Has Ron Paul been Disappeared?

This is starting to look like something out of a bad movie.  The leader of a free people’s revolutionary movement has apparently resigned his commission through proxy.

Where is Dr. Paul?  Wouldn’t you think that, considering the capitulation to the status quo the events of the past 12 hours represent, that every mainstream media propagandist with a camera would be swarming to Ron Paul like flies to a rump roast?

The internet has been the mainstay of Ron Paul’s power and all the people here are chanting in tandem for Ron Paul to come forth and speak……and nothing.  Could it be that Paul is not coming forth because he cannot, as in military arrest and indefinite detention?

Have the powers that be come to the determination that those who are a part of the revolution are now to be considered enemies of the state?  If you look at the propaganda coming out of the neo-con camp this would certainly be the indication.

Once again, Dr. Paul, if you are able you need to come forth and explain yourself.

God bless the Republic , death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

3 thoughts on “Has Ron Paul been Disappeared?

  1. Interesting thought. Isuppose we will just have to keep demanding he come forth. Still a little early i think to consider this but nothing these facist bastards do at this point would astonish me. If it is the case, they better hold him in israel as pretty much the whole planet other than that racist shithole state supports him.

  2. The day after the email came out saying he didn’t expect to have enough delegates to win, just to do business at RNC, and the same day his son endorsed Romney, Ron Paul gave this speech. He was supposed to be speaking on Republicans Uniting – that is the subject they gave him. He said it is no use to unite behind bad principles, that you need to unite behind liberty and the Constitution. Watch for yourself and tell me if this man has given an inch: (starts at 4 min) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BS7AFqukV0&feature=player_embedded

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