Anchor confronts Holocaust denier running for congress

Published on Feb 8, 2018

Arthur Jones, who is running uncontested in the Republican primary for a US congressional seat in Illinois, doubled down on denying the Holocaust occurred calling it an extortion racket during an interview with CNN’s Alysin Camerota.

9 thoughts on “Anchor confronts Holocaust denier running for congress

  1. That’s what happens when you argue with an ignorant lefty. Waste of time. One day when everything the love is gone, and they have no choice but to believe the truth, then what?

  2. This guys calls it like is, nobody can handle it, boo hoo MTFKRS, get used to it, your going to hear a hell of lot more of it.

  3. All you have to know is that just about all television and media is controlled by a certain group and that’s who she gets her paycheck from

  4. The gentleman would have received a more sincere hearing from my cat. At least he got a few words in between her earphone prompted talking points.

  5. Since most of the stupid sheeple still subscribe to that blatant lie, I doubt this is much of a platform to run on.

    That said, I had an encouraging conversation with someone yesterday on this very subject. Turned out he is at least somewhat awake, and knows it was a total hoax, so I wrote down the site for him and told him he that was one of the very few people I’ve met here who I think could actually handle FTT.

  6. Such a hollow piece. She went to labels and hyperbole, instead of dialogue. That ignorant person has him on her(?) show to tell him what he is and what he says really is while not allowing him to speak. There was no need for him to be there. The indoctrinated one did not ask the guy more than three questions preferring to belittle and berate him the entire time.

    The best part was not when she said they don’t make predictions on elections/who will win.

    Two barking dogs, that’s one of the reasons I kicked the “tube” out of my house years ago.

  7. Hopefully he learned from this. I’d never agree to a debate or interview without being assured of equal time to state my points. He should have known he was going into the belly of the beast. Yeah, no dialogue or communication. Just slander and slaughter.

    And she struggled to put the toothpaste back in the tube so instead of debating facts she went for ad-homs. But of course!! That’s what ya do when you’re factually bankrupt.

    But still, and though I do not fully agree with him on a few points, he tossed out a little fodder, and maybe it will garner some curiosity.


  8. Wow! This blond bitch first accuses him of being a Nazi and then after he says he has blacks and Latinos, she immediately goes to playing the Jew card and shows her smirk that makes you want to burn the bitch at the stake.

    GRR!!! I hate bitches like her. They sit there like they own you, all the while they are cowering in fear inside because they know you know the truth.

    She cares more about Jews than her own country, if this is really her own country. Notice how she says at the beginning that the video contains vulgar and offensive speech….as if no one has ever heard of someone yelling before because I found literally absolutely NOTHING vulgar or offensive about it and if I did, WHO THE F**K CARES!!! It’s called FREEDOM OF SPEECH, you dumb BITCH!

    Hell, if she thinks that’s vulgarity and offensive speech, then she obviously has never heard Al Pacino in the movie, Scarface. She’d have a heart attack.

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