A Veteran’s Report From the Trenches

While in Vietnam from ’71’ to ’72 there was an Easter Offensive.  Biggest one since Tet ’68.  My job  was to take requests from the field and alert airbases around Vietnam for specific information on tactical air strikes.  Our information was usually classified Secret for specific targets.  Strangely, a document with no cover sheet landed on my desk.  I looked at it and it was a Top Secret CIA document which predicted that Laos, Cambodia and South Vietnam would all fall.  They all did 3 years and how many hundreds of thousands of deaths later.

Activated during the LA Riots in ’92 I was surprised to see that our activation orders read OPERATION GARDEN PLOT.  Not many people know this but active duty USMC from Camp Pendleton were put on the streets of Long Beach (there was major rioting there as well as other cities.  The orders were made a week before the Marines set foot in Long Beach.   

After 9/11 in the summer of 2003 I was surprised to see 2 British troops at the National Guard post of Camp Roberts.  They looked very professional (probably SAS).  I was curious and I asked them why they were here.  They told me they were there to evaluate the combat efficiency of the National Guard.  That was strange on two counts.  We had never been evaluated before and they were the first foreign troops I had ever seen at the 2-week annual training.  Many members of the California National Guard were activated for training in 2004 and subsequently sent to Iraq in 2005?  Coincidence?

When I was in Iraq in early 2005 a huge soviet-built cargo plane landed at FOB Speicher (Tikrit, Iraq).  It was HUGE and inside about 40 of us took hours to unload the cardboard cargo.  Due to rough handling many broke revealing helmets, uniforms, canteens etc. not of US manufacture even though the cardboard boxes looked like they were American and were written in English.  The aircraft had NO markings on it and it had a hardwood floor with cathode ray tube technology.

The 4 man crew stayed up near the nose of the aircraft and when we were done I walked about 50 yards it seemed to talk to them.  I handed them American coins which they accepted but they would not talk.  I could tell they were under orders not to talk to anyone.  They were Slavic but whether they were Russians or not, I could not tell.

When a Sergeant Major in the NG retired, he told me on the side before he left that the CIA controls the American government.  Another retiring Master Sergeant told me that several rich hereditary families control the government.

I think there is an awakening amongst the senior NCS corps but the young troops seem to me to be pretty much mercenaries.

Sent to us by a reader.  From the Trenches has no documentation to confirm this report but would welcome any.

4 thoughts on “A Veteran’s Report From the Trenches

  1. I honestly believe that the
    CIA does control the American Government. Federal, not the state govnmts..
    The US Military……though, has the big power…..piss um off long enough and they will find a way to walk right over the CIA, and assume power….in order to right this sinking ship…we refer to as the US of A.
    Course the Military likes the wars……..keeps them in a job….
    Thats the problem…
    So when’s this change of power going to happen?
    Don’t know….
    I do know, it’s not too late…
    I can not accept, the picture of the US Military as a whole, being desireous of a dictatorial, communist state….some would say, we’re already there…No.
    Actually, no! we aren’t there.
    Robert Beason….Army Vietnam, Vet in country 1969

  2. All mobs have ‘enforcers’ that dole out mob justice and keep the other, smaller mobs and reluctant citizens in line and pull off robberies, engage in murder, extortion, drug running, etc. for the ‘Big Boys.’

    Those ‘Too Big to Fail’ Wall Street banks and the FED have the CIA mob.

  3. The CIA is an arm of the Rothschilds, the main owners of the Bank of England, and the guardians of the Vatican bank.

  4. Interesting aircraft. Cathode ray tube tech? That is Modern…for a front-line combat aircraft subject to a EMP environment. Put our newest aircraft in EMP environment & they drop like flies in a bug zapper.

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