ABUSING THE DEAD: Amy Schumer’s Gun Control Push Is Incredibly Dishonest

Bearing Arms – by Bob Owens

Actress Amy Schumer and her senator cousin are teaming up in order to push for gun laws that target only law-abiding citizens.

Comedian Amy Schumer showed her somber side Sunday when she appeared with Sen. Chuck Schumer to call for stricter gun control laws.

The “Trainwreck” actress said the issue had become personal for her since a madman went into a Louisiana theater in July and opened fire during her movie.

“I don’t know why he picked my movie but … it’s something that I live with every day and I vowed to never forget the two lives that were tragically lost: Jillian Johnson, who was 33, and Mayci Breaux, who was just 21-years-old. These women are forever in my heart,” Schumer said.

Her cousin, Sen. Charles Schumer, said he’s launching a new push to get Congress to vote on “common-sense” gun legislation in early 2016.

Schumer & Schumer are claiming that want to “close the gun show loophole” and target “online” sales. Neither long-standing desire of the gun control-obsessed senator had anything at all to do with the incident Amy Schumer claims as her inspiration.

The man who attempted a mass shooting during the screening of Schumer’s film was able to arm himself because the state of Georgia did not report the man’s history of mental illness to federal databases used by the NICS Operations Center to determine whether or not someone is a “prohibited person.” Because the state failed to upload mental health disqualifications, this man was able to pass a federal background check and buy his gun.

Roughly the same thing happened to arm the white supremacist who murdered nine at Emanuel AME Zion Church in Charleston, SC. The self-admitted drug abuser did not have his disqualifying admission during a drug arrest uploaded to NICS, and he was therefore able to buy a gun.

If Amy Schumer really gave a damn about preventing the sort of incident that she claims to care about, her focus would be narrowly tailored on a relatively non-controversial push for more funding to ensure that states were able to upload disqualifying information to NICS in a timely manner.

But Amy Schumer isn’t focused on pushing for more funding for the states to upload records in a timely manner to NICS to stop criminals and the mentally ill from buying guns.

Schumer is instead attacking an imaginary “gun show loophole” and fake “online” sales, both old gun control schemes roundly discussed by my compatriot Taylor Millard at Hot Air.

Let’s be very blunt: Amy Schumer is abusing the deaths of Jillian Johnson and Mayci Breaux to push for long-ago-debunked gun control schemes that do not keep anyone safe, and only infringe upon law-abiding citizens.

Amy Schumer is grandstanding on the caskets of innocent victims for her cousin’s political benefit.

She should be ashamed.


15 thoughts on “ABUSING THE DEAD: Amy Schumer’s Gun Control Push Is Incredibly Dishonest

  1. “She should be ashamed.”

    Are you sure we are talking about the same Amy Schumer? because the word “Ashamed” just isnt a word that describes this dirty mouthed backslidding whore of a scumbag , and i feel that way about her regardless of this story , always have , always will

    this is a “who not to raise your daughter to look or act like lesson”

    also , I cant wait for her “idea” of gun control to fail ,, because it will .. all of these angles have been tried..time to try being armed for a change , so armed idiots dont have the upper hand ..but that would be way to smart for an idiot and low IQ slug like Schumer

  2. “Roughly the same thing happened to arm the white supremacist who murdered nine at Emanuel AME Zion Church in Charleston, SC.”

    Crock of sh#t!

    Never happened.

    Keep right on infringing, sleazeballs. More nails in your coffins.

    1. Ditto that – the “church “shooting” was as much of a jew run obvious HOAX as all the other “mass shootings” from the past 50 years.

      This writer is a disinfo shill and little amy is a jewslut.

    1. “I thought long and hard before I sold my soul and made the movie to entrap the stupid people to my big happening.” said Amy.

  3. The problem isn’t that people are willing to pass and enforce laws that infringe on the rights of law-abiding citizens. The problem is that so many citizens insist on being law-abiding.

    In a world filled with unjust, capricious, and/or tyrannical laws, “law-abiding citizens” deserve to have their rights violated, and they WILL have their rights violated.

      1. That’s true, and it’s a good point. But my remarks could just as easily apply to those who WISH to be completely law-abiding, even if neither they nor anyone else is humanly capable of knowing all the laws and regulations on the books. The subservient attitude of such people fills me with disgust.

  4. Amy and Chucky, what a pair! Joo through and though, they can’t even have an outdoor lunch without one of them trying to chisel the dime out of the concrete. Easily loathable, they fit right in with the moving mass of maggots between Hollywood and D.C.

      1. I don’t think Chuck’s funny at all. The only time I’ll smile while Chuck’s in the room is when the shit runs down his legs.

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