American Sheep Own Two Washing Machines

television washing machineThe Common Sense Show – by Dave Hodges

“Shortly, the public will be unable to reason or think for themselves. They’ll only be able to parrot the information they’ve been given on the previous night’s news”. Zbigniew Brzezinski

As the title indicates, all American sheeple own two washing machines. One of them looks like this:  

television washing machine

The other washing machine, a brain-washing machine, looks like this:

television and sheep

Television Viewing Is Unhealthy

TV has been demonstrated to increase cravings for junk food, and increase the likelihood of becoming overweight, being bullied, under-performing at school, being inactive, and becoming prone to misbehavior.

Japanese researchers, from Tohoku University, found that when children spend a lot of time viewing TV, there can be some very profound the brain defects. The study examined 276 children aged between five and 18, who watched between zero and four hours of TV per day. The average viewing time for the study’s participants was about two hours. The study conducted MRI brain scans and it showed children who spent the most hours in front of TV had greater amounts of gray matter in regions around the frontopolar cortex. This could account why there is a correlation between the amount of time children watch TV and children possessing substandard verbal skills. The amount of gray matter in the brain needs to be pruned in childhood and TV exacerbates this challenge in developing brains.

Researchers have found that TV produces long-term attention disorders among the young beginning around the age of two to three month old. Some researchers are speculating that disorders, such as ADHD, may actually be developed through TV watching in very early childhood. Since 11% of the nation’s children are now diagnosed with ADHD, this is a financial goldmine for Big Pharma.

Television is addicting, particularly for young brains.  Researcher Herbert Krugman found that endorphins are released while watching TV. This means that TV viewers get a burst of “runners high” when watching their favorite programs.

Jerry Mander, The author of Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television, describes how the brainwaves of viewers’ slow down while watching TV. The study determined that program content made difference to this process.

TV, the Great Brain-Washing Device

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the public believes is false.”  

William Casey, former CIA Director

Television has a filtering impact on the perception of reality. This may be television’s most dramatic and dangerous impact . The psychological concept of confirmation bias means that when we hear a message often enough, we come to unquestionably accept the message as authentic and real. And the message is amazingly consistent because only six globalist corporate entities control over 90% of the media.

Television is accused of promoting feelings of inadequacy and enhances a personal belief system based upon an external locus of control. Simply put, this means that the viewer is taught from an early age to not believe in their personal ability to modify their life’s circumstances and that most of what happens in life is a matter of luck and these factors are always outside of our control.

It has long been known that one of the best behavioral control methods, designed to enhance feelings of docility, is to have patients in mental wards or prisoners, view large amounts of television. When we combine these three factors, it is easy to see that the television viewing public is being trained to become the hopeless slaves of the existing power structure and, of course, “Resistance is futile”.

Television Inoculates People from Being Repulsed By Violence

Television is a vaccine that actually works. By the time the average person reaches the age of 18 they seen over 200,000 violent acts on TV including 40,000 murders. It is also estimated that  more than 50% of students in secondary school have witnessed their peers imitating violent acts they’ve seen on TV.

We are not only conditioned to be a more violent by television through the process of habituation and desensitization (Bandura, 1964), we are also conditioned to embrace violence. This has profound implications when we consider such questions as whether, or not, American soldiers will fire on American citizens.


Television Robs Viewers of Spiritual and Moral Development

Perhaps the greatest danger we face from television lies in the fact that our children are separated from us philosophically, morally and spiritually by the liberal values being imparted every minute of the day by television programming. Most American families do not embrace the notion of gay marriage, yet the media would have one believe that the practice is all the rage amongst the American middle class.

One would have to be deaf, dumb and blind to the fact that Jesus is not an invited guest on almost all network programming. This would help to explain our severe moral decline as television programming promotes every anti-family value that the globalists can think up. The portrayal of deviant lifestyles is common place on TV, even though most of the viewers are not of the same mindset.

Amber Lyon

Television promotes a false sense of reality. Let’s not forget that the pseudoscience of climate change is presented to the public as if it is well-established fact and it is not! However, TV watchers are never exposed to the contrary view in the mainstream media. We should remember former CNN reporter, Amber Lyon and her revelations that CNN is paid by the government and agencies like the CIA to run certain stories while ignoring other stories that do not promote the globalist agenda.

Television robs people of an internal sense of happiness.  In fact, researchers have found thathappy people do not watch television.

In an interview I conducted with Jim Marrs, I remember Jim saying that if we wanted to free our minds from the control of the globalists, we should turn our TV’s off.  Jim is right, because as the influence and listenership of the alternative media continues to grow, the ratings for the dinosaur media continues to plummet. The message is clear, turn off the TV.

Americans should only own one washing machine, and that would be the one that only washes dirty clothes.

13 thoughts on “American Sheep Own Two Washing Machines

  1. I’ve always said;

    Disconnect the WALK signal at any tiny, almost unused (by autos) intersection, and pedestrian sheep will stand and stand and stand, waiting to be ‘told’ to cross.

    I see this daily, and I see yuppie joggers, who, even with a green light facing them, CANNOT CROSS without pushing the button and waiting an entire rotation.

    I just don’t understand it.

    ~ Occams

  2. Good article, Mr. Hodges.

    It’s nice to see you take a break from your usual blatant fear-mongering. Was it something I said?

  3. try to cancel your TV service when it is time to renew your “bundle,” and you will find that the price is the same or even more, to have only internet without TV. (this varies from region to region of the country, I know)

  4. The quote from CIA director Casey speaks volumes and should never be forgotten….”Well know our disinformation campaign is complete when everything the public believes is false.” Also remember what CIA director and former general Petraus said….(smirking with a laugh) “we already have spy equipment in appliances like refrigerators”.

  5. “The message is clear, turn off the TV.”

    Yep, and you know the media is losing it’s control and viewership on people when they have to make every fast food restaurant and food joint put up televisions in their place in order to force people to watch them while they are eating out under the ridiculous notion that they believe that “studies show (what studies, by the way?) that people want to feel like they are at home when they are eating out so that’s why we have TVs on”.

    Really? So now they want everyone to think that all Americans just sit at home and eat dinner while staring at a TV screen? They obviously haven’t been to my home. I’m happiest when I DON’T see a TV screen.

    Anyways, some of the many places that believe this (and I’m sure there are A LOT MORE PLACES) are:

    McDonalds, Wendys, Burger King, Chinese restaurants, Sports Bars, Taco Bueno, Pizza Hut, etc.

    (Yea, I know. All the places that are horrible anyways and should be boycotted at all costs. But I’m just trying to make a point here.)

    1. That is a VERY interesting point, NC!

      Add to the list: many small mom-and-pop type pizza restaurants (now it is not only “sports bars” we have “sports bars/restaurants”) and some coffeeshops, car dealership repair shop waiting areas, doctors’ office waiting areas, other lobby-type waiting areas…

      1. Yep. Like being bombarded by one, big, Big Brother propaganda machine. I just want to go to a place and relax while I’m eating or waiting somewhere. Apparently, the corporations and businesses don’t want that and see that as a way of missing an opportunity to advertise or propagandize something.

        1. I have to tell you, I used to watch a fair amount of television, but gradually over the past 10 years I just lost interest and eventually stopped, about 6 years ago. What I find now is, whenever I go to one of those places that has the televisions (yes, PLURAL — usually there are several televisions in one place all set to different channels! So strange!), I find them VERY hard to follow — what I mean is, it no longer seems normal to me, and the newscasters seem really weird, the stuff they talk about makes no sense, and I find the bombardment bizarre and annoying. I can say quite honestly, there is absolutely nothing there of any interest to me whatsoever.

          (also, health clubs/gyms have them, too — though I don’t go to those places LOL)

          1. “I find them VERY hard to follow — what I mean is, it no longer seems normal to me, and the newscasters seem really weird, the stuff they talk about makes no sense, and I find the bombardment bizarre and annoying.”

            Glad I’m not the only one who feels that way, too. lol

            I know what you mean. It all seems like you’re an alien, living in a kind of bizzaroworld or something, even though it is supposed to be your world.

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