Do the Cowboys Stand a Chance of Beating the Jets in New York on 9/11? – Maybe I’m a Bit Paranoid

This weekend the National Football League begins the 2011-12 season with a slate of games including a Sunday night game in which the New York  Jets will host the Dallas Cowboys on the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks of 2001.

I think that it is safe to say that most of the people in this country would like to see New York get a win in this one; given that it will help the Jets honor the men and women who lost their lives ten years ago, and provide further “healing” to that city. Well I am not one of those people, so cry me a river.

I have been rooting for the Cowboys since I was twelve years old and if you ask me, the fact that the Jets have been to two consecutive championship games should provide the City of New York with enough healing to tide them over for now. I do understand that a Jets’ win would provide a better story than a Cowboys’ win, and a good story seems to be enough to create the most unlikely of champions in the NFL.

The New England Patriot’s 2001 season seemed to be in serious jeopardy when starting quarterback Drew Bledsoe went down with a serious injury, and then out of nowhere, a no-name sixth round draft pick comes in and leads the team to win their first Super Bowl in franchise history. This very unlikely event just so happened to coincide with the introduction of President Bush’s Patriot Act. Remember New England’s quarterback, Tom Brady standing with George Bush, after which the term “Patriot” was used to describe one who supports their government’s decisions instead of one who supports their country.

Another example of these strange coincidences is the New Orleans Saints. Prior to 2006 the Saints had won only one playoff game in their forty year history, and then Hurricane Katrina destroys New Orleans in 2005. It took a full year for the Superdome to be renovated so the people of New Orleans could once again watch their Saints play ball, and then in a miraculous turnabout the Saints went from being one of the worst teams in the league to being a power-house of the NFL, giving the people of New Orleans the “healing” that they needed.

So given these “coincidences” I am a little worried about my Cowboys this weekend. The fact that it will be the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and the people of New York being in need of the kind of healing that can only be gained by watching pro football, leads me to believe that Dallas has absolutely no chance at winning this game…..  Or maybe I’m a bit paranoid.

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  1. I am sorry to tell you this, but professional sports is one of the many forms of “entertainment” that the government uses to keep you distracted from the real issues. While there is a lot to be said about who wins the Superbowl and more importantly how they win, I couldn’t care less about a football game or any other sports. If you’re worried about the Dallas Cowboys, I suggest you spend more time reading some of the articles on this site and start doing what you can to help get Ron Paul elected President. If the International Corporate Mafia gets one of their puppets into the White House in 2012, there will be a revolution happening, not football games.

    1. It will be a high scoring game. Total points might even add up the the Obama bailout number. 45 for 450,000,000,000

      1. I guess there is some hidden message in your article that readers of your previous articles would decipher with ease. Personally, I’m not really here to read hidden passages and meanings. I’ll just stick with Henry and Mark’s articles as they don’t require winks, nudges, and/or masonic handshakes for a clear interpretation.

    2. Raymond, you are absolutely correct when you say that sports is used to distract our citizens, and if you are easily detracted you should continue to avoid watching football, or you may loose your need to be free. I wrote this lighthearted article in an attempt to brighten your day, but I see that you are lacking a sense of humor.
      I do not think that it is a bad thing for people to watch football, as long as they keep it in perspective and realize what is truly important. As far as you questioning my dedication to the freedom of our nation, I would point out that I read all the stories on this site, and that if you really want to help the cause, then you should try writing a few articles instead of only reading them.

      1. I don’t watch any professional sports. Personally I find the money wasted on them to be insulting. More importantly, I know what they are designed to do to those choose to let their minds be degraded by them. Not everybody is going to catch on to every sly joke posted in an article or comment. I guess my humor really isn’t in full gear as the scene in this country gets more and more serious by the day. The attacks on Ron Paul and this latest “terrorist” threat make it all the worse.

        1. Raymond, I understand your lack of humor in these troubled times. I too have seen the latest attacks on Ron Paul by Fox News. Try to remember that they would not be attacking him if they didn’t fear him, so keep your head up we are winning this fight.

          1. I hope so, Winter is coming and being a broke 99er, it would be nice to have something to look forward to provided I make it to 2012.

          2. Willy W.,

            I just want to say that I found your article well written, informative, and relevant not to mention entertaining.

            I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that it had actually never occurred to me that these games were being arranged to oblige the will of the ruling class in shaping the sub conscious mindset of the masses. Duh!

            As if they would leave THAT stone unturned and as if the elitist owners of these teams could not and would not cooperate.

            We have become a captive audience to a scripted and choreographed show and it is vital that awareness of this fact spread and grow and I feel that your article serves this goal very effectively. Thank you for pointing out the not so obvious obvious. Bravo!

            But, then, we all know this is just coincidence and that you are gravely ill. I wish you a hasty recovery, dear sir.

  2. Well, I was born in Dallas. I hate the Jets. They play dirty ball. So, Guess who I’ll be rooting for. BTW, even though I grew up at Texas A&M, I’m not a football fan either Raymond. 🙂
    Go Cowboys!

  3. Thank you for your kind words Brian, however you do not need to concern yourself with my “condition.” I have been paranoid for many years and it has served me well.

    1. Oh yeah! The instinct that smells will serve one well! Interesting that non humans are called “wary” but we are called “paranoid”.

  4. I used to be a huge fan of the Steelers.Now I am a huge fan of liberty,truth,personal responsibility,discipline and integrity.This is not what I demand of you but of myself.I respect the freedom of my neighbors for it is intrinsically intertwined with my own.

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