A Man Found Two Bear Cubs Beside Their Dead Mother. Words Can’t Describe What Followed.

This is Casey and the little cubs. Unfortunately, only one survived and he decided to adopt him.Viral Nova

A naturalist named Casey Anderson stumbled across two grizzly bear cubs nestled beside their dead mother in the wild mountains of Alaska. Casey couldn’t just leave these little guys to die in the wilderness, so he made the brave decision to take them with him. He trains animals for a living, so he knew he would be able to give these cubs a real shot. That simple decision, borne out of grief, turned into one of the most unique and adorable rehabilitation stories we have ever laid eyes on.  

Warning: you’ll want to adopt a bear after this. You probably shouldn’t.

You’ll be hard pressed to find a situation cooler than being best friends with a killer grizzly bear.

Source: Casey Anderson / Join Casey on Facebook


10 thoughts on “A Man Found Two Bear Cubs Beside Their Dead Mother. Words Can’t Describe What Followed.

    1. Hey digger as a young man i dreamed of having wildlife as friends instead of enemies. this guy accomplished that. so neat. hope your Christmas days are comfortable for you.

      1. Yes, thanks Paul 🙂 , I am the same way. In fact, during hunting season the deer hang out at my little 5 acre spot as does the turkey and other wild life. I feel safer around a bunch of wild animals like that than being around most people. Only the best of the holidays to you and your wife and others here and abroad Paul. Life is good 😎

    2. Honey, there seems to be an irs agent at the front door, what’ll we do?
      ok hon…….. just send brutus to say hello, dont think we will have an
      irs problem after he says hello!

      If your gonna be a bear, BE A GRIZZLY!(line from cannonball run)
      : )

  1. I live near a wildlife reserve in the State of Washington. Most people don’t give animals enough credit for the senses & the love they will return in kind! I put out food for all of them & most eat out of my hand &/or come up to me without fear. It’s a great gratification & I can only thank Casey for his love of Natures Way & success story…..Happy Holidays & continue to fight for Liberty, freedom, Justice & Truth

    1. Hey, I live in Klamath County, Oregon and the last time a serious attempt at the State of Jefferson occurred, it was stopped by World War II. Personally I support the State of Jefferson and the reason we want our own state is because we pay the most land taxes and then the multitudes of communists in the cities get to decide our money should go to them.
      By the way, RC, Merry Christmas.

      1. I think that was the point I was trying to make in another post about CA being broken up. I love my state, and I too want it to remain whole, but we have the same situation here i.e. the multitudes of communists in the cities that get to decide our money should go to them. They, or should I say WE, need to just close the dang borders!!
        . . .

        1. The communists wouldn’t be if not brainwashed by the system. Obamacare is definitely on our side to waking the commies.

  2. Wildlife–one of the reasons I love living where I do…(mountain) lions and tigers (er, wolves, coyotes, foxes, etc) and bears…oh yes! Not to mention deer, burros, ringtails, javelinas, skunks, various rodents and about 100 soecies of birds…my sane asylum…

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