9 thoughts on “A Family Target

    1. What makes you think these scumbags are elected and not appointed? People from Arizona aren’t that stupid.

  1. This man is a disgrace to the American People, and for him to be called a Citizen makes me PUKE !!
    We pay this Scum-bag how much ?? DISCUSTING

  2. It was John McCain’s father (Admiral McCain) that covered up the attack on the USS Liberty, and as a reward, he was given the Seagrams (beverage) distribution business in the southwest (of America).

    Yes, there’s a long history of treason in the McCain family. He was born and raised to be a traitorous piece of trash.

    1. He married into Hensley & Co when he left his first wife because she was crippled in a car accident and he couldn’t stop cheating on her. He also started the fire on the Forrestal and his daddy got him out of that one too. He is a real piece of work.

  3. …Author of “bomb Iran”, (with stolen background music from the beach boys), photographed with his terrorist besties, destroyed 5 US planes. How is this dirtbag still breathing?

  4. John McStain, traitor POW who was tortured with room service and his own “bellboy” in Vietnam, just ask some others who were there. Comes home with a hero’s welcome and the rest is history.

    In the long run, when historians look back, he’ll be viewed as the traitor he is.

    John, all the glitter is gone, all that is left is a corrupt old “fuddy-duddy” that the American people have finally figured out. Go away, die already!

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