And the Noble Prize for Lying and Hypocrisy Goes to…

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John Kerry with his speech in Kiev gets a nomination. So many to nominate, so little time.

The US has started wars, sent troops into other countries, carried out bombing campaigns and overtly and covertly overthrown foreign governments, or tried to, so many times since World War II that it’s difficult to keep up with the numbers. How many of these interventions were for legitimate national security concerns? None.

If you run across a jingoist hypocrite badmouthing Russia’s  incursion into the Crimea, the following links and information are reminders that may be helpful in putting them in their pace. It is not un-American to point these things out but it is being pro-criminal to condone and approve them.

US Bombing campaigns since 1945

Deaths In Other Nations Since WW II Due To US Interventions – 37 Victim Nations – 2007

A Brief History of U.S. Interventions: 1945 to the Present by William Blum – 1999

United States bombings of other countries by William Blum

America’s Staggering Hypocrisy

Official Washington is in deep umbrage over Russia’s intervention in Ukraine after a U.S.-backed coup overthrew the democratically elected president. Some top neocons want a new Cold War, but they don’t want anyone to note their staggering hypocrisy.

If your talking points include journeys into taboo land, here’s something from xymphora.

Most Americans don’t care about Ukraine, or are even aware there is an issue, but the American elites are energized by the possibility of resumption of the Cold War.  The 80s were the last time Americans felt good about themselves.  Since then it has been a series of financially and morally ruinous Wars For The Jews under ZOG and the debilitating Israeli-created ‘War On Terror’.  Under the Cold War, Americans were always right and good, and the Soviets were plain evil.  Under ZOG, Americans slip further and further into a moral malaise that seems impossible to escape.

So it is ironic that the coup in Ukraine was just another War For The Jews.  The entertaining apparent irony of the Americans arming al-Qaeda in Syria while financing neo-Nazis in Ukraine teaches us something about the realities of power and propaganda, but behind the incongruities there were no real American goals to the coup. The point of the coup was to weaken the Russian position in the Middle East and embarrass Putin personally for his thwarting Zionist goals, both of which were goals of World Jewry (the Jew-controlled media provided the propaganda basis by attacking Putin for his country’s position on homosexuality, and denigrating the very successful Sochi Olympics).  The fallback position of World Jewry, even of they didn’t inconvenience Putin at all, was to play up the neo-Nazi element and spray a few swastikas on synagogues to scare the 200,000 Jews in Ukraine to move to Israel.

Israel firsters are gathering at the annual treason fest called the AIPAC policy conference, or Zionist 
Hootenanny, if you prefer that name. Kerry spoke there before heading off to Kiev and had this to say:

“Israel’s security is our first priority”

McCain was there.running his mouth. He seems to be everywhere his zionist war mongering masters dictate.Senator Menendez also gave a speech and invoked…yes…wait for it…the Holocau$t.

Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew

Liars and hypocrites all of them but let’s not stop there They are traitors. Being a traitor used to get you hung. These days it gets you a standing ovation.

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  1. One must keep in mind that kerry is a veteran, one that denounced the usa, and threw his medals on the white house lawn. Daaaahhh

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