99ers, Only We can Change our Situation

I have been evaluating and reevaluating the situation with the 99ers.  I have come to the conclusion that there are two obstacles that take front and center in stifling any forward momentum in our cause.  The first one involves the 99ers themselves as they seem completely unable to take any affirmative action to save themselves.  The second is our fellow citizens that have turned their backs to our plight and are ignoring us.  At this point, for all intents and purposes, the 99ers are disappearing from the internet.

Having identified these problems, I propose the following solution.

As the vast majority of our fellow citizens who are forsaking us as we are being crucified upon the cross of corporate greed profess Christianity, we must force the issue in the Christian venue.  April 22nd will mark Good Friday for this year, the day Jesus Christ was forced to bear his cross through the streets of Jerusalem to Calvary Hill where he was crucified.  All but a few who claimed to love and believe in Jesus Christ denied him out of fear of their own punishment at the hands of the priests of the Sanhedrin Counsel.

This Easter, April 24th, I propose that those 99ers among us who are not too lazy to get out of their own way build crosses and platforms to be used in an exhibition protest.  We target the churches in every major city where our so called representatives, state and federal, profess to worship.  With all necessary permits in place, we have a procession wherein one man, with “99er” written across his front and back, bears the cross that has the words “Corporate Greed” inscribed horizontally and vertically upon it, down the street to the sidewalk in front of the church.  The others in the procession place on the sidewalk in front of the church, the platform which will be designed with a square hole in its middle to receive the cross.  Then to the chants of “We are being sacrificed to corporate greed”, the man is strapped to the cross which is raised into the platform.  The chanting and the display should last through the service and until those inside the church are forced to come out and face it as their only option to leave.

I understand this is extremely radical but it is also non-violent.  To those who would call this a blasphemy, I tell you that under the circumstances I do not believe Jesus would mind.  This will not take tens of thousands or millions of 99ers to accomplish.  A mere thousand of our 15 million could make this work.

I will be sending a copy of this article to Gregg Rosen of the American 99ers Union and requesting his cooperation and support in perpetuating this strategy through the notification of every 99er visiting every 99er site.

As I said earlier this action is completely non-violent and if it cannot be accomplished there can only be one explanation as to the first problem mentioned in this article, and that is that the 99ers as a whole must be considered too worthlessly lazy to accomplish their own salvation.

We have three months to put all the pieces in place, so take the excuses and throw them to the wayside.  You say you want your jobs back, well I say if that is true it’s time to get out the tape measure, the square, the saw, hammer, and nails and get to work.  Only we can change our situation.


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  1. Unfortunately, I’ve sold all my tools in the last three months to pay rent and utilities, but not my spirit and energy. Let’s go for it. I don’t know where my son and I will be living, but I’ll keep my eyes and ears open for the event, and participate. It’s a damn good idea, Henry. It’ll be a little hard for the media propagandists, or anyone else for that matter, to ignore such demonstrations. I’m with you a 110%. Come on, 99ers. We’ve got to get off our asses. The Lord helps those that help themselves. Like Mr. Shivley has stated, it’s about time WE STARTED HELPING OURSELVES, because WE are all we’ve got

  2. Henry — That is an excellent idea. I feel I will be standing at my church alone. But I will stand. I have gotten so depressed lately and I too have not been putting force the energy that I did before. As hard as I try I can not understand why the 99ers are not willing to do anything to help themselves. You must admit there are not many of us willing to do anything. I believe, as you said before, they are afraid. As you said before. they know where we are and know every word we say. That raises the question of who gives a shit. All they can do is issue warnings and I am ignoring that. I am going to get to work now and visit every site possible.

  3. 335 public workers ( including half of the police force and half the fire dept. ) just got laid off in Camden, NJ. I guess the Ministry of Propaganda couldn’t ignore that little tidbit. I feel for the residents of Camden, due to the fact that they have one of the highest crime rates in the country. Maybe, with this problem hitting the public sector, it might bring some attention to the 99ers plight. Henry, what’s your ideas on this ?

    1. Sam, The attack on our jobs for this year is definitely focused on public workers. Between one and two million are projected to lose their jobs this year and it is said that their pension plans are looking at a $2 trillion deficit. All in all it can only be described as another cold and calculated move toward our country’s eventual total collapse and destruction. There ain’t a damn thing we can do about it unless enough of us come to grips with the problem and have the courage to solve it.

      1. Good Lord, what mess. I just keep wondering why there are not more people participating on this site. It seems like it’s you, Mark, Rick, Barbara, me, and a few others. Where is everybody else ? Are they all just giving up and accepting what the government is doing to them ? What’s happened to this country’s soul ?

        1. Sam, The reason you don’t see very many people here is because the commies at Google are censoring the site by keeping the articles out of the search engines. I don’t know what can be done about the commie pricks but I’m going to start trying to find out. If this was a left wing site pushing social communism we would be in every search engine. Google is full of traitors and needs to be broke.

  4. what the hell do we do!? I am sick of this!!
    we are behind almost two months on our mortgage!! We have to feed the kids!!
    I am sick of crying! so hard to keep it together!!

    This is bullshit! we have been tagged! cant post anywhere! regarding TTWR!
    this is what i keep getting!

    Your submission has triggered the spam filter and will not be accepted.


  5. Eli, I think you’re right about being tagged. I’ve gotten the same bullshit. My boy and I are being evicted at the end of the month, so believe me, I feel for ya. Hang in there, Eli.

  6. Sam, Thank you, so very sorry to hear about your situation ! So sorry, where will you and your son go? hope you and your son will be OK Sam!
    It infuriates me to have to struggle to pay simple bills gas electricity food! we where just fine two years ago! exhausted all savings sold almost everything, we do not qualify YET! for government assistance! was turned down for dam food stamps! why because we have a home we might loose ! this stinking government is literally pulling the piece of The American Pie we earned straight out of our mouths!!! what else can we as parents do but to hang in there right!


  7. Eli, we’ll probably end up in some damn shelter or out on the street. We live in an apartment, so it’s not as bad as losing your house that you have been paying for and living in for many years. I appreciate your sympathy and concern. I just wish more people would come to this site and UNITE, so we would have the numbers to try to do something about this hell our stinking government has put us in ! God Bless you and yours, Eli, and stay with us.

  8. Sam, you and your son will be in my prayers! .God bless You ! and God Bless The United trenches world report! thought i was about to say USA huh ! NO ! a bit of humor might ease the stress for a second , been here plan to stay, had my picture up in the entrepreneur’s page Henry put up, but took it down ! big brother is right behind our shoulders! …. looking into making home affordable scam to buy more time for the now … take care Sam.


  9. This is all so sad and ridiculous! Count me in for the peaceful demonstration! If I am still here as I am about to be turned into the street. I went for assistance and was told no, though I have paid since I was 14 (am now 54 and in poor health) I was denied my disability. I cannot believe the cold, heartless people running this country. We can send billions overseas without a blink of an eye, but it’s always NO to it’s own citizens!

  10. Interesting “out of the box idea” for sure but yeah this movement is really going nowheres. It is somewhat pointless to analyze and over analyze WHY the UE became so downtrodden so quickly but i suspect it’s because of the extremely negative “stigma” of being UE, like having leprosy or something so people would rather remain hidden in the shadows then God Forbid been seen on national TV as an “unemployed person”. I visit many UE sites each has maybe 20 people TOPS who semi-routinely read and comment and of that % not sure how many participate in any activism be it letter writing or something else. The US is too big geographically for any kind of mob scene type demonstrations such as in Egypt or any type of demonstrations tho I am not sure how that Million Man March was pulled off in DC some years ago? I mean it be different if all these conversations were being conducted in library conference rooms, coffee houses or in the park someplace. the I-net really does NOT bring people closer together as can be shown by this and other sites, there are X? MILLION of us supposedly and i assume at least 90% have i-net access either public or at home, i doubt people are so clueless and ignorant as to not look for these types of sites what with facebook and meet-up type sites on any topic imaginable? I originally found this site doing a search on long term unemployment i forget the exact search i used. I have a feeling that most people are just dealing with their own lives and not even considering this type of site exists or i could be completely wrong…

    1. mb,
      In 2009 two million Tea Partiers marched on Washington DC. This movement was organized through the internet. The difference between the Tea Partiers and the 99ers is that it is a lot easier to arrange local meetings and travel to a protest when you have money in your pocket. And let’s face it, the Tea Partiers wanted recognition, so they went out and took it.
      I think the problem is too many 99ers do not realize what exactly is at the root of their problems. That and most of us are baby boomers who have been in the work place for the last thirty years. I’m afraid many have become institutionalized within the system to the point that they cannot fathom the fact that their government has completely turned against them and nothing is likely to change this short of physical confrontation.
      The 99ers will fight eventually, quite frankly because they are not going to have any choice. This being said it would still be advantageous to get as many of us organized as possible and start conducting operations through a cordinated system, as in the end we are going to need these skills and root organizations to fight a war. I do not believe they are going to give us any other way out. They have too much invested and have taken it too far to turn back.

  11. I’ve said this before on other blogs and I think it’s worth repeating. I GAVE UP!!!. I packed up as much as I could into some suitcases, scraped up some money and bought the cheapest plane ticket out of the US. I now live in Lima, Peru. A 3rd world country that has taken me in as a newborn son. There’s nothing here but OPPORTUNITIES. All I was looking for. I’m working and earning a modest living which by US standards isn’t much but here it allows me to support a family of 4 with the occassional KFC feat on Saturdays ( KFC is kind of expensive here) but who needs it, Peruvian food is the best and most inexpensive in the world. Anyway, I find this ironoc, my family immigrated from Cuba to the US in search of a fear shake when I was a small child. I grew up as a red blooded american and lived the american dream until it all was taken from me in a matter of a year or so. I almost contemplated endin it all when I realized that, it could just as well work for US citizens to look for liberty and the persuit of happiness in other lands. I got to tell you folks, I just found out the the US isn’t the only democracy in the world. It isn’t the only land of opportunity, and as much as I love the red, white and blue, I live my family more. I will continue to fight the good fight for what I came to know from an early age as my homeland. But I’m glad I made the decission to to make a NewStart for my family’s sake. I only know that one way or another…

  12. I have been waiting for people to wake up and take action. I cant believe how many folks are still oblivious to how serious this problem is when the government is so right in our face with their corruption and greed. I am beyond ready to take action just been trying to figure out what action to take. I am in ohio and would like to meet others who are ready to act. I like your idea and am willing to participate but I doubt if peaceful demonstrations will bring about any change. This government needs to be run out on a rail. I think it will take a revolution to change things. I am so disheartened by the fact that we are so spoiled that most of us are not willing to make any personal sacrifices like not buying gas for a week to protest the price gouging on our gas.

  13. There are tons of search engines that you can submit this site to for free. I’ve done it before because I used to have websites up and used to submit them all of the time. You just have to search a little on google to find them and it takes a little time to put in your data but it gets done over time. You’ll be everywhere! Also, you can always create blogs that are of meaningful interests to people and leave the link to the site on there. Subjects such as “mass animal deaths”, chemtrails, 2012, GMO foods, Nibiru, Comet Ellenin, Nuclear Meltdown Japan, Planet X, Monsanto, Earthquakes, Union Protests, etc. Just to name a few. These are key things that people are interested in right now, they would read the blog and go to the site. That is how I found you guys. I was reading about the nuclear crisis I think.

    Also, I know this is a really big stretch and I don’t know how well anyone really knows each other or what ever, but I think (from the sounds of it) some of us may be in a bad way. Has anyone thought of combining resources? Have you guys ever seen “The Colony”? I know it is just a show, but from what I’ve been reading, some people are facing the streets. There is safety in numbers. Families are joining together to make ends meet. Just be careful and be leary of outsiders. It could be something to think about though.

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