America’s Highways: Better Than A Six Flags Roller Coaster

Liberty Fight

Take a quick trip with a trucker down America’s Interstates and the dashcam video immediately illustrates what an egregious condition our nation’s roads are in.  

I almost forgot about this one, the roads aren’t bad here, it’s just a dash-cam karaoke vid I did, lol. I really should do a write-up on the trucking business, it really is very fun and lucrative. I never understand why truckers are constantly bitching and complaining about making no money. They are doing something seriously wrong, trust me. It is a great blessing from God which I am very grateful for.

One thought on “America’s Highways: Better Than A Six Flags Roller Coaster

  1. Those road vids made me think of Mark S. Hey! Maybe that was him singing in the last one haha………………… highway roads I have ever driven on are in ND

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