3 thoughts on “A school in DC forced kindergarteners to march around with BLM signs and chant “Black Lives Matter”

  1. They have children chanting the slogan of a racist, communist organization and if you oppose it you’ll most likely be deemed a domestic terrorist. Sticks and stones will break bones but your names don’t mean shit to me. F!@k blm, and all you commie pigs.

  2. Saw this the other day…!! It is vial and sick…maybe next we can have them wear matching “Laderhosen”, Swastika flags and having them Goosestep chanting “Heil BLM”

    No different and they are very lucky my kid is grown and not in these indoctrination centers….I wouldn’t be protesting their school boards, let’s just say…!

    1. Too bad Kindergartner’s cant pack some heat to school and set things straight!!! Kids these days get f+cked with even more than us old goats!!!! I say stay away… and pull your child from school!!! When sons of bitches come to the front door to question anything (if they have the balls ..or they made it that far!!) Well now then the Bill of Rights and the parent is back in control!!!! The child is safe back at home…. FCK THIS GOVERNMENT.COMMUNIST!!!!!! OO 2 Big Barrels sawed off!!!!!!!!!

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