Americans Eating Lettuce From Hell – Thank You NAFTA

It’s bad enough that we have to eat foods from countries who hate America, it’s something else when our government tells us not to eat it, especially produce we have been eating for decades, as more than ever, we are eating lettuce mixed with crap, literally.

American Nationals are eating crap more than ever now as more and more truck loads of unhealthy produce cross our boarders, and worse yet, produce which is grown here in America. We give jobs to border crossers who hate what America stands for, they pick our lettuce, they also crap on it. This has never really been a problem, until we started letting wet backs run rough shot on American territory.   

Now, during one of the most important holidays of the year, we are being told not to eat romaine lettuce, whatsoever, because it is being crapped on. Our government won’t use those words, but that’s what it is, a bunch of crap.

American Nationals all over America are playing Russian roulette if they buy and consume an American staple we have eaten safely for hundreds of years, not any more. Romaine lettuce has been a favorite of ours seemingly forever, used a hundred different ways, but now we are told not to eat it.

Only thing I can really add to this is that we as a nation, know how to grow and harvest safe food, but as we hire out Mexican plantation bosses who look the other way, we are guaranteeing catastrophic consequences, as our main food supplies are being hijacked by terrorist bent on ruining are food supply.

Think about that for a moment….

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