6 thoughts on “Anderson cooper suggests withholding people’s social security if they don’t take the vax

  1. I heard Anderson Cooper has dirt on Hillary Clinton , and because she hasn’t paid him the 10 billion he demanded yet , that he’s going to ….

  2. Social Security is the money people earned themselves from working; it’s their very own money. I bet the thieves know Social Security is one of the last buttons they can push to see what response/reaction they can pull from us. Messin’ with Social Security is like messin’ with oxygen; many can’t live without it. But then again, maybe all of this is just a moot point because the uprising will disturb ALL systems while we assure The Bill of Rights is again honored.


  3. Another “But of course!” moment, French accent or not…and didn’t Kill Bates suggest the same thing a few months ago? It most likely WILL HAPPEN SOON at some point; after all, SS will likely be broke by 2030 anyway, and the only way they can keep it going is to take away what us unvaxxed have put into the system over a working lifetime, and we must be financially prepared for when or if it happens.

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