Americans Afraid to Surrender Firearms and Rightfully So

The insurgent Obama and his communist cohorts are expected to introduce legislation to address the issue of illegal immigration.  And what will be proposed as a solution to the southern invasion?  Well, complete amnesty and citizenship, of course, thus sanctifying the soviet socialist insurgency from the south.  Think about what they are saying here.  How do we stop illegal immigration/invasion?  By sanctifying it through reward.

For the past three years now the controlled media has been saying the illegal insurgents from the south amount to 11 million.  In the first place how could anyone possibly know this number?  Illegals are not counted in the census and I am sure they are not counted as they are crossing our border.  To think that this number would remain unchanged over the past three years is ludicrous.

The mainstream has reported that 30 million of our jobs in the US are being worked by illegals, but then in the next breath they state the 11 million number.  In reality there are 30 million working our jobs and another 60 to 70 million that make up the families of these workers.  This represents a quarter of our present population being foreign nationals here illegally.  Or to put it more simply, a quarter of the whole which was ours before the invasion has now been taken from us and handed over to foreigners with absolutely no right to the wealth of our country.

Do not forget about the increase in violence we are experiencing via the invasion of the foreign drug gangs.  What would our violent crime rate be if the crimes committed by these foreign nationals here illegally were removed from the equation?  It is just another instance of the foreign insurgency that has taken over our government using their foreign crime organizations to create statistics that they would like to use as an excuse to disarm us.

Of course we Americans are not buying into this, as the cold reality of having to face this armed foreign insurgency without weapons has become omnipresent and in our faces.   And the fact that a police state has been put in place to disarm us while no mention of the armed foreigners within our borders is being made, tells the rest of the story.

This is about replacing the US workforce with third world peasants which is to facilitate the taking of the rest of the private property in the US from we American nationals.  We have finally reached the point to where the American people are not going to accept any further infringements upon our 2nd Amendment right simply because we are afraid to.

2 thoughts on “Americans Afraid to Surrender Firearms and Rightfully So

  1. I just posted a comment to an article over at NCRenegade entitled “The War On Terror Spreads to Africa: U.S. Sending Troops to 35 African Nations”.

    The same comment applies here as well:

    Another move by Obama and TPTB to either eliminate and/or preoccupy US military personnel before their big push to confiscate firearms. He knows that there are many in the military that will refuse to obey an unlawful order to aggresively confiscate firearms from American citizens on American soil, so he is deliberately sending many of them on missions around the globe so that they are not here when TSHTF. More than likely, UN and/or other foreign soldiers and mercs are being quietly prepared and staged around the country to to the actual dirty work.

    “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20)

    May God grant each and every one of us the strength to do what must be done when (NOT IF) the time comes; and may God have Mercy on us all.




    Alan S. Pedersen
    Fort Mill, SC

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