11 thoughts on “Alex Jones Reveals His Deep Masonic Roots

  1. Why don’t we reveal our deep hemp rope roots? What kind of an asshole would even talk about such tripe? Is this an American patriot or an Masonic toilet plunger.

  2. So the Freemasons are just the “old time religion” eh, Alex?

    The Freemasons are at the center of the Lucifer worshiping religion of Mystery Babylon, and as such, twist and lie just like Jones did in this video.
    Freemasonry has, among its goals, the complete destruction of the Church and all Christians.
    Note how Jones uses the common behavioral control method of raising his voice as he switches the subject from Freemasonry to what there “really is”, not addressing the issue, but twisting it into a detached-from-anything citation of meaningless phrases. He even cites the name of The Saviour: “There is Jesus Christ” but it is just a citation apart from saying anything ABOUT Christ, or in what context “there is Jesus Christ”. Same goes for the rest of his sleight-of-hand at the end of the response to the caller. All citations out of context – some of which can be very Masonic if looked at in that light. Watch it again, (if you can stomach it) and note how he really makes no associated statements and makes outright false claims about the secret societies.
    Now you can clearly understand why he has been placed as a 5th column in the Patriot movement.
    He truly is: “Alex Jones, the Bowel Movement of the Patriot Movement”

  3. Alex just said he has never been apart of the masons , almost every one in the patriot movement has someone in their family or family history who is a mason or was a mason or one of the offshoots , your family or families past means nothing , what matters is you and what you stand for . Alex Jones has awaking tens of millions of Americans to the evil doers in this nation and abroad something the militia has never been able to do , And these people are now looking and learning from all forms of media including Militia Media and are joining and forming Militia . I have been in the patriot movement since the 1980s back when the spotlight news paper and few people on sun radio network was the only place you could hear any news from . Here in NW Oregon huge amount of people are forming and joining self defense groups and Militia . Almost everyone of them was awaking by Alex Jones then started searching and now are in our camp . So alex is a starting point for many of patriots journey into the real world is what i am saying , In my area we have full control of several city governments by electing our people into all key positions . This would not have been possible 10 years ago and 9 out of 10 of them started out as info wars listeners and some of them still glean info off that site . Jones is just a tool use it to our advantage while he is available .

    1. What bugs me is that he NEVER tells the people that it’s the ZIONISTS that are the “global elite” that he talks about. Why? Because his wife is JEWISH.

    2. When will Alex quit kissing the Zionist Jew ass? He has been scared too death to tell the whole truth for fear of loosing his millions. Your reply is baseless and without merit, the guy is a cheering section for the communist in this country who are trying to have us all exterminated.

      Until this ass clown starts telling the truth, this opinion will never change.

      “Jones is just a tool use it to our advantage while he is available .”

      So is toilet paper! I use it every chance I get.

  4. Most Masons probably are good people but at the top their ideology is Luciferian. It’s all about power and control not freedom and liberty. The goal is the complete destruction of all religions then bring in their one world religion where they are the ones who are the objects of worship. It will be a Narcissistic Psychopaths utopia for them and a hell on earth for the rest of us.

    1. Agreed. Your local Mason is duped by the church and the Masons into believing he’s “doing good” for the world. Yep, the world’s doing great. If they only knew the truth. Their eyes have been “plucked out” at this point. Lemmings.

  5. American is falling, buy my shit! Cause the only way to save the country, is through the infowar!!
    This guy is in bed with feds. He even admitted that he has family in the CIA.

  6. “There is no secret handshake.” I’m not a Mason but my ma and pa were along with the rest of the state of Texas. What an ass. Freemasons, “Well, they’re for truth, justice, and the American way.”

    I was surprised Alex was able to pull that entire tapeworm out of his ass without rehearsal during his speech about how wonderful the freemasons are. He is the jing of Hillary’s yang.

  7. well alex ole boy……… you aint nothin but white trash…. you can fool the “judeochristians”, but you cant fool the LORDS people…… your a heathen jew. just any ole “god” will do for you guys………… right? LMAO

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