Al Sharpton to march on Tallahassee against “Stand Your Ground”

The Tampa Tribune – by James L. Rosica

The Rev. Al Sharpton will lead a rally against the state’s “stand your ground” law Monday morning in the Capitol courtyard, according to the website of his National Action Network.

Sharpton, also an MSNBC host and commentator, will be joined by the parents of Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis.  

He first will lead a march from the Donald L. Tucker Civic Center to the Capitol, starting at 9:30 a.m.

Martin was the 17-year old black teen shot and killed by community watch volunteer George Zimmerman in Sanford in February 2012.

Zimmerman was later acquitted. He didn’t claim a “stand your ground” defense but parts of the law were used in jury instructions.

Davis was the 17-year old black teen shot and killed by Michael Dunn, a white software developer, in Jacksonville in November 2012.

Dunn was recently convicted on charges related to shooting into a carful of teenagers, Davis included, outside a convenience store. The jury, however, deadlocked on a first-degree murder charge.

8 thoughts on “Al Sharpton to march on Tallahassee against “Stand Your Ground”

  1. Al shyster must have found yet another way to make a few bucks. A true disgrace to his race in every way.

  2. My Fellow Patriots:

    Allow me to interpret this commie speak for you (providing I’m actually reading my “Commie-To-Standard-English” dictionary right…):

    “I,.. Al Sharpton,.. have finally negotiated my bribe with the traitors of this country,.. and will now be carrying out my seditious duties.

    Don’t worry,.. I will always fall back on my primary call to fame as a Race-Pimp to create problems where none actually exist,… but in the mean time,… this current assignment will provide me with a substantial income resource until I can help manufacture the next race controversey.

    Thank you for your understanding, and your participation in this 3 ring circus – Sharpton the clown.”

    Well,.. there you have it people,… Sharpton The Clown has just taken his next payoff to help destroy this country from within.

    JD – US Marines – When Sharpton is lynched,… it won’t be because of any race issue,.. it will be purely for his sedition and treason.

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