Absolute Proof the Santa Barbara Convenience Store Shooting is a Hoax

Absolute Proof the Santa Barbara Convenience Store Shooting is a HoaxSent to us by a reader who said: This was a staged event imo. I watched that childs’ video and thought to myself this can’t be real. Yesterday. There was one picture that I didn’t save in an article and it was pic of a spent casing next to a puddle of pink blood(fake.) It’s been scrubbed. It would be nice if someone saved it. Ironic that big sis’s new venture is the director of all the uc’s? I think not. Adventures in hoaxland continues…


This entire claim of a wild, roaming shooter on the loose in Santa Barabara, who gunned down and killed 6 people, is mere dramatics. As grandiose as it is it would appear as if it was written for a Hollywood plot.  

The claims regarding the IV Deli Mart are crucial, since it revolves around the key crisis actors clamoring for gun control, those claiming to be the loved ones of a person supposedly shot in the store, Christopher Martinez.

Here is what the typical Zionist story line is regarding the supposed shooting of a man, Christopher Martinez, in the I.V. Deli convenience store:

According to the sheriff, Rodger then returned to his black BMW and drove to IV Deli Mart in Golita. He entered the store and shot dead 20-year-old Christopher Martinez, an unsuspecting bystander.  

Did anyone read that, “entered the store.” What did he do, fire two warning shots first, accounting for the holes in the windows? It is pathetic at best.

Now, that store has CCTV cameras. Those cameras were operational, fully so that night. They show, for instance, people supposedly ducking from bullets, not a desirable experience for an evening out on a Friday night. Surely, such people would be willing to give strong and emotional testimony about the shock of experiencing bullets “whizzing” by their heads. There is no such testimony. Yet, there is something far better.

It is the CCTV images of the duckers:

Duck and cover: Shoppers inside IV Deli Mart hit the floor after hearing the sound of whizzing bullets
Even the DailyMail agrees, calling them “duck and run shoppers.” Notice how they blocked out the cashier and only show the duckers.

However, that’s not the end of it. According to the DailyMail there was a good Samaritan in the store. That good Samaritan braved the whizzing bullets in order to pull out his cell phone and dial 9-11. It was all an attempt to save Mr. Martinez’s life. Yet, once again, it is a fabrication. There are two holes in the windows. There weren’t bullets upon bullets whizzing about.  Too, regarding the 911 call why didn’t the proprietor make it? It’s all an act, and the duckers are mere crisis actors.

So, the crisis actors are on the recording, but not a shooter “entering” the store.

Oh, those infernal details. Then, where are the even more telling images of Martinez being shot? There is no such CCTV images provided. Instead, the world gets the following:

Grisly sight: IV Deli Mart owner Michael Hassan, left, and his employee clean up the store where part of Friday night's mass shooting took place by a drive-by shooter

Can anyone fathom it? The store-keepers get to clean up the evidence, the blood from Mr. Martinez. It’s no surprise, though. Why pay civil servants and a HAZMAT team to clean up mere tempura paint?

It figures. What else could be expected from chip-land, MSG, GMOs, rancid oil, and more. In fact, more would be expected of the immigrant population, especially those coming from trying backgrounds. Yet, the owner and his colleague surely don’t look “Ruffled,” no pun intended. Regardless, money talks, cash is king. Thus, there are always ready participants for the fraud of DHS-orchestrated hoaxes.

Too, at least they could have splattered some food dye upon on the lower level of chips. It would have made it more believable, and the DHS surely would have compensated them with America’s hard-earned tax dollars.

The fake blood clean up is a minor issue. Tempura paint is water soluble and will wash away with minimal effort into oblivion. ere are damages to the store, though exceedingly minimal. Who will pay for that?

No worries. It has already been arranged. A proper shop can’t continue to operate to the max with apparent bullet holes (could be hammer strikes for all anyone knows). It must be fixed.

Ah hah, it is already done, like magic. Did anyone recall seeing what was so evident in the previous picture? Let’s look at it, once again:

Grisly sight: IV Deli Mart owner Michael Hassan, left, and his employee clean up the store where part of Friday night's mass shooting took place by a drive-by shooter

It’s a crate of glass, marked “GLASS” via the red sticker. Plus, there are other components on the top, all that is necessary to replace the damaged panes. Moreover, it is right there in the store even before they have a chance to clean up the red food coloring (Note: they could have made it at least a bit more believable by tearing open a couple of bags of chips at the level of the hammer strikes on the window, as if they were torn open by the bullets).

Just a bit of spray cleaner and an element of arm muscle, and, unlike sticky, real blood it’s all gone in a flash. No need, though, to even wear gloves. It’s non-toxic. And unlike real blood there’s no germs.

Here is another view of the crate. The glass is all ready to go. These images were taken on Saturday and Sunday. Surely, he couldn’t have received the panes to his specific measurements for those panes that quickly, even in this era of same day shipping.

Therefore, despite protests otherwise the Santa Barbara mass shooting is a hoax, specifically one aimed at gun control. Once again, no one died, and no one was injured. It is impossible to prove otherwise, because it was all fake.

Yet, wait a minute, the Masonic titans say it is real. Smug beyond belief, does anyone trust them?

Familiar face: Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown said in a press conference his department had contacted Elliot Rodger on three separate occasions between July 2013 and April 2014

Familiar face: Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown…

Despite the posturing, this is a fake like the rest of the Zionist-orchestrated DHS drills.


8 thoughts on “Absolute Proof the Santa Barbara Convenience Store Shooting is a Hoax

  1. An investigation needs to be done with the financial reports of the owner(s) of that store and see if they have been the receiver of a large financial transfer
    in the last 1-2 yrs from fed-gov. this is shamefully criminal. and look at the
    arrogant and smug faces of the sheriff/leos. makes me sick.

    There is no further proof needed to see that the good book again nailed by
    telling us the elect/elite would suffer strong delusions in the end times.

  2. Angel says:
    “I remember the chalk mark photo next to the shell casing, mentioned as fake blood. It was in the Daily Mail’s story that included the kid’s video. They have since updated and removed it. I did find it in various blogs. I tried to copy and paste it in the comments, but I couldn’t get it to work. The photo is from the CNN report. I looked, but I can’t find the video.”

      1. Yup. Everything I saw yesterday referred to the mark as being one of the chalk marks next to crime scene evidence. (They should have used a different colored chalk. LOL)

  3. The replacement glass being there, even before cleanup….Seems, that is nearly impossible if the shooting actually happened…..That’s the biggest key, leading to conclude this was a hoax…also, people there with cell phone camera’s and no dead body?………..The glass issue sinks the feds, and all covering the truth up……………This country is just disgusting to no end….

    1. That replacement glass deal is a big deal of a detail! That didn’t ship UPS or FedEx… and may even be custom glass. Plus that one image of a hole in the glass looks a little sketchy.

  4. The only problem with that narrative is the fact the shooter/patsy/whatever was immediately outed as a loon and thus destroying his usefulness to advance the “gun control” meme.

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