AIPAC Propaganda – “The Value of Bipartisanship”

Published on Feb 10, 2018

Yes, this foreign agent, AIPAC, will need more support as more and more American Goyim are waking up to the Tribe’s lies (especially Millennials and younger). Keep up the pressure fellow ZR supporters – wake up your friends and family!! We all have to play our part!!

4 thoughts on “AIPAC Propaganda – “The Value of Bipartisanship”

  1. Wow… what chutzpah!

    They should’ve used a narrator with a Bronx jew accent… it couldn’t have been any more offensive!

  2. “Bipartisanship is the only way to effect policies that keep israel safe”
    Holy shit. Is this America or israel? Oh wait I forgot, they own America. Yes, bipartisanship keeps israel safe and tears apart America and Americans. It ensures Israel’s sovereignty while telling Americans they must give up their rights for security. It sends Israelis to school for free while putting Americans in debt. It grants Israelis birthright on Palestinians land while Americans go homeless and run down by taxes and fees. It gives israel billions annually in weapons and cash to attack defenseless Palestinians while America goes deeper and deeper in debt and conflict for israel, weakening America in every way. It tells Americans to worship the “chosen ones” while they degrade and spit on Jesus and anything Christian. It tells America and other western nations to take in illegals and migrants that israel won’t let stay in the lands they stole. Yes America, you had better support aipac. What’s a few billion more for the welfare and security of your master?

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