure everyone knows how much power he has. I personally think he is unstable. So now we have another jerk to deal with. I also don’t think they are working on a resolution for the 99ers.

    1. Barbara, It makes one wonder whether the number of resumes received by Jackson is so great that to print them is cost prohibitive or whether government is paying $10 per page to print documents. Either way, like I said, the number of resumes is what is important and computers are the standard now for storing and transferring information. I thought the whole contention was a little odd frankly, but then again I wondered about the futility of sending the resumes to Jackson in the first place. In any event I guess it would have to be said that it was not a well thought out plan.
      We are in the fight for the duration so we all need to just keep on swinging.

  3. Mr. Shively,

    Your response to this news is ridiculous. So you don’t like Greg Rosen because he gets into meetings that you can’t, I understand that. However, your objection to his group because it sounds “socialistic” is simply ignorant. You are a 99er. Unemployment compensation is socialist by definition, yet you didn’t turn them down did you? Medicare and social security are socialist ideas too, are you going to deny those benefits when the time comes as well? The reason that we, the working class, cannot get anything done is because we refuse the collective voice. We are individuals in this country to a fault. We seem to refuse to allow anyone to speak for us. You would have all 99ers make a statement to congress individually, I guess. You should be smart enough to know that this isn’t how things work. We negotiate and then we win. We refuse to talk and we lose.

    I look forward to your response.

    1. John,
      My problem with Gregg Rosen is not centered around his inside political connections.
      As for my receiving unemployment, it is an insurance I paid into as I had no choice, so yes I had that coming to me.
      As for Social Security and Medicare, they too are insurance policies that I paid into literally at gunpoint, and I came to the realization a long time ago that I would never see a dime of what I have paid in.
      As for individualism, I believe it is the group mentality that too many Americans have been a part of for the past 30 years that has allowed those in power to take over our lives, literally to the point of telling us what to eat and drink.
      And no I do not believe it is necessary that every individual 99er deal directly with our so called representatives, but I do vehemently support that part of our Constitution that says all meetings wherein the business of the people being discussed shall be public. Hence I do not want Gregg Rosen, or anyone else for that matter, discussing public business in a private forum.

      1. But you are just getting hung up on labels. You don’t like the word tax so you call it insurance. It’s the same thing. If we had national health care we would pay a tax for it instead of insurance premiums. You pay in, you take out when you need it. unemployment insurance is the same way. You pay in and you take out when you need it. I accepted, gratefully, my unemployment benefits that I paid into and so did you. A tax, a premium, it’s all the same thing. You won’t support a man who can and is making a difference because his group may sound socialist. But you are a socialist and so am I. Everyone that gets unemployment benefits is a socialist by definition. I do not know that the constitution requires all meetings dealing with public business to be public. That would mean you couldn’t meet with a representative in private for any reason. I think, like most tea party members, you are using the constitution as an excuse when you need it and you throw it away when you don’t. Whether you like Gregg or not you are, or should be, on the same team as him. You could support him but you don’t. I am thinking the problem may be more with you than with Gregg. Either way this infighting is making it a problem for all of us.

        1. John, You are right and you are wrong. If I go down and buy house or car insurance, that is not a tax. I guess the reality lies in the choice. Had I been allowed to choose I would have paid nothing in, hence I would not be expecting anything. Except, I presently live on an Indian reservation and any time a resource is taken from the reservation all tribal members are paid as they own the resource. The fact is as Americans we own the resource and the simple act of paying just compensation for property taken could alleviate the need for any social programs. Those among us making more money than we need could voluntarily forego our allotment and leave it to the needy. The key is choice.
          As for the public meetings, if a person is representing anyone but himself in reference to a public issue, then yes, that meeting must be public. It’s like your attorney and your opposition’s attorney and your opposition going into a back room to discuss the case without you. It’s just plain fairness.
          As for getting along with Gregg Rosen, I have tried. Gregg wants the leadership of the 99ers to be apart and elite. The only thing I can judge him on is what has been said about him in the press, and when the reporter alluded to the assertion that Mr. Rosen is affiliated with the national unions he did not deny it. If there is any way we can work together I am certainly game. But I am not a socialist and will never be. To support any other form of government other than that outlined in our Constitution is an act of treason.
          I am not calling you a traitor and the fact is a lot of socialist ideals have crept their way into our system, but we need to remove them not perpetuate them as they are the root cause of our problems. It is international communism that has claimed our industrial base and our jobs.
          You come right out and say that you are a socialist and somehow you seem to be expecting me to acquiesce. Well I’m sorry, that is never going to happen.

          1. No, I do not expect you to acquiesce. I do come right out and say I am a socialist. I AM a socialist. I was a socialist before I was unemployed and I am one today. I do not expect everyone(including you) to agree with me. It is very shallow to think that our constitution can’t co-exist along with certain socialist programs. This seems to work just fine in England, Ireland, Brazil, and several other countries as well. And, yes, all these countries (except Brazil maybe) are bankrupt but the last I heard we are as well. The constitution is a strange document to examine. It was written in a time when you basically had two forms of government. Democracy, which really was a throwback idea (ancient Greece) and monarchy. Since then political ideas have grown and I really think that it makes a better lifestyle for a populace if you use parts of different political styles. You live on an Indian reservation. I can’t speak for how that works. I know you have some different laws there. However, the majority of Americans use socialist programs everyday and don’t complain. The fire dept, police dept, the post office to some extent (they don’t take tax money), public schools, and public libraries. All of these are socialist ideas. Should we get rid of these because they aren’t mentioned in the constitution?

          2. John, Our Constitution was written a ways back, but those old words stand as our absolute law. In solving our disputes we always must return to it in the Supreme Court. Caring for one’s fellow human beings is indeed a noble pursuit but in the world we live in there are those who are so diabolical they would use the best in us to enslave, torture, and kill us.
            To date our Constitution contains the only form of government that allows one to hang on to their ideals through good times and bad.
            Join with me, brother. Let’s enforce our Constitution and let the good will of freedom and liberty that it brings shine once again. You will find people who enjoy freedom and liberty are happy and in fact are filled with the burning desire to see everyone else happy. The power the Constitution gives us is specifically designed to allow us as individuals to spread these ideals to every corner.
            How about instead of world socialism or world communism we have world individual freedom and liberty and the freedom to think that allowed us to create the greatest form of civilization to ever exist on this planet.
            Socialism may look good at first glance but it inevitably is turned into something bad, as kindness is mistaken for weakness and as people have to die to settle the issue. Look at National Socialism in Nazi Germany, Fabien social communism in the Soviet Union, and social communism in China. It cost 10 million lives in Germany, 250 million under Stalin, and 600 million under Mao.
            With all due respect I think these people would have been better off under our Constitutional form of government.

  4. One of the 99ers problems is this fighting between us and it needs to stop.There are many 99ers who are now homeless and do not have things like the internet or phones to have their voices heard.Look there are hundreds of thousands of people who will not make it without a tier#5 extension so lets stop fighting and work together to get this thing passed.Our government is supposed to by by the people and for the people and the people need the tier 5 extension!I couldnt believe my eyes when I read that America was going to send 1.5 billion dollars in aid to Egypt before the protests there started.America has 1.5 billion dollars of aid money to give to Egypt but they have no money for a tier 5 extension for Americans in need?Americans could sure use that 1.5 billion dollars dont give it to Egypt!Americans may have to do what the people in Egypt did just to be heard,I hope it doesnt come to that but we need help!!!!!

    1. John Chakarian,
      You are absolutely correct. We need to come together as one and fight for our rights, but we will do so using the powers our forefathers granted us in our Constitution. Anyone trying to use this crisis to further instill social-communistic ideals into our society will be dealt with accordingly.

    2. John Chakarian-

      We here at the “Trenches World Report” fight for the Constitution as well as any Tier 5 extension, by the way will be nowhere near acceptable in terms of reasonable help. Please understand that Henry Shivley is fighting for any and all correspondence that transpires behind closed doors to be made public. We don’t need more of the same back door BS that has brought us down in the first place.

      All correspondence written, and verbal must be made public between any government official and anybody representing the 99ers cause. Simple as that. If not we as Americans would like to know why.

  5. Again how can the united states of America have 1.5 billion dollars in aid money for Egypt and at the same time say”We have no money for a tier 5 extension”It doesnt make sense to me can someone explain how this can be.I personaliy know 2 people who were on unemployment but could not find jobs before their benefits ran out so they became homeless,helpless,hopeless and in the end commited suicide and im sure many others have done the same this needs to stop!

    1. John Chakarian,
      Their priorities lie in death for profit. The industrial war complex is indeed the most affective way they have of transferring wealth from our grandchildren to themselves.

  6. @Henry I didnt say anything about what you are talking about so save your nonsense and you dont scare me by saying people will be”dealt with”who do you think you are Jesus Christ?Let me say one more thing about this great peaceful country of ours you compare to egypt or any other country where the people take to the streets to be heard.In America last year there were 15,000 murders,95 reported rapes(double that with the unreported rapes)hundreds of thousands of assaults,hundreds of thousands of domestic violence reports to the police,about 75 thousand armed robberies,countless child abuse and child molesation cases etc……and those stats are from the FBI which go back for years and are about the same every year so dont try to act as if Americans are these civilized peaceful nice people and the people in the other countries are not because they protest in the streets.Our government needs to hear the voices of the people who need help any way they can be heard

    1. John Chakarian,
      I didn’t say Americans were civilized, in fact if the occasion dictates we can become quite uncivilized, which is something you and your comrades had better keep in mind.
      As for your statement that all we do is blog you obviously haven’t read the site. Or maybe you think the only way the 99ers can organize is through the American 99ers Union.
      As Mark said, if you don’t like what is on this site, what the hell are you doing here?
      God bless our great Republic and God damn communism. Note: One more smart ass comment from you and I will start filing your comments with those of the rest of the trolls.

  7. America has the highest crime rate out of all the countries of the world.America has the most drug addicts and alcohilics as well so please do not act as if Americans are better than any other people of the world because that is simpley not true.We call other countries leaders terrorists or people from other countries terrorists because they do not agree with the American government or because the American government has sent troops to their countries and killed countless innocent people as well as destroyed the homes,work places,schools,places of worship,hospitals and all the history of those countries in the name of greed and power.Stop living a lie and get the extension passed.

    1. Yes, our prison population reflects that. I guess the only way to solve that problem is to cut the hands off the thieves, and bury the murderers half way into the ground to be stoned to death. This would free up all that prison incarceration money.

      1. That sounds like a great idea except leave the thieves off of that list,the people who rob banks etc…. they may be forced to do what they are doing because there is no help from our government.A person who commits a murder just for the sake of killing another person,commits a rape,molestes a child,harms the elderly,beats a child,harms the handicapped is a coward and is not a man and he should be put to death in my belief.A person who steals inorder to eat of feed themselves or their family should not be punished because it is every human beings right to not go hungry or homeless.If the government will not help those in need they should take what they need to continue to live in my opinion.The rest of the scum I mentioned should be stoned to death your correct

  8. I just emailed Boehner’s office asking for more time and support for HB 6556.
    I hope that it gets more than just a glance. Lets all get together and make our voices heard.
    We might have to turn this into another Egypt.

  9. @Mark and Henry,do you think writing blogs on the internet is going to change a thing when it comes to tier 5 or any other matter of importance?How many blogs have the two of you posted about this in the last few months or years?Do you think a congress person or a senate person will read your blogs and say”OMG DID YOU READ WHAT HENRY AND MARK WROTE ON THEIR BLOGS WE MUST PASS TIER 5 EXTENSIONS RIGHT NOW!”Lol,that doesnt appear to be the case sorry Mark and Henry.The unemployed must protest on the streets in peaceful protests.March on Washington peacefully and close the place down until they hear our voices

    1. John Chakarian,

      Your here aren’t you? Don’t quite follow your logic. We do what we do because of the reality of the situation. If you can’t deal with bloggers, then turn the computer off.

  10. Just found this site from a link. None of what I have read here looks like the owner of this site wants to come together and sure sounds like you are saying things to divide 99ers. I’m a member of UWAG so I know the American 99ers union. They have nothing to do with any union so maybe you should get your facts right before you put them out there.

    1. Dave, It is you and your socialist buddies that are seeking to divide. If you do not want to proceed as an American recognizing and operating through Constitutional law you are in the wrong country. By the way, tell Gregg Rosen if he has something to say he can come on over here in The Trenches and say it for himself.

      1. Don’t know why I checked back but calling people un-American and talking about violence and how you are upset that no one in dc talked to you. This is all I need to know about what your group stands for. Ashame and guess thats why there are a lot of groups who are part of the American 99ers union and you are off on your own putting everyone else down. I don’t think ghandi, and MLK took your radical approach and their movements worked. I am a member of UWAG and don’t know mr.rosen but I would think if you were not so radical maybe he and the people in Washington would listen to you.

        1. Dave, What you call radical is reality and the fact is you are afraid of the truth. What the people in Washington need to say to me is “Yes, sir”, as I am their employer. I am not only their employer but I am a sovereign of the United States of America on a par with the crowned heads of Europe as is every other citizen of this country. This is what our forefathers gave to us and you or nobody else is going to take it away in order to feather your own bed.

  11. Lets concentrate on all the unemployed not just the 99ers. While I appreciate your blog it seems a division has been drawn in the sand between the unemployed and the 99ers. People DO NOT THINK PEOPLE WHO ARE STILL RECEIVING UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS ARE NOT going hungry. MANY of us are paying the rent with little or nothing to eat days on end…whatever our situation is as unemployed WE should be united in a common cause WHICH seems to have been drawn in the sand…sad state of affairs that even in adversity we are still divided…I came into this unemployment world thinking more of my fellow Americans, I now know this is a divided whats in it for me country and it makes me sick!!

    1. Patsy352, To think that there is some kind of divide between those who are unemployed and receiving benefits and those who are unemployed who are not receiving benefits is just plain wrong. Every 99er went through months of receiving unemployment and watching what was once their life crumble away. The only divisive issue is in reference to how we are going to deal with the problem.
      Our Constitution made us the greatest and richest nation on the planet, and that state of being only ceased to be when we moved away from the Constitution. In the end I truly believe that we must return to our Constitution or cease to exist as a distinctly free society.
      Don’t be disheartened as though we may argue among ourselves I will not believe that there is a single 99er out there who does not feel the deepest concern for his or her fellow unemployed.

      1. I’m soon to be a 99er myself and each day watching the life as I knew it crumble. All you have to do is go to youtube these days and read all the hateful comments many of the unemployed are spewing at each other. Unfortunately I saw this divide come to life when the last extension did not include a tier 5. I have and still am advocating for a tier 5 but I find no mass unity among the unemployed anymore and I believe to return to our Constitution we must come together as one fierce voice…I just don’t see this happening…I don’t blame the 99ers at all, I place the blame on all the unemployed….

        1. The people you are seeing on youtube and on many 99er sites are not 99ers and are fact are not even unemployed. They are in fact Trolls. They are a sick segment of our society that get off on spreading hate and discontent. They think it is funny.
          One may pop up on this site every once in a while, but not for long, as this is a troll-free zone. Once we i.d. a troll we toss his or her comment and block their IP.
          Some trolls even do what they do for a living. You will find in my old articles on this site one called “Tier 5 Frankenstein”. It examines the problem of trolls more extensively.
          Do not let these people discourage you. We are coming together and uniting and in the end we will win.

          1. thank you for giving me some hope. I’ve been on youtube for months and thought many “unemployed advocates” were friends…I respect your opinion so lets hope we come together as one voice. Thank you.

  12. Dave-

    Your right, calling a mans web-site who believes in the principles that George Washington fought for radical, obviously isn’t your style. Disney World has a great web-site called fantasy land. That might spark your interest.

    1. My last comment. Someone who has a website, this one and who is taking credit for this bill is living in fantasy land. Many 99er groups have worked together to make this happen. What has this site accomplished other than to put other groups down. I don’t see them doing that to you. I hope this passes because I need it and so many other people do to. Maybe you all should stop telling stories that are not fact and stop bad mouthing other people. Henry is right that the people in washington work for us but there is something called tact and professionalisim. That’s what these other groups have and why they are working with Washington to try and help us.

  13. Dave-

    There are no non-truths spoken here. Maybe you can enlighten all of us what stories you are referring to. All I talk about personally, is how the Globalists mentality has failed us as a whole, only giving a few any chance at happiness. We here want the same as you, only follow the Constitution so as to guarantee a workable and fair existence.

  14. Unfortunately, there will be no Tier 5. This bill and any other being introduced on the 99’er issue will die. Boner hates the working man, and when I tell people I’m a 99’er, they’re response is almost always ‘What’s that?’ No one knows about us except us. So I’m not getting my hopes up. I’m still packing my stuff for when the eviction notice comes next month.

  15. If Mr.Shivley believes it is what your group has done that is the reason behind this bill, why didn’t they call him to help. There have been so many 99er groups and individuals that have been interviews by the media who believe we deserve more weeks. If this group is doing it right then how come the only times I have seen your names its been when one of your group posts it as a comment to a story. Mike White of UWAG posted that the reason the news was not put out there right away was because they were putting a plan together to give this bill the best chance of going through. I guess my biggest issue is how you all take shots and knock other 99ers and groups. If Mr. Rosen or any of the people in the groups that are part of the american 99ers union who all have helped to keep us in the news don’t represent Mr. Shivley then if this passes then he doesn’t have to take any of those extra 14 weeks.

    1. Dave, The American 99ers Union is nothing more than 15 losers that became a conglomerate of losers and quite frankly do not have the guts to force any issue. I’ve listened to you all I’m going to, you are out of here, troll.

  16. I hope Barbara Lee and Bobby Scott, find success in helping the 99er’s. I believe many folks including the DOL would like to marginalize their existence. They number in excess of 4.5 million Americans and more will be added soon. In my state just this week Pfizer announced 1,100 layoffs in Groton and another 6,000 in England. Unitrin Inc of Meriden announced 70 layoffs and Aetna is laying off 35. All of this in one week!

    Thank-you Barbara and Bobby,

  17. For those of you who have previously or currently frequented all247news.com or MICMN.com, please be advised that we have lost an advocate for the unemployed, the 99ers, and the disenfranchised in this country in the name of Michael Coliss, who died January 21, 2011. If you have previously been inspired by him, please sign his guest book at his obituary site for Michael J. Koliss (the other was his pen name), to express your condolences to his family.

  18. Again how can the united states of America have 1.5 billion dollars in aid money for Egypt and at the same time say”We have no money for a tier 5 extension”It does’nt make sense to me can someone explain how this can be.I personally know 2 people who were on unemployment but could not find jobs before their benefits ran out so they became homeless,helpless,hopeless and in the end committed suicide and Im sure many others have done the same this needs to stop!

  19. I, also, have a huge problem with Mr G Rosen representing me as a 99er. I have never asked him to represent me and he certainly does not speak for me. I find him to be a very poor rep, when I listen to him try and convey the 99er message. I think he embarrasses himself and the cause. In addition, I have seen him slipping around various websites, posting annonymously about how great he and the 99er union is. I do not trust him.

  20. I feel that we are not getting heard because we the mass number of unemployed are not seen. Lets face it a picture is worth a thousand words. We should put a call out to all of the unemployed to meet at unemployment offices throughout the country and form lines. (Just like hands across America!) We the 99er’s and the long term unemployed would then provide our country the true number of unemployed. The second great depression. But, we need to hurry.

    1. Good idea! Go to the Nationwide Rally page towards the top right of this page and put the address of your local unemployment office and sign up.

  21. People who are classified as “99ers” are not all Union members. I am a former Legal Professional who has not had any income since June 2010, and I am a single mother, my parents are both deceased, and we have had no help at all. John Boehner is Satan and he is an embarrasment to the State of Ohio, completely oblivious to the fact that his state is one of the worst hit in terms of Unemployment, and, frankly, there are no jobs here because John Boehner and his Republican lackeys do not care. Their primary goal is to oust the Middle Class, Union or not. There are many professional people who are also in this same 99ers boat, and it would help if America woke up and realized that when ‘they’ post the new Unemployment figures, people who no longer have benefits are not even calculated as being Unemployed. Nothing. The Children of the Unemployed are considered nothing. The ousting of John Boehner would benefit all Americans.

  22. Jim, did you not hear that the unemployment rate “dropped” to 8.9%? What a bunch of bull!!! Is that all those folks in Washington do is lie and play us for fools? VOTE THEM ALL OUT IN 2012!!!! As for the ones saying they are “trying” to help the 99ers, they are just as bad if not worse because they like Stabenow and Lee are playing with the 99ers hopes and fears!!! All of they need to be ran straight out of Washington!!!!

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