0 thoughts on “Lou Dobbs: Why Has Stimulus Not Helped Boost Job Growth?

  1. Just get rid of this globalism BS and 86 all of these goddamn robotic arms doing all of the labor that humans used to do. Americans making goods for America is the only way anything will ever return to normal. Globalism will never work, it’s a failed idea, only making money for the oligarchs.

    1. That is exactly the problem, and it is the only problem we have. Why does it appear to be such a mystery to our leaders? Loan money to American start-ups that manufacturer hear, believe me America will support and buy our products like we never have before. The time is right and we all see what’s happened and we know that we must support American manufacturers if we are to survive and prosper.

  2. Whenever I hear one of these high touted officials, former or otherwise, use the words “This Recovery” as a broad definition to describe what is really just a continuation of the ’07 meltdown, I immediately dismiss anything further they have to say since I consider them to be as disconnected as the lawmakers on the hill from what is really happening on the ground and in some cases even complicit to the criminal behavior that brought the financial system down in the first place. Generally speaking there is not, there will not be, nor has there ever been a substantial drawnout effort designed to alleviate the downward pressure on the average able bodied working person. For those who believe in holding out for a political solution, an executive solution, or corporate cooperation towards a solution, forget it. Just forget it. It ain’t happening. There is no favorable will on any of those fronts to implement a solid functionable plan because of the pre-concieved shift that took place earlier on that put us into a globally competitive market place of virtually free trade for which we now can’t compete, let alone survive. Chew on this little nugget of insult to injury…Treasury has sold its stake in Chrylser to Fiat now giving Fiat majority ownership. Oh…but wait…the deal will leave the taxpayers short on their investment/bailout of Chrysler of around 1.3 billion of the 12.5 billion taxpayer investment. I won’t deny that it didn’t save jobs, but why are the taxpayers getting shorted on this deal? Because they want out of it and it’s not their money that was used. It’s that simple. These is the mentality of the people we got running things. They don’t care if we take the bite so long as it doesn’t put a crimp in their style. Comparatively this is a small bite considering what has already been stolen from us in wealth and resources. It will get worse before it gets any better, as if it’s not bad enough already.

    1. So ya meen thure’s reelly like bad guys an stuff? We jus gotta ring those bells an warn evrybody or…or…sumpthin…right? I meen its Amurica aint it?

      Sorry…couldn’t help myself. No offense. It’s just too f***in’ absurd!

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