A message to the Parasites

I have a message to you incorporated jew-ass sucking parasites who have tried to post comments to create the perception that Fromthetrenchesworldreport.com has passed away with Laura.  Laura always kept meticulous records which I have maintained and which my son and daughter-in-law have affirmed.  I can now operate the website and broadcast so your dream of “no more Trenches” is erroneous and I will be making a point to identify you as the incorporated government piss ants that you are.  The the Trenchers; as you can imagine, I have a lot that I need to take care of, but I will be working tirelessly to do so.  I will not be able to post as frequently as Laura was able because of my other responsibilities associated with the site, but I will post as frequently as possible and broadcast.  The Trenches have never been for pussies and it will remain active until the day the absolute unalienable law of December 15th, 1791 has is once again the law of this land.  Laura was a genius, and this is a fact.  My entire family are also geniuses and her computer is connected with them.  So, you fucking parasites… get ready, because you are fixing to get what is coming to you.  To the Trenchers, I cannot thank you all personally until I get affairs settled and am caught up, but I love every one of you and Laura loved you too.  We will not let you down.  God damn the parasites.  Death to the international corporate mafia, we will prevail.


  • Henry

24 thoughts on “A message to the Parasites

  1. F@#ck YEAH !!!! Henry you are great man, all my condolences to you with the recent passing… May God be with you through these tough times but nevertheless the Truth will stand brother !! Fuck these f#$ken jewish corporates and their baby dick suckling lips!!! America is our land and we’re here at Home. Don’t tread on us motherf!@kers !!!

  2. Dam, cant even give the guy time to fckin grieve ? Parasite is right!, Henry … You cant kill the Trenches , it lives inside us , because of Henry and Laura .so , Go pound sand you bitches !

    1. So very true!! “It lives inside us!!” And like a vicious truth that snuffs out parasites.

      The dictionary’s second definition of a parasite:A person who habitually relies on or exploits others and gives nothing in return.
      Origin: mid 16th century, via Latin from Greek ‘paristos,’ person eating at another’s table. Para: alongside + sitos: food

      They think they’re gaining something here when all they are doing is setting up their own demise. They come to destroy but will themselves be destroyed. Ya can’t kill TRUTH!!


  3. Ditto to all of the above. These mf’g vultures circle above but they never land and directly attack. They lack the testicular fortitude to do anything but undermine indirectly and spread lies and false information because they are just that. Keep on keepin’ on, Henry, and only when you’re good and GD ready. Those sob’s are gonna burn.

  4. They screw with bull they will get the horn . Now lets give them the trenches 2.0 style we are coming back harder and stronger than ever.

  5. Never read a more powerfully written text filled with so much emotion in under 300 words on the internet. Now I’m hooked. Will be early waiting to see what’s next. 🙂

  6. Those sociopathic imbeciles can’t work in a real mans world, they have to keep accepting 30 shekels every month to subsist because their god satan enjoys their suffering and they want to make it happy!

  7. The Trenches have never been for pussies .. exactly. Most will others lie to themselves about where the fck this country is headed. The Banks are here to fleece you of any wealth you may still have. The time is getting near for all this sht to explode… I am personally so sick of this sht and it is and will continue to be TOTALLY UN FCKG ACCEPTABLE BROKEN RECORD SKIPPING OVER AND OVER AGAIN!! FCK THIS SHT!!!

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