Alex Jones and his Friends Rand Paul and Ron Paul

It has been about 12 hours since Rand Paul endorsed Mitt Romney and Ron Paul has still not come forth to declare his true intensions to the Revolution.  Alex Jones has stated that all indications point to a complete betrayal designed to tear the movement apart.  Not so.  Ron Paul is not the Revolution, we the people are.

Jones reported a 95% condemnation of Rand Paul’s endorsement of Romney by the movement.  We have always known that 95% of the Revolution are made up of constitutional patriots while the other 5% are ambitious neo-cons seeking an avenue into the Republican establishment through betrayal.  Thus a Ron Paul betrayal can only fraction the movement to the extent of 5%, which were never a part of us in reality anyway.

Alex Jones, still thinking himself the general on the white horse on the hill, put out his own call for Ron Paul to come forth and explain himself.  This being said I tell you, Alex Jones is still that drop of poison in that spoonful of sugar, as he proclaimed that both Ron Paul and Rand Paul are good men and that he likes them.  No, Alex, the worst traitor is the traitor from within.  I hate Rand Paul as my enemy and if Ron Paul turns out to be a traitor to the Revolution, I will hate him likewise.

If we find out that Ron Paul has been using us to maneuver his son into a position of power within the neo-con establishment, we must punish him.  He says he has 500 delegates.  I say 95% of those delegates belong to the cause and will not go to Florida and participate in a betrayal of their brothers and sisters.  If any of them do, they will also be branded traitors.  Like Ron Paul and Rand Paul, we know exactly who they are.

There is one thing I do agree with Alex Jones on and that is that it is better to keep Obama in office knowing him for the foreign born international soviet socialist he is, than to reward the Paul family treachery through a Vice President Rand Paul or a future President Rand Paul.

It is like this.  There are two factions vying for control over we the people, the soviet socialist Demorats and the neo-con national socialist Republiscums.  If Ron Paul goes forward as Jones has predicted, the Pauls are neo-con traitors by definition.  And if Alex Jones continues to call them his friends, then he is too.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

6 thoughts on “Alex Jones and his Friends Rand Paul and Ron Paul

  1. Excellent write. Never could trust alex as he will not come outright and admit israeli involvement of 9/11. For the most part he ignores the subject. However, the revolution knows which way to point the arms in and it would seem the list is growing. Hope we have enough ammo because guillotines are very messy. They are effective though and one hell of a visual to traitors hehehe

  2. Why dont we wait and get more info before putting people down or calling names. We are all scratching our heads on this. And Alex has blamed mossad for 911 many times, I have heard him say it. The reason he doesnt pound israel that much(neither do I), is I spend my time going after the head of the snake:
    ie: rothchilds/rockefellers/bilderberg group/etc. They are the true owners and controllers of israel and the U.S. I could not care less about natanyahoo, or obushma, they are just puppets. I dont understand why people dont know this, the evidence is overwhelming….

  3. If no one has heard from Dr. Paul, and the “I quit” notice was given by a ‘proxy’ how do you know that is Dr. Ron Paul’s intent?
    If no one has heard or seen Ron Paul, then why isn’t all of his ‘supporters’ verifying in some way that he has not been ‘disappeared’ and in indefinite detention somewhere?
    We all know the lengths that has been gone through to STOP Ron Paul from becoming the President.
    We all know about the illegal laws, bills, etc passed that make legal citizens or those legally allowed to be here targets for the domestic enemies occupying positions within the three branches of our government.
    So why do you not think this is a physical attack on Ron Paul? Didn’t the TSA public display AGAINST Rand Paul seem like a warning to all of you to Ron Paul that they could get whoever they wanted? Nothing the TSA does is public, very little anyway.
    How do we find out if Ron Paul is safe? Is Rand doing what he has to to keep his father safe? his family?
    If Ron Paul isn’t safe, then what? Do we allow this to go on?
    Has anyone heard from Jesse Ventura? Is Judge Andrew Napolitano safe?
    Why turn on Ron Paul when it can be entirely something else?

  4. Yes Jeff, they put tel aviv as an intel hub and strategic geographical location to take over the middle east, your comment is well accepted. And Cal, you had some good comments and perspectives. This is going to be interesting as it plays out. This is my first time that I visited this website, not so bad, think I will check in, and seems like good people are also.

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