American Patriots of the American Race, Stay Focused

Well it seems we have a new official holiday in the United States of America and oh the revenue it is generating.  They call it 9/11 and every merchant is coming forth to ply his or her wares, wearing a long face, and if they can manage a tear, all the better.  As soon as the customer walks out the door they dance a little jig, (ka-ching ka-ching).

The so called news channels look more like American Idol as anyone who can throw together a few 9/11 words and sing them to a chord on a guitar is gaining his or her fifteen minutes of fame.  Of course this fits right in with the international corporate mafia’s agenda as they try to counter the growing dissent among we the people in trying to display for us why we a need them to protects us.

I do not believe for a second that 9/11 was contrived and carried out via a master plan hatched in a cave in Afghanistan.  The fact is all evidence that has come out over the past ten years points to a false flag plot orchestrated through our CIA, the Israeli Mossad, and officials in our government right up to Curious George Bush, the international idiot extraordinaire.

Anyone who gives an honest look at all the evidence cannot possibly believe this sham.  And as we the people have woken up and are demanding an end to the injunction placed on our individual freedoms and liberties as a result of this elaborate false flag event, the propagandists are bringing out all of the old lies to be re-told again.

We know that the first responders have been excluded from the big 9/11 event and that is because they now know that they were sent as lambs to slaughter on that fateful day.  These people, who were and are heroes, have been denied medical care for the illnesses they have acquired through their service and are now being pushed aside to die slow hideous deaths as their reward for their service.

The government will continue to deny what actually happened to those who worked at ground zero for another ten years and then it will be gradually admitted that they were poisoned and then the few that are left will get compensation in an amount that equates to an insult.

This is no different than the soldiers who served in Viet Nam and were exposed to Agent Orange.  Two of my neighbors were among this group and I watched them die, leaving their wives and children to go on without them.

People, this shows the contempt these corporate elitist gangsters have for the common man and woman.  The way our vets returning from Iraq and Afghanistan are being treated is appalling.  But why should we expect anything different?  We know our government is diabolical and will continue to become more so for as long as we allow.

To them the deaths of 3000 Americans killed in their false flag event that led to $1.5 trillion in war expenditures is just good business, not to mention our soldiers killed in accumulating this wealth.  Remember the fire fighters were told not to evacuate the buildings because the plotters needed a bigger body count.  They truly do see us as nothing more than excess stock on their corporate farm.  The only thing standing between us and forced euthanasia is our privately owned armaments.

I don’t know about you but I am way past sick of living like this.  I can read and interpret.  I know what is mine by hereditary right.  I know what has been stolen and is being stolen from us and divided up among the international elite.  This is international crime being committed by international criminals and we must stop it or leave it to our children and grandchildren to suffer worse deprivations than we at present can imagine.  Our enemies want nothing short of our total destruction and there is no reason for anyone not seeing this.  The stupidity excuse only goes so far before it is replaced with cowardice.

We outnumber our enemies 400 to 1.  We are better armed and we are fighting for our homes and hearths.  The best they can bring against us will be mercenaries fighting for a wage.  They cannot defeat us.  Our victory is assured.  All we have to do is find our courage and lay down the gauntlet.  Support Ron Paul in every quarter, but always prepare for war as the deal may very well have to be sealed through force.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. I have been saying the same thing about 9/11 for a decade now. Many think I watch too many “conspiracy theories”, I tell them that they don’t watch enough, nor do they do any research. It never ceases to amaze me how the masses have been dumb-downed so badly that they can’t even think for themselves anymore. I am sure that the voices of we the people will be blatantly ignored when we proclaim and elect Ron Paul as the 45th President of the United States of America. Then the CIA and those who control them will try to say “No, this puppet of our choosing will be your god…..errrrr President, for your protection!” Revolution is coming one way or the other.

  2. Point taken.9/11was undoubtedly an inside job carried out to dupe America into giving up Constitutional rights and keep our military fighting endless wars in the Middle East.

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