Americans Don’t Know WHY We Celebrate the 4th of July or WHAT COUNTRY We Declared Independence From!

Published on Jul 1, 2013 by MarkDice

Mark Dice talks with California beach goers about the 4th of July and finds that many Americans simply don’t know WHY we celebrate the 4th of July or what country we declared independence from.
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14 thoughts on “Americans Don’t Know WHY We Celebrate the 4th of July or WHAT COUNTRY We Declared Independence From!

  1. The result of Rockefeller education. Common core is just the next phase in creating the perfect moron.

    1. Isn’t that the truth! Clueless zombies walking around are going to be what gets the rest of us buried!!

      . . .

  2. But….But….But… He is very knowledgeable about bad,bad White racist, gay liberation, homo marriage tolerance toward homopedophiles & equality for all except for the Whites! He will know everything there’s to know about holohoax & antisemitism!

      1. Hey DumpsterDan, your name is too similar to one of our long standing contributors and I’d like to suggest some alternatives. How about “douchbagdan” or “dillweeddan”.

      2. Hey there DumpsterDan, NC didn`t take the test yet, ya see he did say that it was next week that he will have to put the test to the test. Think about it DumpsterDan have you put it to the test, `cause maybe you should think about taking the test yourself. Yea and I am diggerdan. I don`t mean anything about this but does your screen name have anything to do with my screen name? Just wonderin` about that DumpsterDan, like I said “in all respect”.

    1. “Signed the DOI in 1976?”

      “What did you say? DUI in 1976?” says the sheeple. (sarcasm)

      Our country is so in trouble.

  3. One of the many reasons is because the name was changed by many to July 4th. Do we call Christmas Day, December 25th? No!

    Call Independence Day by its name.

    1. One good thing about calling it ‘The 4th of July’ – they can’t move it to the closest Monday or Friday to give government workers a 3 day weekend! Since I was born on Nov. 11th, I though it was nice to ‘always’ get my birthday off. At first, it bothered me when they changed it from Armistice Day to Veterans Day, and then they had to go and move it to a Monday. Well, always doesn’t last forever when it comes to government. Just like ‘shall’ no longer means must to our representatives when it comes to the constitution and in particular, article 1, section 8. Think of the stupid answers the people gave in this video and imagine even ‘stupider’ politicians we have creating and voting on bills in congress. We are in trouble!

  4. Compared to his other videos, he seems to have picked the low-lifes and Mexican Americans to answer these questions, rather than average looking/slightly more intelligent people. I think he was a little biased in this video to skew his results. But that’s just me.

    1. I am sure the hundreds of people who knew the answers were edited out for effect. I bet that most of us watching the video,wishes we had been asked the questions. I know I would have laughed at Mark Dice for even suggesting the ludicrous ‘independence from Mexico/China’ and asked him which public indoctrination school he attended.

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