All roads lead to… Iran? ‘War at core of MidEast turmoil’

Saudi Arabia is sending additional troops to its Eastern region of Qatif – with the government fearing riots. Public anger is rising in the area – with reports of more marches planned in support of two local activists, killed at a rally on Sunday. The demonstration was in response to the violent arrest of a prominent Shia cleric. The deaths brought tens of thousands onto the streets of the city of Qatif – for marches that have continued throughout the week. Discontent is fueled by a lack of political and civil freedoms and ongoing detentions of dissidents. The clampdown has been ignored by the west which unconditionally supports the regime.

3 thoughts on “All roads lead to… Iran? ‘War at core of MidEast turmoil’

  1. Outstanding news reporter from the U.K. He obviously was NOT on a Zionist owned station, after hearing what he had to say. You’d NEVER hear that kind of reporting in CNN, or any other MSM station! Nice find, David2.

  2. Prophet Muhammad really UNITED people in HIS time…the very moment “divided” house of Islam UNITES / question of right to rule after prophets dead/ ….there monarchs and kings will run away. Islam could really bring for short while Peace to whole ME….Islam is natural extension of Bible Revalation and Mohammed was last prophet of Almighty God/Allah.
    But satanist tools of “Babylon of religion”…mainly aggressive and deceptive Zionism and totaly wrecked /so called/ Christianity will try wage horrors of wars regardles outcome of “arab spring – awaikening” in Muslim World.

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