A peer reviewed forensic analysis of weaponized stapler engineering developments

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Not quite – though as this recent article points out, there do appear to be increasing numbers of staplers converted into fairly advanced zip guns being confiscated worldwide. The common double action stapler is highly modular, regularly seen trivially adapted to fire .38 spl, 12 gauge shotgun shells and even 40mm grenades.  


A crude but highly refined .38 ‘pepperbox’ recently confiscated from youths in Brazil:

staplerzipgun1 improguns

Practical break barrel shotguns much like the one shown in this video:

breakbarrelstaplershotgun improguns



Laughably simple. Perfect for a film plot involving a disgruntled would-be assassin posing as a political poster campaign worker…




The Jamaican Revolver:

revolvingstaplershotgunjamaica improguns

A tactical rapid fire unit fitted with aftermarket laser sighting system:


Screw-off barrel type – a highly effective arrangement if utilizing a suppressor :


A recent seizure from dissident groups in Bahrain:

staplershotguns78787878 improguns

7.62 x 38mm Nagant Stapler:

staplershotguns58585858 improguns

Now, back to being scared over 3D printers.

– See more at: http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2014/01/30/peer-reviewed-forensic-analysis-weaponized-stapler-engineering-developments/#sthash.tgXTC5bX.dpuf

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