American Military Parade Now? – What The Hell Are We Celebrating?

Trump has completely lost whatever grains of sand he has left under his orange hair. Not only is this a ridiculous idea, making America look like a bunch of idiots, but to soldier out a military parade just because he visited France and thought their parade looked neat, makes America look ridiculous.

American military couldn’t even protect the Twin Towers from crumbling to the ground, and this clown wants to hold a parade honoring them. Not a good idea Comrade Trump! 

What the hell does he think he’s celebrating? There is nothing to celebrate! Is he trying to compete with his nemesis Kim, the North Korean punk? If so, what did we elect for a president, a thirteen year old moron?

Our military is made of hundreds of thousands of foreign nationals, who for all we know want us dead. Is this clown going to march them out front? This guy isn’t doing anything to help our country, he’s had a year now, and nothing has changed. This guy is sitting in his office twiddling his thumbs trying to figure how he can become important. Tell you what, Trump, resign…

36 thoughts on “American Military Parade Now? – What The Hell Are We Celebrating?

  1. I have a better solution.

    Instead of parading these weapons grade morons in public wasting money.

    Why don’t they just send them to build a border wall.

    Evidently they don’t have enough busy work.

    Oh…and let’s see if the Army Corpses of Engineers can design it.

    Talking about a bunch worthless parasites.


    Let’s have the parade on the border in El Paso TX.

    Or Yuma AZ.

    That should really scare the cartels.

    I suspect it would at least diminish the severed heads hanging from the freeway overpasses.

  2. “American military couldn’t even protect the Twin Towers from crumbling to the ground,…”

    Were they supposed to?

    With any luck, it’ll rain on their parade. Or better yet… snow.

    Give ’em some more ‘global warming’ to b#tch about.

    ( I usually start at the set of articles posted before the newest set, but without them being in my e-mail, I have no clue where that is)

    1. “Were they supposed to?

      Well Steve, that’s a goddamned good question isn’t it?

      How many thousands snuffed out?

      You tell me brother.

      To protect and to serve? Protect who exactly, us or ????

      Sorrry about your internet bullshit, hope your feeling better my good friend, hang tight, let me know if you need any help, Don’t forget, you got good friend’s here.

      1. It’s the only place I do have any friends left, Mark.

        The vast majority of people (sheeple) I meet can’t handle pure, unadulterated TRUTH, and they’ll get nothing BUT that from me, so I’m virtually friendless in this town.

        Really don’t give a sh#t, however, and you wanna know why?


        1. Many people have uncovered who their true friends are. My dogs still like me.

          “The truth hurts, but logic is dangerous.”

          1. I much prefer the company of my cat to that of most sheeple.

            He’s far more intelligent than they, even if he can’t converse.

  3. Why doesn’t this clown throw a parade for his billionaire boy friends who just made a killing in tax deferrals, Trump the chump refused his lousy $400,000.00 presidential salary, because he knew he’d make a killing on tax deferrals, fkg con man.

    Again, drag his ass over a rocky river bottom with a team of fast horses.

  4. This is a move, just like in any communist or imperial dictatorship, to try and sway the public and make them worship their police state. Glorify the murderers and rapists they created to use when ever they need them to be used. This is so far from original American principle but this is what people think America is. I said long ago, trump was put in place to bolster the right wingers who are nothing more than commies who dont even know they’re commies and steer public opinion on one side more in that direction while simultaneously stirring trouble with the left wing commies and create more distraction and division among people. The left, right paradigm. If they want a military parade, how about parading out the caskets of needlessly dead fathers, sons, husbands who fought Israel’s wars and committed their crimes against people who had nothing to do with anything? How about the 22+ a day that are committing suicide? How about the homeless and neglected, the maimed and disfigured, the disheartened and broken? Let the people see the real price of war for israel that Americans pay for with our blood, money and resources. How about that parade? No. We’ll see “valiant, brave” men and women with that fire in their eyes, because they’ve been taught “those people there, they’re your enemies. Go sic ’em boy. For our freedoms”! Just watch the hordes that’ll worship and glorify this abomination. That’s why I’ve lost all faith in all but a VERY few Americans. F@#$ you trump.

    1. Jamal, your comment should go viral and be attached to the announcement of this desired parade.

      Would get some heads rolling.

    2. Jamal you need to keep on posting (articles as well as comments), and you kinda beat me to it.

      I was sick and tired of the military-love-it-or-leave-it crapola back in the days when folks in my generation were being killed for no reason and killing innocents for no reason (you know, Vietnam?), and all the USA-USA crapola when folks chanting this never even came close to “serving their country” (that is, serving the CPEs) and all that nonsense “patriotism” disguising “empire worship” (“we’re an empire now so we create our own reality” BS) and all that worship of evil war. And, to please Israel I suppose, Trump wants to ramp it all up again (after all, his Chabad Lubavitch son-in-law and own daughter would love the ramped up slaughter of us goyim!). And I am with you, other than folks here and a few others, I have lost faith in Americans as you have, Jamal. Keep it up!

    3. Thanks, Jamal. I sent your comment as far and wide as I could. It really painted an accurate picture of the war machine and its devastating consequences. So many other good comments here, too.

      And this, from 1915:


  5. Well why not? We have parades with women dressed in vagina costumes or wearing “pussy hats”, protesting being viewed as a sex object. We have parades with half naked men, promoting a “life style” known for its’ health risks. We portray on TV our law enforcement officers as members of a paramilitary organization (NCIS Major Big City, SWAT). Our actual law enforcement personal are dressed in the uniforms and equipped with military grade weapons and vehicles is if the WERE a paramilitary. There are times when it is hard to tell who is your local sheriff and a soldier. We go around saying “thank-you for your service” to military people and vets.
    Truth is the ONLY reason why this is an issue, is that it is Trump who made the suggestion. Had it been Antichrist Obama or Hillary the evil, it would have been a done deal. We have military fly overs at sporting events, so what is the big deal with a parade? By the way, I do considerate to be some what hypocritical and dishonest to bitch about Trump wanting a military parade, then use the phrase of being a “hard working, law abiding TAX PAYING American” as if being a tax payer was badge of honor or a signal of how virtuous you are. We pay taxes because the tax in many items is include in the price you pay when you buy it (alcohol, gasoline for example). Secondly, if you don’t, depending on circumstances the government will send in it’s uniformed thugs to take your property or shoot you. Piss them off enough, and it will be the latter.

    The best thing that President Trump can do for our military is to close down no less half of our 800 plus bases world wide. Bring our troops and stuff home and have them protect our boarders. Next, would be to get the hell out of the UN and NATO, And let other nations go back to their time honored tradition of killing each other.
    War, war never changes. War is a racket.

    1. You forgot the military style funerals for the military police dogs killed in action. The action the cops were scared too death to carry out themselves.

      Soon, there is going to be funerals for robots.

    2. “Bring our troops and stuff home and have them protect our boarders.”

      Do I detect a Freudian Slip there? BOARDERS???

      That’s exactly what they’d be doing (protecting ILLEGAL ‘boarders’) if they weren’t so damn busy protecting the poppy fields in Afghanistan, or murdering innocent people in countries around the world for their stinking jew masters.

      “The best thing that President Trump can do for our military is to close down no less half of our 800 plus bases world wide.”

      Sure it is… for US. Since when are OUR best interests of any concern to THEM?

      It would be suicide for HIM, if he tried to. The jews would kill him for sure.

      “And let other nations go back to their time honored tradition of killing each other.”


      Ever heard Mossad’s motto… ‘War by Deception’?

      Those scumbags have been responsible for countless wars throughout the centuries, through DECEPTION. They pit nations against each other, fund both sides, and rake in the profits from not only arms sales, but also from the mammon lent to those countries to rebuild (at HIGH usury rates).

      “War, war never changes. War is a racket.”



      1. re-reading:
        Nope, not a Freudian slip, merely a spelling error on my part. Thank you for pointing it out. The point I was attempting to make was that we (USA) have too many military bases world wide. Which means as I see it, that our forces are spread way too thin. Our troops are being worn down and equipment is being worn out in the process. The end result is making us weaker, thus inviting an attack rather than deterring it. To use a line from Steppenwolf’s Monster: “we don’t know how to mind our own business, cause the whole world has to be just like us”. The warning given by Eisenhower about the military-industrial complex is still being ignored. My comment “War is a racket” is the title of a book by Gen Smedley Bulter, who stated that most of his military career was not spend defending the nation, but protecting the financial interests of multinational corporations. One could also add, certain alphabet soup government agencies, and well know banking institutions.
        And, in retrospect, it seems that every war, or military intervention we gotten into was based on a lie. If there is an exception, I am unaware of it. Kipling stated it best:
        “If any question why we died,
        Tell them because our fathers lied”
        So given the number to times our leaders lied to us, the public and lied to the rest of the world, breaking pledges, and treaties, little wonder other nations see US as a threat to world peace. Our CIA has a long history of overthrowing governments, and meddling in other countries elections. Russia does have good cause to be pissed off at us, since we broke our pledge not to expand NATO into the former Warsaw pact countries after the fall of the USSR. We send troops and build bases to defend the borders of other nations but leave our own borders for wide open. Course it is all about money. Meanwhile back at the airport costumed clowns who could not find their own ass, even you gave them a GPS, fondle, harass, steal from, molest and irradiate under the fiction/bull shit of keeping them safe from “terrorists” .

        Here is a little experiment to try. On a map of the world, put a tack with the flag on it for every single military base we have world wide. Then replace the flag with, lets say a Nazi flag. I’m willing to bet your reaction will be different.

        As I see it, we are making the exact same mistake that other former empires and world powers have made that lead to their demise. They over expanded their military. Along with being in debt. We will learn that “the gods of the copy book headings” will have the final say (Kipling again).

    3. Orange is the new red. Meet the new face, same as the old face. “president trump” is a joo puppet just like antichrist and the evil one. No one here is thanking duped vets because they’ve done NOTHING to protect or serve American nationals, and have done EVERYTHING to support an occupying enemy govt. Chump isn’t supposed to serve the enemy military(us armed forces) in ANY way, they are supposed to be here for US, and I’d prefer he didn’t. He’d be using OUR $ even more so than he does now to do it. You’re on the right track on several points, but addressing this treasonous, commie-joo scumbag puppet with reverence as “president” tells me you’d better look closer and think harder. chumpie loves the pigs and military because they are HIS strong arm, not OURS, for WE are the enemy of him and his masters. We are a sovereign nation and he serves a foreign and occupying regime which makes him guilty of treason of the highest office of OUR land. Penalty for that would be death, so kindly forgive me for not addressing him as “president”.

  6. How soon they forget……

    In the first year of his term, President Ronald Ray-gun instituted “Armed Forces Day” which involved huge military parades up fifth ave. in NYC.

    The tanks did a number on the asphalt.

        1. It’s a big advertisement for war. Glamorize the military, and hundreds of kids sign up to be shot to pieces for Zionist profits.

          1. Your godamn right jolly,

            Hammer out another one of your awesome articles brother, but I don’t have to tell you that.

  7. So glad they can spend a billion dollars on this ONE DAY parade event but it’s apparently way too much money to spend a billion dollars to deport EVERY illegal immigrant in this country.

    F**KING AMAZING!!! (sarcasm)

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