A Yankee Communist in Connecticut, Hell-Bent on Infringement

The communist Obama, in a desperate effort to sell his socialist ideals for gun confiscation, traveled to Connecticut on our dollar to speak to his fellow party members, so that they could clap for him and so that the mainstream propaganda machine could televise it.   This was another warped attempt to convince we American sovereigns that they are us and we are they.  In essence, he was pissing up a wet rope.

The insurgent Obama, in speaking of the states that have recently enacted 2nd Article infringements, said, “All these states share a strong tradition of hunting and sports shooting and gun ownership.  It has been a part of the fabric of people’s lives for generations.  Every single one of those states, including here in Connecticut, decided that yes, we can protect more of our citizens from gun violence, while still protecting our 2nd Amendment right.  Those two things don’t contradict each other.”  

Who does this south side of Chicago, back alley, communist con man, pimp think he is talking to?  The fact is it is an act of sedition and treason for any government official to advocate for any infringements on any right contained in our Bill of Rights.

Ignorance of our law is no excuse and as Commander in Chief, a constitutional president in consideration of our law, should be at this point in time sending federal troops to New York, Colorado, and Connecticut to arrest the insurgents in those states who have violated absolutely our most sacred laws.

These communists have become desperate, as their lies are falling apart in the face of the overwhelming reality of a hundred million American nationals, wide awake, who are not going to allow this Fabian piece of shit to force the will of his minute communist minority upon us for our enslavement.

The message to the soviet socialist insurgency remains the same.  If you think you have what it takes, give it a go and see what happens to you.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

5 thoughts on “A Yankee Communist in Connecticut, Hell-Bent on Infringement

  1. More and more they give us reasons to ignore them. They will try to force govt medical insurance (tax) down our throats and tax our gasoline for global warming. They will seize our parents savings accounts and cut their Social Security (tax) “entitlements”. They will try to register our firearms and force liability insurance (tax) for those stupid enough to comply.

    They will force our hands until it just becomes unbearable and when the shit hits the fan, they will finally open the lid of Pandora’s Box, and there will be no replacing that lid.

    Their drone armies will be like flying monkeys blackening the sky but will only piss people off that much more.

  2. It’s a fact that more people are cutting the cord on their TV subscription packages, so this is like he is f**ting in the wind.

    . . .

  3. ““All these states share a strong tradition of hunting and sports shooting…”

    Beware of this effort to constantly associate guns with hunting and sporting, because that will enable them to garner popular support for banning any guns that they don’t consider suitable for “sporting purposes.”

    The second article of our constitution describes our inalienable right to own guns for REVOLUTION, and the wholesale KILLING of treasonous scum. Forget all about deer season and start thinking and TALKING about your guns like a soldier does. How many treasonous scumbags can you kill in one day?

  4. I just came back from Walmart and Academy of Sports and Outdoors. Both places had at least 6 people waiting for the ammo to come in as if they all called to find out when the shipment would come, as I did. And these people aren’t playing. They look at each other like they know what’s going on. So the MSM and Obama can both go F**K themselves with their surveys of 92% want gun control crap.

    Even the clerks at the gun departments of the stores are looking at the people with a somewhat paranoid glance and talking about what’s happening. They want to help you, but I know in the back of their heads, they are scared of what’s coming. And that’s the truth.

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