Romney Committed Fraud and it doesn’t Matter

The people of the United States seem to have taken a step backwards and are in a mild shock in observing the open criminal outrageous now being perpetrated by the international corporate mafia right out in the open.

Eric Holder was charged with Contempt of Congress, followed by the assertion in the media that he cannot and will not be prosecuted for his crimes.  And let’s face it, if any attempt was made to bring Holder to justice, Obama would just pardon him like Bush did for Scooter Libby.

Now we have allegations against Mitt Romney saying he falsified documents filed with the SEC in reference to his ownership and control of Bain Capital post 1999.  The mainstream propagandists, with concerned looks on their faces, are saying, “Is it true, is it true?”  Well of course it is true and it does not matter one damn bit.  Mitt Romney, like Barack Obama, is a globalist with nothing to fear from our laws.

Any contention that those in the top one percent are bound by anything but their lack of conscience is erroneous.  Take Obama’s birth certificate, for example.  If Romney were to become president, the falsified documents at the FCC would become the “Bain Issue”.  Then after a couple years of cover up, a blatantly falsified document sanctioned by the president and the propagandists, would magically appear.  Those who had been working to reveal the truth would point out the fact that the document is a fraud but this would not matter.

We cannot keep allowing ourselves to be sent down a rabbit hole, chasing truths that have been covered up and buried so deep that they will never be revealed.  All we have to do is look at the cold hard facts.

Obama is on his face a blatant global one world soviet socialist who studied our Constitution for only one reason and that was to precipitate the globalist plan to dismantle and destroy it.

Mitt Romney owned and was CEO of Bain Capital which used NAFTA, CAFTA, and GATT to deliberately destroy US industry and move our jobs out of our country for profit and he intends to commit the same acts on an even grander scale as CEO of the United States.  I say CEO because the insurgent corporate government must be properly defined.

We the people either stop this blatant crime ourselves or continue to watch our country erode into nothing more than a state in a one world socialist soviet order, ruled by a totalitarian military dictatorship.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

17 thoughts on “Romney Committed Fraud and it doesn’t Matter

  1. And background checks obviously are not applicable . There is not one person alive that appears so squeaky clean as Mr. Romney and Obama and polititions in general. A con man always has a big smile on his face while running his con, and we have seen a lot of smilin` going on. And now Mittens wants that C. Rice for his v.p. HaHaHa.

  2. Anagram:



    Guess the American public are the MORONS.

    They support the necessity for Zionist Israeli/US fascism abroad and in return get to enjoy the Zionist Israeli/US fascism at home. Same coin just different sides.

    Who are the good guys that are going to vet these zionists? the DHS, CIA, FBI, the FED, the IRS, NATO, UN, CON gress, SCOTUS. MSM. Who???

    Time for a posse, some rope and a hanging or time to get the hell out of Dodge.

    Our revolution or their revolution?

  3. You nailed that one right on the head Henry. Keep up the good work and we just might put you in the white house.

  4. Unfortunately, the majority of the sheeple in this country no longer have the capacity to differentiate between reality and the fantasies that the MSM spin doctors spoon feed them on a daily basis. They will continue to bleat with wide-eyed apprehension along with their favorite ‘news’ reporter, “Say it isn’t so”, until the next ‘scandal’ comes to light in say, another day or two. We are faced with a massive deficit of critically thinking people in this country, and I, for one, place the blame on the ‘entertainment’ industry. Because, let’s face the facts here, the ‘news’ can no longer legitimately be considered information by any stretch of the imagination. It’s simply ‘entertainment’, fed to a hungry herd of clueless cattle.
    I think most of you are aware of my opinion on the subject of television, judging by my past comments. If not , allow me to reiterate: television is the single greatest evil ever perpetrated upon mankind. I used to naively think of it as just another tool of the NWO. But I currently believe that to have been an erroneous assumption on my part. I now perceive television to be the greatest WEAPON in the NWO’s arsenal, in their war against us. It has turned this once great country of patriots into a land full of mindless zombies. It’s more insidious than MK-Ultra, due to the vast audience it attains. We laugh about the ‘cute’ nicknames it’s been given over the years- ‘idiot box’ and ‘boob tube’, but it’s my contention that those nicknames could not be not be more apt in their true assessment of the nature of the beast.
    O.K., I’ve had my rant, it should be glaringly obvious to everyone at this point that I HATE television as much as I do the NWO, so I leave you with this one simple question that I ask people all the time, and still have not gotten a legitimate answer to: WHY DO YOU THINK THEY CALL IT PROGRAMMING?

  5. The ultimate revolution must be against Zionism and everything and everyone connected to this fascist spawn of the devil.

    Personally I think it will be a very long and difficult process, Christian zionism is deeply instituted. TV represents their pulpit, as does newspapers, hollywood, our education system, our religious leaders for thousands of years. The common prayer for most is ‘Thy Will Be Done’ not Their Will be Done. Their message is of fear and retribution and so these zionist elite control our lives.

    Do not support their system, take your money out of their banks. Without finance they starve as these zionist vampires produce nothing, they live entirely of the work of others.

    Write to your religious leaders ask why they do not practice the prayers that they preach.

    We are all Ron Paul, do not indulge their mind games. Their system is disintegrating most people do not trust their banks, their media, their politicians. Our revolution or their revolution?

    1. Your religious leaders are your enemies every bit as much as the bankers, maybe more so.

  6. “I say CEO because the insurgent corporate government must be properly defined.”

    Whether you realize it or not, the “United States” IS a federal corporation, and was defined as such as early as 1860.

    Oh, and David2, if you think that Ron Paul is the answer to your problems, ask yourself why it is that he continues to haul in tens of millions of dollars while he does nothing to inform the people giving him the money that they don’t have ANY say in whether he gets into the Oral Orifice. Read Amendment 12 to the corporate constitution if you don’t believe me. Does it mention anything about you, me, or any of Ron Paul’s contributors?

    1. Well you are kind of right. The Constitution is a charter and though the only real powers granted to the government are in reference to commerce, the Constitution can never be used commercially to violate the individual citizen’s rights. We are not shareholders. We are owners of the United States.

      1. Henry, the 50 states are the “United States of America,” while the “United States,” as stated before, is a federal corporation. There are actually 3 or 4 different definitions out there, and the confusion between them helps the criminal syndicate calling itself the federal government deceive and rob American citizens, especially through the Internal Revenue Code, which defines a number of terms in ways that you or I would never think to do.

  7. I think you mean that he filed false documents with the SEC not FCC. Items like that may not seem important but it undermines your credibility.

    1. Thank you, the correction has been made.
      That is Securities and Exchange Commission.
      I was dictating, my wife was typing and SEC became FCC. LOL Maybe we are getting old enough to start thinking about hearing aids. LOL

  8. @ Big M

    Think you have a Big M fight in you! Go for it my man.

    Ron Paul has educated us, he has identified the power base of the zionists in their private Federal Reserve and the IRS that collects the due usury for these bastards. He promotes the repeal of their fascist laws and the return of liberty to the individual.

    Ron Paul stands for the people and I suspect that he would honor the constitution that he loves and respects.

    I also appreciate that corporate power is a most difficult power to control, but one big step would be Ron Paul as president. With liberty many other things then have the opportunity to fall into place. Without liberty we are as good as dead.

    Keep posting.

  9. @ Big M: Actually, if I’m not mistaken, the UNITED STATES in all capital letters is the official corporate logo.

  10. Once one has grasped the idea, one sees the Mind Projection Fallacy everywhere; what we have been taught as deep wisdom, is stripped of its pretensions and seen to be instead a foolish non sequitur. The error occurs in two complementary forms, which we might indicate thus: (A) (My own imagination) → (Real property of Nature), [or] (B) (My own ignorance) → (Nature is indeterminate)

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