20 thoughts on “Agenda: The Grinding Down of America

  1. This is truly a “must see.” It is a chilling account of what is happening here in America. Congressman, Curtis Bowers did a yeoman’s job researching this superb documentary.

    1. jeff,
      Very well put. This is a very fascinating documentary and is, as you stated, a “must see” for ALL Americans.

  2. This film is just more propaganda from the false right-left paradigm. It attacks all of us from the right to the left, following all the old crap the Globalists have been shoveling at us for decades. All we need now is an opposing film attacking us from the left to the right to balance out this madness.

    I am out of the right-left paradigm these maniacs and liars have put us in. I don’t care about communists or fascists or capitalists. I am focused on the real enemy; the globalist, Zionist bankers.

    1. James APPARENTLY you didnt even watch the 90 MINUTE film cause if you did it would be READILY APPARENT that the GLOBALIST commie SCHEME HAS BEEN CARRIED OUT TO THE LETTER SIMPLY PUT FOR THOSE TO FKN BUSY TO WATCH SAID FILM IS DESTROY THE FOUNDATION OF AMERICA you know the basics, FAMILY UNIT (queer agenda ,degrade and marginalize the MALE) destroy the economy destroy faith in the ONE TRUE CREATOR and you holler PROPAGANDA go away “james” no ones buying your unwanted sales pitch.I saw no attack of the RIGHT after watching ENTIRE FILM only facts concerning the situation at hand.

      1. Calm down Steve. Comments are for all. Not just your version of the truth. I mean we do still have freedom of speech right? Perhaps you should do some more research.

  3. I watched the entire film. Compelling. Interesting. Clearly states the how and why of the trashing of America. Misses out on the who. Or at least the real power behind the named players. Sure the groups listed in the film did lots of damage to our society. Acting as useful idiots, puppets, controlled groups with specific agendas and so forth. But ask yourself this: who has the money and therefore the power to set this plan in motion? To answer that is simple. Follow the money. Money = control. Who owns and controls the world’s private central banks? Who owns and controls over 95% of all media? Who owns and controls Hollywood? Who finances the largest and most powerful Lobbyist groups in America? And who is the one group in the world that is the most difficult to speak out against? The answer to all of those questions is of course the Zionist Jews that control the majority of the world. The blueprint of the New World order is THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION. This document was written back around 1900. Read the protocols and see how the plan has progressed like clockwork to the present day. Zionist Jews will protest and claim the Protocols area a forgery. But that is just a pathetic attempt to shift the blame away from their true agenda of world domination. This film is a clever propaganda piece to foist attention upon all the leftist groups presented in the film. Sure they were used and employed by the Zionist Jews to help bring this all about. In the end you have to decide for yourself. It is not rocket science folks. Think critically, turn off the zionist Jew controlled TV, study history and see how the Protocols fit what is happening today. Follow the money to the truth.

    1. Carlos carlos carlos,you would be hard pressed to find anyone who has spoke out more or passed out FULL COPIES of the “protocols” than me, a man standing VIRTUALLY ALONE back in 2001 when the false flag of the imploded trade centers started my IN DEPTH research into the WHO WHAT WHEN WHERE AND WHY of this false flag attack and each and every road led to them fkn j-ws no if ands or but ,so take your condescending replies elsewhere I know who controls the media(try reading some of my prior posts) I know who controls the monetary printing presses(read my prior posts) I doubt there is ANYTHING you can teach me about the TRIBE or regarding the unfounded critisism of the EXCELLENT article posted by Rhumstruck.Calm down your self if you can understand these words coming forth from my finger tips I am calm .

      1. Steve, I am kind of thinkin` that this carlos santini is either miyoga or a team mate of miyoga. You do remember miyoga the other sunday don`t ya. 🙂 troll boy ya know starting shit miyoga was.

      2. RE: 911 implosion. I highly recommend the book by Dr. Judy Woods, “Where Did The Towers Go?” for scientific enlightenment on WHAT happened. What could NOT have happened. And perhaps…How it happened.
        The Planes AND the Thermite ideas are not possible when you consider the physics involved.

        Anyway…fascinating reading. It is a science book, not an expose’.

        It does not address the WHO, but some of you writing here seem to have that narrowed down.

  4. I really didn’t think anyone would have to be led by the hand to figure that out!
    The Great Santini has enlightened us! Maybe his prescient mind can tell us how this struggle will end?
    Steve, I agree with you, James could not have watched more than 3-5 minutes at most, if at all. I admit, I was almost going to pass over this because of its title. I chose to give it 20 minutes and was hooked!
    James said,
    “I am out of the right-left paradigm these maniacs and liars have put us in. I don’t care about communists or fascists or capitalists. I am focused on the real enemy; the globalist, Zionist bankers.”

    Wake up James! Who do you think invented communism, fascism and capitalism? Hey thats directly out of Apolgetics 101! If it ends with ISM it is most oftem false! Yes junior I went to seminary, was ordained, led a congregation and have walked away from the whole 501c bullshite.
    You want a warm fuzzy? Go to your zionist controlled church. Drink deep from that zionist kool-aid. As for my brethren here, find out if your church is a 501c church, if so get the Hell out! Your mind and soul depend on truth, not tripe!
    I learned a few minor, yet not so minor things that really tied up a couple of loose ends that had been flapping in the wind for some time now. How should I say it? I had several AH HA moments when pieces of the puzzle suddenly fell into place. You know those pieces that you know where it belongs but you can’t fit it in until you find another piece or two.

      1. Yea, kind of like me too rhumstruck. I`m trying to keep myself cival – if that is how ya spell cival, LOL – ya know where I am going with this rummy LOL, 🙂

    1. 501c3, rhumstruck.

      Sorry, I’m a stickler for accuracy.

      p.s. one of the main reasons I attend the church I do now is because they are NOT 501c3.

      1. True #1. However, in my humble opinion all 501c programs are the same. Tax exemption for following the state’s dictates.
        Or in other words, BRAINWASHING.

  5. Well Carlos, walk upstairs and grab your balls “if they are still there” and come down here and be a man. I’m in it for freedom and abiding by our god -given rights to bear arms and if you have a problem with that, well come and take it from me.

    1. WTF? Lots of hostile little man boys running around here in the comments. Based on what I read from Steve’s comments it looked like he was arguing against the notion that the Zionists really run things. Almost like he was arguing for the false Left Right paradigm that the Zionist media plays against us all. Perhaps I misinterpreted his meaning? Never read any of your previous posts, so I don’t have any idea of your views. I just took the comment at face value. For the rest of the keyboard tough guys what is up with the threats? I do not know this Miyoga person. I am a Libertarian and I own lots of guns and ammo so I am not really sure what you boys are talking about? Millard, what the hell are you talking about?? If you are on the same sheet fine. If any of you buy into the Left/ Right BS well that’s on you.

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