An Apple a Day: More than an Old Wives Tale?

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Common medical wisdom holds that an apple a day can keep the doctor away. A nod to the importance of eating a sensible and healthy diet in general, the term takes on new meaning and importance when you consider the role that pectin-based products have in helping cleanse the body of many of the toxins that are associated with living in a highly industrialized world. From the heavy metals that can seep into municipal drinking water to the cancer-causing particles emitted from high-intensity power lines, our bodies are subject to a myriad of invasive chemicals, particles, and pollutants. The most damaging, owing to the near impossibility of complete decontamination, radiation, can takes weeks, years, or even decades to break down in the environment.  

The Realities of Radionuclide

Simply stated, a radionuclide is an atom that has an unstable nucleus. By extension therefore, stable atoms, which are found in nature, are not radioactive. Take iodine for example. Due to its antibacterial properties, iodine is used extensively for dental hygienic and clinical purposes as a medical disinfectant. By comparison, its radioactive counterpart however, Iodine-131, is most frequently associated as a byproduct of nuclear fission, and a leading cause of thyroid cancer in children. With a half-life of only two weeks however, the harmful effects of iodine-131 can be counteracted by ingesting non-radioactive iodine-127 in the form of common iodine salt.

Other radioactive particles are not so easy to remove, however. Caesium-137, with a half-life of more than three decades, is the primary byproduct of the both the Chernobyl and Fukushima nuclear disasters.

Isotope Cesium-137

When the Chernobyl radiation spill was analyzed, it was found that the Isotope Cesium-137 was the single largest quantity of radioactive material released, and similar finding have been noted about the Fukushima nuclear accident as well. With a half-life of 30-years, the compound does not completely break down for three centuries. The long-term health impact cannot be overstated, and case studies of Belarusian children, in the aftermath of the 1986 Ukrainian disaster, bear this out. It was in the search to find help for these suffering victims; researchers discovered the power of apple-based pectin additives in removing the harmful effects of Cesium-137 from the human body.

Power of Apple Pectin

A soluble dietary fiber source, apple pectin has been found to be conducive to digestive track health. Once in the digestive system, apple pectin swells, and forms a gel that acts like an apple-based broom, which cleans out the entire intestinal tract of normally occurring, body fat and waste material. Since it is now understood that the majority of Cesium-137 deposits end up in the digestive tract, apple pectin appears to have a cleansing benefit that helps remove the radioactive waste particles, along with the naturally occurring wastes that the body accumulates.

Looking to nature for comfort and treatment from radiation poisoning gives patients, and their family’s various treatment options.

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