Leaked Army Manual Outlines Civilian Interment Camps

I received this youtube.com link and a link to the actual document from one of our readers:


The information should be enough to convince the most ardent non-believer that FEMA/Civilian Interment Camps are real!

The manual outlines who is a civilian combatant (basically anyone who does not like the government), how to transport them (TRAINS, BUSSES, etc.) and how the camps should be laid out. The layout of the camps brought to mind the movie “The Great Escape” and other German Concentration Camps. Nice rows of barracks surrounded by Constantina wire and lots of guard towers.

The Army is currently recruiting people to be guards at these facilities.

The manual goes into great detail about how to psychologically treat resistors and other malcontents using drugs and psychological warfare.

Please share these links with everyone you know.  The truth is strong enough to convince anyone who reads it.


Dan & Sheila
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2 thoughts on “Leaked Army Manual Outlines Civilian Interment Camps

  1. For those of you who still want to ban guns, any guns, take a close look at how the remainder of your lives will be lived out. I’d rather be six feet under.

  2. They may be useful as temporary holding areas for the traitors in need of hanging.

    Many of them have railway access.

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