13 thoughts on “Abandoned and Left to Freeze to Death

  1. There are some real sadists out there except they look like anyone else.
    One such puke in NC tied his dog, who had just had a litter of pups,
    to the back of his pickup truck and dragged her up and down the road.
    Who thinks of something like these atrocities.

    1. Oh Boy Leita, I think of doing things like that only not to the animals though. Yes, Leita, I realy would be judge, jury and executioner, with those bastards that would do things like this and I would have no mercy. I have never forgot hearing the old sayin` that goes if you neglect or abuse animals, then you also would neglect and abuse children and those most in need. Yea that was adlibbed but it went something like that.

      1. I saw someone dragging a dog down the road with their truck purposefully I would be in jail a long time,unless I got a decent jury,would still be worth it no matter the court outcome.

        1. Yes James, that kind of reminds me of when romney put his dog in a crate on top of his car and thought that it was acceptable.

      2. Shoot to kill comes to mind. You get what you ask for. They’re not humans
        anyways; once one loses the capacity to feel for other life forms, they
        no longer are sustainable.

  2. there are so many low lifes out there. God help us. this kind of behavior is unforgivable. hope they catch this individual and do the same thing to them.

    1. Yea Paul, it is things like this as to why most people scare the crap out of me and I do not trust or even like many people at all. If some people will do this to a animal then be sure that they will do this to other people if they think they can get away with it. Oh, and by the way, I am no fan of PETA. PETA is not the holy rollers they make out to be by the way.

      1. One decent thing I have followed regarding PETA is the bears in Cherokee, NC
        enclosed in a tiny hole in the ground to entertain the tourists. This has been
        going on for decades. These poor creatures are so miserable and the
        anguish shows on their faces (saw their faces on TV). They have done nothing
        to deserve this and the tourists that stop and stare are no better than the ones
        putting the display on. So far PETA has not been successful in stopping
        this cruelty. PETA continues make awareness of the bears torture. I only
        hope PETA is sincere.

  3. Though I am highly allergic to cats (love ’em but I have to keep them outside), when we had the big freeze of Feb. 2011 (single digits three days in a row, high of 13, and everybody’s pipes/water lines froze and cracked around here), during this time I did let my Sassy stay inside during the day as well as nights. Gandhi said it once: you can judge a society by the way its treats its elderly, children, and animals.

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