2 thoughts on “Americans Who Don’t Know the Capital of the United States!!!

  1. “what does your a moron stand for?”

    Yes, these people vote and at least one of them will have a ‘college degree’ (meaning he is “smart”).

  2. It’s clear to me now that Mark Dice is nothing but a low-life imbecile who is not trying to wake up people, but is merely mocking out their ignorance and stupidity. Clearly he is of no help at all to our cause. We need more people awake and educated. Not make fun of them for being dumb down by our government and their indoctrinated education. Maybe he should try and educate them for once. He’s your typical, arrogant, California wise ass, who has nothing to be proud of yet thinks he is all that.

    By the way, his shirt says, “The Gray State”. I thought we exposed that movie as a government sponsored fearmongering propaganda piece and was not meant to be a real movie? Why is he trying to promote it?

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