Akita governor suddenly had nosebleed during a press conference

Fukushima Diary – by Mochizuki

Akita governor Satake Norihisa had nosebleed suddenly during a press conference of 5/26/2014.

He was visiting Tokyo the previous day.

He treated it by himself and continued the press conference to state he was just too excited yesterday.  

It is known Chernobyl victims experienced sudden and intense nosebleed. (cf, チェルノブイリの記憶~原発から1300km地点での鼻血、甲状腺機能障害 [URL])

↓ He notices his nosebleed at 15:55 ~


11 thoughts on “Akita governor suddenly had nosebleed during a press conference

    1. Nose bleeds are a definite sign of Radiation Poisoning. The radiation filled water from Fukushima has been being dumped into the Pacific Ocean for 3 years now and due to hit our western shores anytime this year. The seafood is “hot” meaning it is bio-accumulating up through the food chain. It will eventually reach the top of that food chain which is us. I for one have not been eating anything from the ocean for 3 years now. And you don’t know how much I miss eating Crab, Abalone, Calamari, Tuna and Halibut.

      I had an ah-hah moment about a month ago when I was talking to my daughter. I was telling her what I just described above. When I got to the part where I told her about when I go to the grocery store and watch people purchasing contaminated seafood, I broke down in tears. I said, “I want to tell the customers that the seafood is radio active bio-accumulated, and if you eat it you will accumulate the radiation in you body too.”

      But I didn’t, and I know this sounds cowardly, but I just didn’t want to be hauled off in a paddy wagon. These days with so much hitting us all at once, it’s so difficult to “choose my battle carefully” as my mother would instruct me.

      The fishing industry is very big business and that’s why we are not being told the truth. I believe alot of people in the U.S. are going to start getting sick from radiation poisoning in days, weeks, months or years as this stuff starts rolling in. People will be coming down with cancer and not even know why nor the source.

      Some days I have to stop and think … Diggerdan is so lucky to not have to put up with what is happening on this planet any longer.

      Rest his soul . . .
      . . .

      1. Amen Cathleen. I pray Daniel is in a better place. He and i conversed several times about how free we used to be.

      2. as I came to know him through personal comments back from him over many months………he would say, you know what? Stand Tall! That’s what he would say today after he is now gone…………
        he once said to me, maybe a few weeks ago, that he would do it all over again in his life except for a few friends who sold him out……….which he would exclude…there go those” friends” again! So. We do not face an unlivable life just ahead….alternative news does not carry but an attempt at the truth, tinged via the human factor, and lets all remember that….

  1. My Fellow Americans:


    No!!!!!!,…. No!,… No!,.. No!,….. (in a Japanese accent – Sam Kenison type voice…)

    We do NOT have any radiation problems here in Japan!

    (Nose starts to bleed…)

    Radiation is just a myth!!!

    (nose starts bleeding harder,….)

    If there was radiation, won’t I be showing some signs of it??!!!

    (nose starts gushing blood….)

    What little radioactive “stuff” got into the air,.. IS GOOD FOR YOU!,…

    (nose just blowing blood out now!,….)

    Would I lie to you about that??!!!

    (nose SHOOTING blood out like a garden hose!)

    Everything is fine,.. just go about your business,….

    (blood all over the podium,… his papers,.. his clothes,.. in pools on the floor around him….)

    Well,.. as you can see,.. I have,.. uuhhmmmm,.. allergies,.. yeah,.. thats it,.. allergies,…

    (turning pale as his body runs out of blood….)

    Ok,.. I think I need to,……

    (Passes out from loss of blood……)

    Another Gov’t Official Steps Up – Ok!,.. that concludes our interview on,.. “There is NO RADIATION here in Japan”,.. thank you.

    (Cornor removes body of first speaker who is pronounced dead immediately,.. from loss of blood)

    JD – US Marines – Whew!!!,… I’m glad it was just “Allergies”!,.. for moment there,.. I thought it had to do with all that RADIATION poisoning the whole planet from Fukishima!


    1. 😆 (Wiping my brow) Thank God it was only allergies huh? I guess they call that “saving face”?
      . . .

    2. JD.;………..this is hilarious…………funny!!!
      and for Cathleen…………..just some things, that can’t be helped…by you, myself….or anyone else….
      I do believe via intervention from above…NOW, I have no clue beyond that so is as far as I can go….on that subject!
      Keep your kind loving heart………That’s for sure….

  2. WOW! Chronic nose bleeding. Sign of radiation sickness. I can’t believe there are still people going to Japan after all that’s happening. They should be quartering that island off or evacuating the healthy people off that island. The entire world should be working together on this as it is a global crisis of immense proportions. Instead, the insane psychopaths are starting fake wars and stealing money in order to create an economic collapse, so that they can create their one world order. You’d think they would put it on hold until this situation is cleared.

    I mean do the elite honestly think this will not effect them in the long run? That they will somehow be immune to it all? It’s inescapable. But I guess that’s why they are psychopaths, since they have no morals or rationale. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be in the mess that we are in today.

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