Act of War on America – Mexico and Guatemala Sign Agreement to Fast-Track Invasion of U.S.

042-act-of-war-610DC Gazette – by Rick Wells

A Monday joint press conference was held by Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and Guatemalan president Otto Perez Molina to announce their agreement to jointly cooperate in and facilitate the invasion of their northern neighbor, the United States.

Labeled “The Southern Border Program to Improve Passage,” it is an officially-sanctioned, coordinated effort on the part of Mexico and the nations of Central America to invade the United States.  

The agreement provides a network of border checkpoints through which an internal Mexican travel document will be issued, which is valid for a period of 72 hours. That document, known as a Regional Visitor’s Card, will provide temporary legal status to those in Mexico illegally for the sole purpose of invading the United States.

The announcement, officially granting the “privileges” to illegals from Guatemala and Belize, is expected to be applied to anyone who reaches the southern Mexican border with the intention of invading America.

Additionally, this action even provides special protections as well as financial assistance to unaccompanied minors.

This will only provide further incentive for the illegal occupation and serve to dispel any misguided belief on the part of foreign nationals in Central America that claims made by the United States that they will be deported back home are anything other than falsehoods intended to pacify the gullible American public.

Far from respecting American sovereignty, this is a Mexican-sponsored hostile act of aggression upon the sovereignty of the United States. It is conducted in complicit cooperation with a usurper and traitor occupying the White House, who is himself a person of an unknown background, using a recycled social security number.

Since John Boehner has announced that he won’t move forward with efforts to impeach Obama, it’s time to get rid him, and find a Speaker of the House who isn’t himself owned by foreign governments, financial interests, or The Communist Party in America.

The people of the United States don’t have time to play nice as their country and their standard of living are destroyed and have no reason to. We are under attack by subversives within our own government, in both parties, as well as foreign nations. Our nation is bleeding sovereignty and we are being denied a tourniquet. It is past time for Americans to respond.

Rick Wells is a conservative author who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. Please “Like” him on Facebook, “Follow” him on Twitter or visit

14 thoughts on “Act of War on America – Mexico and Guatemala Sign Agreement to Fast-Track Invasion of U.S.

  1. These jew bastards are in for an awakening unprecedented !!! It ends here !!! Take no prisoners !!!

    1. And you know what these countries will do?
      Send all the disease ridden village idiots first.
      Basically sending their undesirables and trash.
      This is invasion via immigrant flood.
      They’ll be slave labor and gang army, for the khazar ‘jews’
      to terrorize the internal population.
      They’ll gladly kill off all the whites out of revenge
      for: the south/latin american drug wars, ‘stealing the land that rightfully belongs to mexico’, racism or whatever.

      This is ‘in your face’ divide and conquer.
      How is this not an invasion?

      What side of the fence is the US military high command on this?


  2. “Since John Boehner has announced that he won’t move forward with efforts to impeach Obama, it’s time to get rid him, and find a Speaker of the House who isn’t himself owned by foreign governments, financial interests, or The Communist Party in America.”

    That would have to be someone who isn’t already a politician.

  3. This is insane! Why aren’t the US Military (the ones that do know what is going on) bombing the hell out of them? This is A CLEAR ACT OF WAR!!!! You’d think any person in the military would see this and arrest Obama and the entire government right now. This completely in your face WAR! What the hell is wrong with them???!!! 😡

    1. NC you are almost there.When the GOV fails and the Military fails it falls on the shoulders of we the people,Will we also fail.I am afraid so.American men have no balls.

      1. I slightly disagree. It’s not that American men don’t have balls. It’s that they have “lost” their balls and need to “find” them again. We need to find our way back to our patriotic roots and I know it will happen soon enough as more people are waking up to this madness and getting even more angry and aggravated by the day. It’s just not fast enough as we would like.

        1. Brother I sure hope you are right.I just ncannot see enough people leaving the puter keyboard long enough to do anything.Hope you are right.20

  4. Wow, they put a lot of planning into this event. The complexity of what has unfolded so far is pretty impressive considering the blundering idiots they usually are. I’m pretty sure they intended to bring in MS-13 and other enforcers to control the camps but I wonder if they intended to spread lice and scabies to all corners of the Nation or whether that was an unintended consequence? Just like their attempts at weaponizing HIV and Ebola, I think they are going to find once again they are over their heads at the expense of everyone else.

  5. With this invasion agreement between Guatemala and Mexico and the document uncovered by the Freedom of Information Act showing Homeland Security advertising for transportation companies to provide air and bus travel for 65,000 illegals 17 years of age and under “way back in February” which proves this entire war was preplanned and approved by O’bama….this should be enough to charge him with treason and impeachment.

  6. Remember that most Americans haven’t the slightest idea where they are or what’s going on. They watch TV.

    Tell your colleagues at work. Tell your mentally-challenged in-laws and neighbors what their hero Obama is doing.

  7. MS-13 Actively Recruiting Illegal Alien Minors at U.S. Shelters

    Govt. will arm the new gang members coming over the border
    with all the ammo they purchased.

    The khazar ‘jews’ will use them (‘jews’ always get someone
    else to do their fighting for them) to cause internal fighting.
    Once there’s enough death and carnage on talmudvision,
    they’ll attempt to enact gun control, martial law, etc.

    Between the UN armies already in america and the invading hordes,
    internal warfare will start.

    “Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.” -Benjamin Netanyahu


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