99ers, Unemployed – Referendum from the People to Dr. Ron Paul

It seems every politician is now attempting to make our Constitution a buzz word in every speech.  Sarah Palin has a copy of it on the side of her bus.  Well I have a message for those who think they can hijack the cause of the American people of the American race.  Constitution is not a buzz word.  It is a living reality and we the people are understanding its true meaning more and more every day, while people like Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin attempt to degrade its significance by commercializing it.

Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin are laughable in their lack of knowledge of American history.  Their attempts to assert the righteousness of their neo-con elitist’s views using our Constitution, is an insult to our intelligence.

On FOX Business Freedom Watch during an interview with Congressman Justin Amash, (R)MI, being conducted by Andrew Napolitano, written information appeared on the screen that said that Amash had been endorsed by Congressman Ron Paul.  I respect Congressman Paul for his thirty years of unwavering support for my Constitution and I have seen him back away from the new batch of neo-cons, which ironically include his son Rand.

I am among those who hoped that the batch of new Senators would go after the ultra elite corporate scum and prosecute them to the full extent of the law and retrieve our 28 trillion stolen dollars.  Of course, once in office, they, like Barack Obama, showed themselves to be nothing more than another batch of corporate lapdogs.

When the Tea Party was formed it was in reality a grassroots revolt against the neo-cons.  And now the liars, who are a part of the propaganda machine, are trying to pretend that the people who elected them, more to punish the social communists (Democans) than anything else, want to return to the Bush era – take from the poor and middle class, and give to the rich – doctrine.

I think the real problem here is that the propaganda machine has made it possible for the true issues of the people to literally be buried by money.  There is only one way we can get an honest election that truly reflects the wishes of the people.  And that is to make a Constitutional Amendment to limit campaign finance to one citizen – one dollar – one vote.

This is to say that the only money that any candidate could use to campaign would have to come from those individual dollars from individual citizens.  This way no citizen could be priced out of the process and we the people, with our one dollar a piece, would become as powerful as the billionaires who are now buying our elections lock, stock, and barrel.

Also we must end lobbying as it is by definition legalized bribery.

We must also make giving or accepting a bribe to a public official a Class A felony punishable by a minimum 10 year prison sentence.

There are so many simple solutions that could end government corruption.  The fact that they are all ignored proves the corruption has become institutionalized.  And as our Constitution forbids institutionalized government, its implementation must be considered an insurgency against the Republic and the people.

I do not believe Ron Paul endorses the theology of neo-conservative Nazism to any degree.  But I will tell you this, Dr. Paul.

I, Henry Shivley, as the sovereign authority over the institution you serve, do hereby order you and every Congressperson, Senator, and representative from the local municipality to the county and state, to procure the incarceration of the thieves who have stolen the wealth of my country for the past hundred years.

I further order the prosecution of these criminals and the retrieval of the wealth, no matter what country it has been funneled to, through the money laundering stock market.

I further authorize you to use any and all force necessary, including the nuclear arsenal we the people have paid $5.5 trillion to accumulate, to carry out this mandate.

I tell you this is the true mandate coming from the people of the united States of the Americas.

I tell you Dr. Paul, you are the last chance for a non-violent revolution.  I pray you lead us back to freedom and liberty, but I will make it clear.  We the people are going to have our way, either through renewed representation or violent rebellion.  Internationally we are within our rights.

There has never been a referendum to allow our representatives to make us a state in a one world society wherein our sovereign borders and sovereign interests cease to exist.  We are not citizens of the world.  We are citizens of the greatest Republic to ever exist on this planet and we will not acquiesce to small group of traitors, with foreign allegiances who have signed treaties that we not only do not agree with, but which are forbidden in our Constitution; said treaties which are designed to turn us over to a weaker people (the international elite) to be their slaves.

This government will start enforcing our borders, deporting all foreigners, and respecting our authority or we will take up arms and reinstitute our Republic under our Constitution ourselves.  We are the free people of the united States of the Americas.  We are of the American race.  We are Americans for America and to hell with the rest of the world.  And if we are forced to violence all the world will stand in awe at just how vicious we can become, when we are force to suffer deprivations as a result of our kindness being mistaken as weakness for far too long.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

0 thoughts on “99ers, Unemployed – Referendum from the People to Dr. Ron Paul

  1. “Also we must end lobbying as it is by definition legalized bribery.” I sooooooooo agree!!

    JMOO (Just my opinion only): The Tea Party movement was a HUGE ruse by the ultra elite corporate scum Koch Brothers to fool fed up Americans into once again HELPING RICH bastards! Nothing more than a continuation of the rich manipulating things to get even more rich and powerful!

    1. Paladinette,
      Wrong. The Tea Party began as a grass roots movement of and by the people. It was hijacked by the neo-cons using the enormous wealth of the Koch Brothers and company. And everyone is going to find this out when the true Tea Party, standing with the rest of us, puts Ron Paul into office in 2012.

  2. the truth eventually comes out and cream rises to the top
    people eventually wake up and see the light-these things take time…the time is now
    ron paul 2012

  3. Another story about Unemployment and our economy. I’ve written NPR as well as all other news media to start reporting the real news and perhaps they are actually investigating deeper information to expose the truth rather than living with the typical government fed resources. It’s a start but much more must take place. See this story and click “Listen to the Story” as it has more info.

  4. I’ve noticed politicians trying to use the constitution as a buzzword. It’s not something you can throw around and convince us you are patriots, we know who the true patriots are you are fooling no one.

    Great article Darryl, it’s good to read something hopeful. The hope is that Obama gets his much deserved pink slip. Thank you, much appreciated!

  5. you are correct Kat
    another example of mainstream becoming more ron paul…..
    and look for romney to go heavy on the term during the NH debate-he`s like a political weather vane and just as robotic

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