TSA Terror in America

The Cheka blue shirt TSA now has 50,000 agents in its ranks.  There are reports of TSA police cruisers being spotted in Denver, Colorado.  Every week there are new incidents of outrage involving the TSA.  The opposition to this unconstitutional national police force is reaching a fevered pitch.  With the latest so called “Underwear Bomber II” plot foiled, the TSA is now looking to expand.

There have been some high profile incidents with the TSA involving party officials like Texas Representative Francisco Canseco and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul prompting calls for reform.  Rand Paul has actually introduced legislation to end the TSA.

Now here comes the tricky part.  We are about to see real compromise in that accommodations will be made to exempt party officials from any and all TSA activities.  And of course, the corporate elite, who own those party officials, will likewise be provided with an exemption through the compromise.

In 1917 the Bolsheviks seized power in Russia declaring absolute equality and equal treatment under the law.  Every citizen received rations in the form of 160 grams of bread and a herring head per day.  This is when the party officials decided that they needed to be exempt from the equal treatment and restaurants were set up to provide fine dining for the party officials, and of course the elitists that owned them.  They ate only the finest food that could be pillaged by their Cheka national police.

Communism in the United States is coming to fruition.  Not only does our government not represent us, but our so called public servants have begun making themselves elite and setting themselves apart from the rest of us.

Those who work for the TSA are being specifically chosen for their propensity to cruel and unnatural acts.  That is why there is a rash of crimes being committed against us common folk.

The more power the TSA seizes and the more they get away with, the more they will push the envelope.  There is absolutely no noticeable difference between the blue shirts of the TSA, the brown shirts of the Stasi, and the black coats of the Chekists except the color of their uniform.

The TSA is a national federal police force, coming soon to a bullet resistant checkpoint near you.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

9 thoughts on “TSA Terror in America

  1. Ahh,the T.S.A.Another spindle in the web of international banking deceit.It’s all becoming so clear to me now.I’m even willing to believe researchable fact that 9/11 was actually a false flag attack upon the United States by a well-organized cadre of Rothschild-controlled Zionists who control U.S. policy to this day.

  2. Not just zionists but jews in general. The torah and the talmud are weapons of mass destruction and their adherents are enemies of humanity.

  3. It is a well documented fact that TSA has never caught a Terrorist, but, TSA Human Resources has HIRED a whole lot of Terrorists. As a matter of fact, TSA Human Resources only hires Terrorists. The best “anti-terrorist” move the USA could make, would be to arrest everyone that TSA Human Resources hires because that is all they hire, Terrorists. Rapists, Thieves, Muggers, Pedophiles, Drug Smugglers. — This is a deliberate parallel to the Gestapo, KGB, STASI and similar Totalitarian Secret police, who prefer the anti-social misfits in their ranks, as such types happily engage in repression, oppression, and abuse of Human RIGHTS.. President George W. Bush hired the former head of the East German Stasi Marcus Wolf to consult Homeland Security.

  4. Well, if the TSA has chosen to set themselves APART from the people, then it would follow that we are NOT BEHOLDEN to them.

  5. All these direct attacks against peoples’ persons and 9-11 and Fukushima and the HAARP attacks and the DH oil well blow out are numerous coordinated attacks designed to overwhelm and confuse. The freemasons and Rhodes scholarship program and the Skull and Bones society and the Knights of Malta are all coordinating and carrying out treasonous activities for the benefit of the city of London and Britannia. Not all members of these groups, but these groups are the vehicles for these activities with their attending oaths and vows.

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