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Americans Fear Government More Than Terror

WND – by Drew Zahn

According to a pair of recent polls, for the first time since the 9/11 terrorist hijackings, Americans are more fearful their government will abuse constitutional liberties than fail to keep its citizens safe.

Even in the wake of the April 15 Boston Marathon bombing – in which a pair of Islamic radicals are accused of planting explosives that took the lives of 3 and wounded over 280 – the polls suggest Americans are hesitant to give up any further freedoms in exchange for increased “security.”  

A Fox News survey polling a random national sample of 619 registered voters the day after the bombing found despite the tragic event, those interviewed responded very differently than following 9/11.

For the first time since a similar question was asked in May 2001, more Americans answered “no” to the question, “Would you be willing to give up some of your personal freedom in order to reduce the threat of terrorism?”

Of those surveyed on April 16, 2013, 45 percent answered no to the question, compared to 43 percent answering yes.

In May 2001, before 9/11, the balance was similar, with 40 percent answering no to 33 percent answering yes.

But following the terrorist attacks of 9/11, the numbers flipped dramatically, to 71 percent agreeing to sacrifice personal freedom to reduce the threat of terrorism.

Subsequent polls asking the same question in 2002, 2005 and 2006 found Americans consistently willing to give up freedom in exchange for security. Yet the numbers were declining from 71 percent following 9/11 to only 54 percent by May 2006.

Now, it would seem, the famous quote widely attributed to Benjamin Franklin – “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety” – is holding more sway with Americans than it has in over a dozen years.

A similar poll sampling 588 adults, conducted on April 17 and 18 for the Washington Post, also discovered the change in attitude.

“Which worries you more,” the Post asked, “that the government will not go far enough to investigate terrorism because of concerns about constitutional rights, or that it will go too far in compromising constitutional rights in order to investigate terrorism?”

The poll found 48 percent of respondents worry the government will go too far, compared to 41 percent who worry it won’t go far enough.

And similar to the Fox News poll, the Post found the worry to be a fresh development, as only 44 percent worried the government would go too far in January 2006 and only 27 percent worried the government would go too far in January 2010.

The Fox News poll was unique in that it further broke the responses down by political affiliation:

  • Bucking the trend, 51 percent of Democrats responded they would give up personal freedom to reduce the threat of terror, compared to 36 percent opposed.
  • Forty-seven percent of Republicans, on the other hand, opposed giving up freedoms, compared to only 43 percent in favor.
  • Yet independents were the most resistant, with only 29 percent willing to sacrifice freedom, while 58 percent stood opposed.


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4 Responses to Americans Fear Government More Than Terror

  1. Jolly Roger says:

    I don’t believe one digit of these FOX news polls. They sound a lot like the rigged election results that always display a close enough margin to allow one half of the country to blame the other half for bad policies.

    43% of Republicans and 51% of Democrats would give up personal freedom to reduce the threat of terror? I don’t think so, especially when so much of the population is seeing right through the entire “war on terror” scam.

  2. NC says:

    You have to wonder how many people are still either Republican or Democrat these days compared to how many are independent or Libertarians. I see a growing Independent group and a shrinking Republican and Democrat group. If that is true, these Republican and Democrat figures only account for a small amount of people, while the Independent group account for a large amount of people.

    Basically I’m saying it may be that the two major political parties have become the minority and the minor political party has become the majority. The government media (AKA mainstream media) just won’t admit it.

  3. Lance says:

    “Americans Fear Government More Than Terror”

    But they are now one-and-the-same.

  4. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    The two are synonymous. You can’t have one without the other rearing its ugly head.


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