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    1. “The bodies of 29-year-old Twin Cities screenwriter David Crowley, his wife Komel and their 5-year-old Raniya were discovered in their suburban home last January.

      Those around the family were stunned by the tragedy, though relatives and neighbors said they hadn’t seen from them over the holidays and the execution-style deaths are thought to have occurred the day after Christmas.”

      And from Veterans Today: “Numerous law enforcement agencies are investigating the causes of death, but police have yet to release a statement. They are reportedly treating the death as “suspicious,” notes the Daily Mail.

      A Facebook page, “Justice for David Crowley of Gray State” inequitably states that David Crowley and his family were murdered and suggests ways for followers to help with the cause:”

    2. “Filmmaker left message in wife’s blood before 3 found dead, Apple Valley police say”

      “Tribeca: ‘A Gray State’ Doc Explores David Crowley’s Death (Exclusive Video)”

      “‘A Gray State’, Docu About The Death Of David Crowley, Lands At First Run Features”

        1. Hey Angel! 😀

          Thanks, but it was more or less a rhetorical question.

          Still, it would have been nice to see it released… might have woke up a few more brain-dead morons.

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