Anthony Weiner Walks on Child Pornography Charges; Strikes Deal to Reduced ‘Sexting’ & Likely Little or No Jail Time

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Only True Pundit reported weeks ago, Anthony Weiner would walk away from federal child pornography charges that the FBI and Justice Department were once pursuing against the disgraced Congressman.

Those charges would have landed Weiner behind bars for a long stretch but today he is expected to plead guilty to a much lesser charge that likely carries little to no jail time and be released before 4 p.m. Our sources said Weiner is being processed this morning by US Marshals and will spend the morning in federal custody before his court appearance.  

Weiner is expected to enter a guilty plea Friday afternoon to a reduced federal sexting of a minor charge. Sentencing in the case will likely be scheduled in August or September. According to our sources it is unlikely Weiner will see significant prison time, compared to what he was facing for federal child pornography charges. He may see no prison at all and only house arrest, depending on the decision of the federal judge he is arraigned in front of today. That same judge will render his sentence, again, approximately three months from today barring other arrangements.

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12 thoughts on “Anthony Weiner Walks on Child Pornography Charges; Strikes Deal to Reduced ‘Sexting’ & Likely Little or No Jail Time

    1. Because of our dual just-us system, one law for them, and a completely different one for the sheeple

  1. Anthony Weiner just plead guilty for sexting a 15 year old girl and will receive approximately two years as punishment. Weiner must also register as a sex offender. From Bloomberg: Anthony Weiner pleaded guilty to sending sexually explicit messages to a 15-year-old girl, capping a staggering downfall for the former Congressman and New York mayoral candidate once married to a senior aide to Hillary Clinton.

      1. Mr Weiner reportedly cried in court while apologising to the girl he sexted with, saying: “I have a sickness, but I don’t have an excuse”, according to local media.

  2. Maybe Hitlery will have him killed for storing all that info on her in his laptop. The info in the file marked “Insurance” that quickly disappeared and then the police said “what laptop?”

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