Manufactured Hero Edward Snowden – The NSA Whistleblower Exposed as Career NSA, CIA, Special Forces Trained Agent

American Everyman – by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: So what exactly did the hero tell us?




Oh yeah, he didn’t tell us jack shit that we didn’t already know. Yeah, he’s a hero.

UPDATE: Booz Allen Hamilton huh? Do you know who owns them, who our hero really works for? The Carlyle Group.

Booz Allen Hamilton, like its rival SAIC, is involved in virtually every aspect of the modern intelligence enterprise, from advising top officials on how to integrate the 16 agencies within the Intelligence Community (IC), to detailed analysis of signals intelligence, imagery and other critical collections technologies…

Booz itself it now owned by the Carlyle Group, one of the nation’s most politically-connected private equity funds.

So this guy had no high school diploma, worked for intelligence his entire professional life, his boss was the Carlyle Group and he was getting paid more than a U.S. senator… and he decided to be a whistle-blower around the same time all this other stuff was coming out and just after Astroturf Adam announced his big “Final Revolution of America” psyop?


UPDATE: He was a Ron Paul supporter in 2012   (wasn’t RP outed as a phony as well?)

UPDATE: Kenny from Kenny’s Sideshow uploaded the video of Glenn’s interview with our new hero. My biggest gripe with most of these guys has been they are pretty bad actors. This guy however seems pretty good. Notice how he keeps talking about coming from a position of comfort and wealth and that it’s difficult for people to give that up to stand up and do what’s right. He claims that it’s his unusual access to a comprehensive view of the workings of the intelligence complex that gave him the ability to see what was really going on. Well, sitting way out here on the outside, people like myself and many others (like Kenny for one) have been able to see this fascist shift developing for over a decade. Hell, William Cooper saw it long before that.



“Even if you’re not doing anything wrong, you’re being watched and recorded … you don’t have to have done anything wrong, you simply have to eventually fall under suspicion from somebody — even by a wrong call – and then they can use the system to go back in time and scrutinize every decision you’ve ever made.”

He took off on May 20th huh? Why does that seem important?

Obviously, I stand by my original theory on all of this… it’s part of an elaborate scheme by the intelligence complex themselves to create unrest or at least the narrative of unrest prior to the summer of discontent in America. The “hero” whistle-blower is actually a career NSA agent, former CIA spook who trained to be Special Forces (unconventional warfare)

He is breathlessly revered by the Guardian as the next best thing to happen to democracy since Daniel Ellsberg and Bradley Manning yet what he “leaked” is well known to anyone paying attention over the past few years.

The paper describes him as having a bumper sticker on his laptop that reads “I support Online Rights: Electronic Frontier Foundation” as well as having a copy of Angler, the biography of former vice-president Dick Cheney sitting on his hotel bed. Oh, the duality of the guy. Does anyone wonder how he was working at the NSA and the CIA for a company like Booz Allen Hamilton with an Electronic Frontier Foundation bumper sticker on his laptop?

Glenn Greenwald’s secret whistle-blower has exposed himself for reasons yet unknown. Well, I’ll tell you one of the reasons, they got sick of Greenwald doing all those interviews, now they got “their guy” front and center to take the spotlight off Glenn.

His name is Edward Snowden and by his own account he is a very high-paid employee of NSA contractor Booz Allen Hamilton. He’s been with them for at least 4 years working at the NSA facility in Hawaii.

According to a Guardian article which revealed his name, the guy is now hiding out in Hong Kong, which he readily offers up himself, in a “nice” hotel, sitting in his room with some kind of blanket hood over his head and laptop.

He claims he doesn’t want to live in a world like this… but it didn’t seem to bother him for 4 years while he was raking in $200,000 a year living like a king in Hawaii with his girlfriend.

The Guardian story is full of praise of this guy and they make sure to tell you to consider him a hero. Here’s our new hero’s background:

“In 2003, he enlisted in the US army and began a training program to join the Special Forces.”

“After that, he got his first job in an NSA facility, working as a security guard for one of the agency’s covert facilities at the University of Maryland. From there, he went to the CIA, where he worked on IT security. His understanding of the internet and his talent for computer programming enabled him to rise fairly quickly for someone who lacked even a high school diploma.

By 2007, the CIA stationed him with diplomatic cover in Geneva, Switzerland. His responsibility for maintaining computer network security meant he had clearance to access a wide array of classified documents.”

“He left the CIA in 2009 in order to take his first job working for a private contractor that assigned him to a functioning NSA facility, stationed on a military base in Japan” Guardian

Aside from the obvious sticky sweet nature of the Guardian article and the ham-handed props they adorned his hotel room with, he does give a few clues as to both his where-abouts and his mission:

“On May 20, he boarded a flight to Hong Kong, where he has remained ever since.”

“It is a plush hotel and, what with eating meals in his room too, he has run up big bills.”

“”We have got a CIA station just up the road – the consulate here in Hong Kong – and I am sure they are going to be busy for the next week. And that is a concern I will live with for the rest of my life, however long that happens to be.””  Guardian

So he’s in a plush hotel right up the road from the CIA station in Hong Kong “running up bills” on his credit card. That shouldn’t take the CIA or the NSA or ANYONE more than a few minutes with Google to figure out where he is.

Notice something else… MAY 20th

How does that factor into what I wrote the other day?

Sent to us by Betty.

52 thoughts on “Manufactured Hero Edward Snowden – The NSA Whistleblower Exposed as Career NSA, CIA, Special Forces Trained Agent

  1. My Fellow Americans:

    I have no way of supporting my following statement, but my intuition tells me this guy is a 100% trojan,.. a fake, a fraud,…. a plant.

    The real question is: What is his true mission?

    JD – US Marines – Every fiber of my being tells me this guy is dirty from head to toe, and is nothing more than a trojan horse to distract us,… the question is,… distract us from what?

    1. In 2003 he is supposedly training for the special forces at 19 years of age with no high school diploma. is this even possible? Here in AU you don’t get into be a grunt without your school certificate.

    2. the writing on the wall couldnt be in more brightly lit, flashing neon signs with speakers blasting WARNING WARNING WARNING, and we dont need some fake ass “whisltleblower” to tell us this do we people. it is no coincidence, that all of this is coming out all at the same time, it is all a part of the setup, this will undoubtedly “enrage” the patsy they will set up for the glaringly obvious horrifyingly disgusting large scale false flag they have set up, for sometime soon, to unleash watertown on the entire nation, ans as they know that not all of us are brainwashed f#@king imbeciles that will chant our enslavement on with the ignorant enthusiasm of a group of drunk students at a football game, well, this would be where the purchase of all that ammunition, and mraps come in now wouldnt it. THEY ARE SETTING US UP BIG TIME PEOPLE, good luck to you my fellow true americans, that are not enslaved to the left right charade, or the al qaeda boogeymen paranoia, we all know, very well, who means us real harm, its all the same f#@kheads on tv telling us how safe they are keeping us by raping our natural born rights with incredible fervor, while decrying the deplorability of this “whistleblower” for giving away their “secrets”, the time has come, to search deep within, and find what you are made of, and what you stand for, the curtain is rising on the facist states of amerika, and i for one, didnt buy a ticket to this theater, and i dont care for the actors one bit.

    3. His true mission is to become the true form of the definition of pencil neck. Half sissy, half Tiny Tim.

  2. Sounds like this article might be the distraction/disinfo – because we have
    apparent confirmation from things like Bamford’s books and known real sources like Binney et al.

    1. This guy hasn’t revealed anything we didn’t already know.

      If he was a real “Whistleblower” the MSM would not be covering him.

      Remember how much MSM coverage the GENUINE Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds received?


  3. No way in hell was he SF… Minimum requirement for SF is E-5 (Sgt… with a waiver MAYBE E-4) and highly motivated and educated… It took me 6 years active duty to get to where I could ‘go SF’… no WAY in hell did he…

  4. A side note……….According to the Guardian article, this guy Snowden earned $200,000 per year at Booz Allen Hamilton.

    – – – – – – -Now just think of all the peons working for the government to spy on Americans earning $200,000 per year.
    – – – – – – -Now just think of all the Private Contractors working for the government to spy on Americans and charging the taxpayer Billions of Dollars per year.
    – – – – – – -Now consider many of these Contractors are not based in the United States, but rather in favored destinations of those in charge.

    The US in 2013 is Crony Capitalism Central.
    The Central Banks own the Government
    The Central Banks own the Media
    The Central Banks own the Military Industrial Complex
    They create the federal agencies and then hire themselves to do the work
    They create the surveillance state and then investigate themselves to provide the leaks.

    We, the idiots, pay for everything, while hoping for better days.
    Time to burn the entire facade down ( I hope you recorded that NSA).
    We can do a lot better without them.

  5. “So he’s in a plush hotel right up the road from the CIA station in Hong Kong “running up bills” on his credit card. That shouldn’t take the CIA or the NSA or ANYONE more than a few minutes with Google to figure out where he is.”

    Yea and the other question is WHY is he staying so close to a CIA station and not hiding in a shack hotel in an alley area somewhere in Hong Kong, far away from the CIA station. If you don’t want the government to find you, why are you making it so damn obvious. Why don’t you just put a flag outside your hotel window saying, “SNOWDEN IS IN THIS ROOM!”.

    What a fake and fraud this guy is! Unbelievable!

    1. Actually if he is real. The best course of action is to remain clearly in the Public Eye. If he, or any other supposed whistle blower, goes into hiding, then it is a simple case of the government whacking him and creating a false cover story to justify the individual’s death.

      But…..since the Feds do everything right in front of our faces, with the assumption that the cockroaches are unorganized and do not have the guts to fight back, then they probably would shoot him in broad daylight as well.

    2. It would have helped his credibility if he had checked into the YMCA or a room in Chung King Mansions – but a plush hotel just up the road from the US Embassy, likely the Conrad or the Shangri-La? I know how much those hotels cost ….
      There’s definitely a red flag here.

      1. Also – Booz Allen Hamilton is on the list of CIA front companies and has been for years.
        As for this being “news”, anyone paying attention would know about the ECHELON system launched in 1999. They’ve been snooping on everyone since then.

        1. I don’t know. Sure, ‘anyone paying attention’ would have figured it out; but a lot of people still aren’t paying attention. Maybe he’s a phony, maybe not. The fact is, he has brought a lot of attention to the scope of the NSA’s surveillance. I prefer to withhold judgement: time will tell.

        2. Before then and for some considerable time if you realise the NSA has been part and parcel of the UK’s GCHQ for decades using that, Chicksands and Menwith Hall to listen in on Americans phone calls because it was illegal to do so on US soil.

          And we are not talking about logging times and places of calls, vast banks of computers listening for trigger words and a goodly proportion tasked to known people, the US has an equal facility in Australia doing the same for the antipodes and Asia.

          Its not terrorism they are looking at but a lot of it is industrial espionage and dirty laundry, a phone call to a mistress by a diplomat could be used to blackmail them, a major Japanese investor talking about future trades could be used as well or an email containing schematics filing for patent could be equally useful intelligence, there is some that said the big US banks relied a heck of a lot on intelligence gathered by the agencies and now it makes sense.

  6. Everything that your read in a newspaper or see on a TV, no matter how apparently ‘damaging’ it is to the ‘government’ or TPTB, is said deliberately and done with purpose.

    TPTB periodically tear down their power structures when they want to reform them closer to their end-game view of a totalitarian global government.

    That’s why your ‘government’ has been deliberately making itself as unpopular as it is possible to be – so that people welcome the destruction of their own society as some great ‘cleansing’ or ‘purging’ of corruption.

  7. I thought this whole thing from Mr. Whistleblower smelled from the get-go.
    Your article here seems to be so correct.

  8. Guys read the international press! Snowden started his career in the diplomatic corps in Switzerland and was also working as CIA analyst.

    This guy is a hero! He buried US credibility for all times! All countries around the World will act! Now there is a possibility that the US can stay with there Internet and the FREE WORLD will build their own!

    …just enjoying being so great to let all this happen.

    1. You must be new……..He didn’t reveal anything “patriots” didn’t already know.

      Who amongst us hasn’t known for years, that every transmission is monitored?

      Only dumbed down sheeple…..

  9. im not sure i agree with your slant on the story, but i do agree that something doesnt pass the smell test…although manning was also a low level peon who somehow was given the keys to the kingdom of classified material.

    most programming and techie geniuses show their stuff long before they enter the workforce….according to his own testimony, he never even passed basic computer courses in jc.

    now compare that to aaron swarz, who was a true hero and a true computer genius….at 14.

    if he a plant? maybe

    i think it will be cool if he is proven to be a fraud and that greenwald’s career is totally destroyed

  10. Okay. So controlled opposition to goad people to violence. Hrrmph.

    We’re too smart for that shit. We’re Americans.

    But, what the hell. Perhaps we’ll kick their asses anyway.

    In any event. He made some good points. Like an adulterated bible, take what rings true, and discard the rest — and if he’s fake, he’s of course included in the discard.

    We’re the salt. “They” are the shit.

  11. We do have to be careful about not shooting ourselves in the foot and being way too paranoid but this bloke does seem “too good” to be true especially as these people are continually monitored for such an occurrence and yet this one got through the net?

    What I think this is, is a game to gain acceptance or at least some grumbling compliance to state sanctioned tapping, the government say “hey you caught us, meet us in the middle here because of policy a, clause b, threat c” e.g. we exposed the Boston bombers because of this… Joe Public is then sleepwalked into partial acceptance which then becomes total acceptance via mission creep and blatant power grabs by the government.

    What makes this stink for me is the almost identical words coming from Cameron and Hague over this and wanting to spy on people, the US has Boston, the UK has Woolwich and there has been stuff in European nations as well and their politicians are clamouring for the same thing.

    And if you look at Boston and Woolwich, notice another correlation? Both parties involved were KNOWN to the authorities, the perpetrators of the UK incident were supposed to have been so harassed by the secret services and yet they wandered off and tried to behead an off duty soldier…?

  12. A possible explanation is that the capabilities of the intelligence agencies are so far removed from the public perception of what is being done that they have to be introduced to it. Careful leaks which reveal the tip of the iceberg can bridge that gap. One of the reasons this has to happen is that explaining how investigations are done is becoming difficult because of the unethical methods of surveillance being used.

  13. Just had to come back from They are pushing Snowden as next to Manning a true brave American. Got to read Justin’s garbage on this issue. Like Eric(moderator said to me on a complaint–we are all jews here.
    Something stinks at Antiwar–not one word that Israel operatives are running the whole spy NSA operation.

    1. what “stinks at” is the same stench you’ll get in any synagogue. Jews trying to direct the debate to where they control both sides of it, so all important information can be ignored.

  14. One red flag that did come up for me was the fact that the buck stops at the US government. If he had as much clearance as he claims, then he would be aware that there exists a supra-national entity directing most governments of the world. Hell, even a nobody like me can see that. Yet he does not address this in the least. So perhaps as some have said this is an elaborate plan to demonize the US government just prior to its fall and surrender to the one world government.

  15. This was no “revelation”. It’s information being released by one of their own to help condition you to the fact that the government will now be watching your every move.

    Screw ’em. Don’t take it lightly, or accept it, and most of all, DON’T LET IT SILENCE YOU.

    Spy on THIS, you stinkin’ Jew. (yes — Obama is a Jew. His mom was a Jew, and that makes him a stinkin’ Jew too, and it doesn’t really matter that no one knows who his this piece of trash’s father was.)

  16. As usual, who knows. Someone might want to let Ann Barnhardt know before she writes her piece tomorrow praising Snowden. I like her, brass balls, one of the few willing to put it all on the line, but unfortunately I believe she refuses to believe in, ah-hem, “conspiracy theories”. Think she still refuses to believe 9/11 was anything but official. Flies in the face of her anti-muslim rhetoric. We all have our blind spots.

  17. Just like the rest of us, I don’t know exactly what’s going on here because we’ve all seen how many layers these proverbial onions can have.

    But it sure both fascinating and troubling to watch unfold and trying to guess where the end game is going.

    1. The Red flag is the amount of MSM attention he’s getting.

      Compare that to Sibel Edmonds.

      He’s a fraud.

  18. This one is simple…. Is our “hero” Edward Snowden in solitary at a military brig? No? Then there’s something not right here. This supposed “leak”, if real, is far more damaging than anything Manning released… therefore, why is this guy walking the street? Could it be because they WANT him walking the street?

    1. Who among us hasn’t known our emails etc, were being tracked for years?

      Only newbies and sheeple.

  19. There were a lot of odd things about this before I read this.
    I have taken myself off the “support group”

  20. The reason is obvious to me. Distraction from the Manning Court Martial
    and likewise for the REAL predicament facing Julian Assange

  21. Between people calling him a hero and others saying off with his head Im already out of the over reaction circle. Media in a frenzy? please.

    If you listen to what he states as his purpose(he does) he wants people to -take risks- to -stand up and “fight”- go -“force” the politicians-

    No hero tells people to use violence.

  22. Yep, I smell a rat, all the press and facetime on tv, for this? Why else would they need HUGE data centers across america, Duh! My Theory is Isreal is putting the screws to their attack dog steppin fetchits in DC! They will keep ‘releasing’
    info to the public until washington agrees to invading Iran and Syria, starting WW111.

  23. I’m watching the traitors on “Morning Joe” to get their take on all the spying stuff. Well, don’t you know, according to the Pew Research Center (the name alone should give you a clue) that 62% of americans are in favor of more security and less privacy. I’m so enraged by this bulls@#t that anyone telling me they favor this will be called a traitor right to their face. This comment to Jolly Roger, I fully recant my comment the other day about not believing that these “revelations” weren’t completely staged. Every poll question on “Morning Joe” had people in favor of being spied on. Everything seems to flow out of a well rehearsed and scripted plan. Bile bucket in use!

  24. Dis-Info “were all gettin SNOW-ed In” = the white noise will fall on deaf ears..
    Govt. appointed whistle blower it seems like.
    if your gonna blow the whistle,,, why not blow it as loud as you can? Seems like he’s holding all the goood stuff bak..if your gonna tell,,,,, tell alll!! if things where sensitive to particular people,,, cant you simply black out / or change the names to protect the innocent. And since you painstakingly reviewed each document it shouldnt matter is those that have small balls should come off as collateral damage.
    why not spill as much information as you can,,,,???? why was he “selective” about snitching some selected documents,, most of what is allready out in the public, possibly not the mainstream.

    and my last and most important rant,, since your a super nerd computer whiz,,, Couldnt you construct your own program to secrectly spy on the government spies (double spy) ,, and annomymously make that information availible to eeeeevvvvveeeerrrryyyyybbbboooodddyyy without blowing your own cover? what about sabotaging the whole system?
    he’s done nothing to Fight against the Machine,,, Only subltly explain how it works.. No explaination of how to defend ourselves,,or counter attack this system.
    If he really wanted to do some damage to the program, he could have thrown a REAL wrench into the whole thing..! Thats what a real Hero does..
    ” A leader acts first in war,,,bye attacking the enemy,,,,, Not telling us the british are coming” hell we seen them gettin off the boat! duhhhh!!!

    please forgive my spelling and grammer,, im working from a sp-i-phone!!

  25. It is possible to be ‘in’ at the NSA with no ‘formal’ education. They ‘hire’ regular USAF noncoms for their grunt work – carry this, file this, etc. and that methodology has been in place for decades. They ‘hire’ whomever has the abilities – at the working level no Yale diploma required. Personal family experience (irrelevant but illustrative) h.s. grad relative with severe gambling problem got job as analyst while a noncom in the USAF – job to jockey sensitive info back and forth. Number one motivation of this character – to make more money – to win it big. And we, the public, wonder ‘how’ it is career folks are turned.

  26. I’m sorry guys, just NOT buying it…You’re telling me that this guy gave up EVERYTHING, the title, the fiancee, Hawaii, $200G’s a year, possibly his life, to tell the American people something they already know…Plus, he said his BIGGEST fear is that the American people probably don’t even care, or less, will re-act…WOW! Sure seem’s like unlikely gamble…hmmmmm…I thought those NSA guys were supposed to be smart…or at least have SOME common sense…Geez, never thought I’d see the day when I was actually over qualified to work for the CIA or the NSA…that’s to bad…I could’a done a lot with 200,000 bucks…A YEAR

    1. Imagine however how much he could achieve if he was sucked in by the Chinese, the disinformation coupled with tamed “information” could have them running round in circles for years.

      You note Putin is extremely suspicious, he is ex top floor KGB and his hands off approach and get him out of here attitude speaks volumes.

      And why didn’t he get renditioned whilst in HK? He was almost on top of the CIA HQ there, it would have taken very little effort to have removed him back to US custody at that point and curiously the quasi-military Israeli company that does the security at Moscow airport (the ones suspected of turning blind eyes to shoe bombers, 9/11 hijackers and Moscow airport bombers) someone could have whisked him away and onto the territorial regard of a US flagged aircraft in no time at all.

      To make this chap look genuine, there has to be some blood and oh the blood thats been spilt is loud and horrible creating political earthquakes in the US and UK but consider that this was on the cusp of being exposed anyway and it gives the US and UK next incoming parliament leaders “something” to do making them look acceptable, they haven’t really given anything away, the NSA and GCHQ aren’t going to stop what they are doing even if a President and a Prime Minister both demand it to stop, it will be renamed, rebranded as it has been from TIA to Prism, it will go under the radar again and the US have inserted a plum patsy for the “enemy” to suck dry…

      1. I got to say it Grandparent. Think about what he could do if he is working for the cartells from mexico. 🙂 , puts a new twist on things thinkin` that way doesn`t it, working for the drug cartells and all. 🙂

        1. There is already too much “government” involvement in what goes on in Mexico I thought, Iran-Contra didn’t go away, it just became a new project and it would explain why US forces are there in Afghanistan protecting drug barons and poppy fields and escorting convoys too.

          The Israeli mafia are possibly the biggest movers of the “product” too and I suspect no mistake that the Israeli’s “guard” all the important airports too.

          1. Yes Grandparent, but you are only thinkin` about all of that opium. That would work over seas but they do have some big poppy feilds in old mexico. However I was kind of thinking of all of that cocaine paste/powder and pot. The Cocaine only grows in a few places in the world ya know and it is only down in south america LOL. Wait, if ya can get away with growing the cocaine plant ya can grow it in Baja, Ca. in the higher altitudes or so I have been told 🙂 Well it will grow pretty much anywhere but it will not produce the coke that ya would grow it for ya know. It needs that altitude to produce the coke. LOL, yep it is a fact ya`ll.

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