Americans Disenfranchised through Illegal Votes

It has been discovered in matching driver license records to voter registration records in the State of Florida that so far almost 2,700 people who are in the United States legally, but who aren’t citizens, have registered to vote.  This act is a felony.

The Obama insurgency has attacked every state wherein legislation has been passed for Voter ID.  Every time one of the opponents of these laws comes forward, he or she asserts that the degree of voter fraud is so minute as to be insignificant.

Though it is not reported in the mainstream, voter fraud indeed runs rampant through the United States, from the Diebold voting machines in 2008 that were counting Ron Paul votes as John McCain votes, to a group of illegals caught stealing a ballot box in California, to the blatant vote fraud that has been displayed in literally every caucus and primary for the 2012 GOP nomination.

Considering the fact that 100 million unemployed Americans absolutely will not vote for Barack Obama, as they know he is responsible for not only continuing, but further perpetuating the flow of our industry and jobs out of this country.  Likewise these 100 million unemployed will never vote for Mitt Romney, the ex-CEO of Bain Capital that laid them off, dismantled the factories they were working in, and shipped them to Mexico and China.

Here is a scenario for you.  The government has been lying and the true number of illegals in this country is 100 million.  If a good portion of this 100 million illegals were allowed to vote in the general election at the same time that a good portion of the 100 million unemployed were refusing to vote because they had come to the realization that they are disenfranchised and their votes are not counted, well I guess it would look like a regular election with predictable participation.

You can dismiss this as a conspiracy theory if you would like, but before you do ask yourself this question.  If you believe there are 100 million, 50 million, or even 20 million illegals, do you believe that none of them is going to cast a ballot?  And if you think they will, how many?

Don’t forget at the beginning of this article we did establish that nearly 2,700 non US citizens in Florida, and remember that is to date, are registered to vote.  How many of these have already cast an illegal vote in the GOP Primary?  If this amount is sufficient to change the results of the election, have you not just had your election decided by foreigners?

Before any true reform is possible we must have a mechanism to put it in motion, as in the ability to return our power to us.  If we are disenfranchised, wouldn’t those who disenfranchised us have to be considered insurgents, as this would require a change in the structure of our government?

We had better start seeing what is right in front of our faces before it is too late.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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