Anti-social media: union member sends vile post to disabled veteran

janet-vrotsos-croppedAllen B. West

Just when you think the Left can stoop no lower, they continue to astonish us all.

Such is the story of electrical union member Janet Vrostos and the vile, sickening Facebook post she sent to a wounded veteran. As reported by conservative news site Pat Dollard via BizPac Review, Air Force Sr. Airman Brian Kolfage Jr., a triple amputee and Iraq war veteran, said he received a vile message on his Facebook page from Vrotsos, saying:  

You disabled veterans are worthless and all should have died, shame on you for fighting in a republican war, you deserved to lose all you limbs and I hope all veterans lose their benefits. I hope you die a miserable death you worthless fake hero. You and your family will be a burden on tax payers for your entire life. (sic)


Vrotsos closed her personal Facebook account, and her union asserts she had nothing to do with the Facebook posts, saying her account had been hacked.

But If memory serves me right, that’s the same excuse another liberal progressive used when pictures of his privates made the rounds == former Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY). Hey, at least we now know all progressives use the same excuse when caught doing nefarious things on the internet via social media.

I have a message for Janet Vrostos. You have the freedom to speak your vile words because of veterans, such as myself, who were willing to make the last full measure of devotion to you. My father served in World War II and my older brother in Vietnam — both were initiated and under the leadership of Democrat presidents. There is no such thing as a Republican or Democrat War — just men and women who take an oath to keep your worthless arse free.

I wholeheartedly recommend you go to the nearest VFW and volunteer as the latrine cleaner, a fitting way to apologize to men and women of honor.

6 thoughts on “Anti-social media: union member sends vile post to disabled veteran

  1. Vet or not…A fellow disabled human…Bet she parks in the hanndicapped spots too…Lib or con…love it when an asshole shows their colors and gets “F”ed…Evolution, my ass…most humans suck….

  2. I disagree with the many of the politics behind a lot of this countries wars.That said,my grandfather was a 20 year man(including WW2&Korea),my uncle a 20 year man(including Vietnam),have had many friends in both Iraq wars and Afghan,my mom was a 20+ year doc at the V.A.That women said that while any of my family members/friends were around to their dismay would literally kick her ass.I am more then willing to debate foreign policy and foreign policy blunders,that said,would still literally kick that bitchs ass.

  3. There are many union members that are veterans, so this does not seem correct. The unions are staunch supporters of veterans regardless of political bent. If it is true then that individual does not speak for the group that supports veterans, even if they disagree with the politicians that send them in harms way.

  4. Listen, this admin., and those who support it are very afraid as their pseudo reality is falling apart. They desperatley need a veteran to act up so they can continue the assault this woman gives clues to in her post. This can only be done if we veterans respond to their hatred with something they can use. The are getting so desperate they are telling us unknowingly what comes next, and this is desperation to the extreme. Brothers and sisters of the military, both current and former do not do their work for them. Be mindful of their plans and recognize the desperation, but ignore them or better pity them for their weakness, and failure to be thinking beings. Imagine if instead of hate mail this bitch was flooded by emails consoling her for posessing less intelligence than most special needs children. Nothing I have found works better than making them own their stupidity and refusing to validate them by playing their game. I had one lady sheep so mad she spit on me and followed me to my car screaming the whole way. When someone asked me why she was losing it I said I had no idea, and responded that she must be off her meds. She stfu and almost ran away as she realized how dumb she looked. Dear sheep, we the people are sorry your grass tastes like shit but you grew it so eat up.

  5. ron very interesting angle. i’ll have to remember that when i get lambasted for standing up for the truth. hah thanks.

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