Corvallis Oregon, 5 Years of Compiled Radiation Data, Nicely Plotted

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This incredible work was done by “pinksailmatt” of ENENEWS and as Citizen Scientist.

Because the EPA is taking more and more absurd measures to cover up  the data, the only way to put this together is with daily downloads from an amazingly clunky website.    The EPA site and data seems designed to DISCOURAGE anyone actually using the data.

The EPA  site “looks great” until you actually try to use it.

It is obvious that they are not interested in showing an extreme spikes, and whenever the Beta radiation hit 500 Click Per Minute CPM, they just cap the data at 500.   Or they disappear the data.

“must be bad data, it’s high”

How to interpret the danger associated with these levels of radiation?   Use this simple chart.

And you know, these people at EPA are making a high wage and huge benefits, all based on your tax dollars.





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6 thoughts on “Corvallis Oregon, 5 Years of Compiled Radiation Data, Nicely Plotted

  1. “must be bad data, it’s high”

    They’re the ones who are high.

    The LAST thing we’ll ever get from these scumbags is truthful disclosure.

  2. not me, but now they have gag orders that you can’t even say you are under a gag order. wow.

    how far we have fallen

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