7 thoughts on “Alex Jones on BBC

  1. Oh boy! AJ is moving up in the world. From a guy getting no attention on the MSM, he is all of a sudden going from CNN’s Piers Morgan show to BBC. I guess he’s no longer a patriot and now just a media tycoon/spokesman for the infamous Rand Paul. Man, that fat tub of lard is just as bad of a traitor as Rand Paul. That’s all I gotta say.

    But hey, I just found a few pennies on the road. I think I will send some of that money his way to pay for his “operation”. I just have to say that when the people get done with this traitor, he’s going to be begging for some money for a different kind of “operation”.

    Doesn’t matter what you say, AJ. You’re still a damn traitor to this country, you Zionist pig.

  2. Cathleen, bless you – you really come up with some gems. Thank you. 😉 for brightening my day – LOL.

  3. And now consider the damage this buffoon is doing to all of us trying to get the word out on the same topics he covers. Yeah, that’s the reality of his operation alright. He takes the topics that are real dangers to us all, rants and raves like a lunatic and makes the rest of us appear as if we’re associated with that behavior. Mission accomplished Jones. I hope they are paying you well for your traitorous display of buffoonery.

  4. AJ is hated in certain circles for his media style, connections and lack of outing the tribe. He has in no way damaged a collective truther movement as we are not a collective, we’re individuals with rights. If you want to defeat the enemy establish a common court and display collective wind chimes. Fill in the blanks on how to accomplish this but we all agree on one thing, all forms of government are the enemy. Later tater.

    ‘Conspiracy theory is a label that is thrown onto uncomfortable truths, so that people will tend to dismiss it; although it doesn’t work any longer because most people understand the corporate media can’t be trusted.’ Mike Rivero

  5. These guys know the real Alex Jones!

    Others, however, just claim that the “Joker” incident is simply proof that Alex Jones suffers from chronic brain disease and should be locked in a monkey cage with a bullhorn and hung up in Times Square for everyone who pleases to take a gander. Actually, this wouldn’t be much different to the current freak-show that he airs on Youtube six days a week.


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